2017 Autumnal Equinox

The March Equinox occurs on March 20th, 2017 at 21:29 hours in the late evening. If you live below the Equator, this will be the Autumnal Equinox; if you live above the Equator, then you will welcome the Spring Equinox. This equinox comes at a time when there is much energy astir on the Earth. The future of humanity rests in the hands and minds of those would create a future of peace, harmony, co-operation and mutual understanding.



We turn our attention to the Sun at the time of this Equinox. We understand Equinox to mean “equal day and night” as per the adjacent animation. Equinox means a time of balance; balance of light and dark, balance of the forces of light and the forces of darkness; equal measure of the energies flowing to our planet. The planets distribute the harmonics of colour, light and dark, frequency and vibration within the human, all for the purpose of progress in each human life and spiritual advance. Our Sun – Sol – (pronounced the same as Soul – so Sol and Soul are sources of the same light) has had an exchange of energies with the Central Sun of all Universes and now delivers the energy of the 5th Dimension from the Source. In a time of unwholesome atmosphere, miasma, this energy is being taken up by Gaia – aka Mother Earth – and all life forms upon her.

At this Equinox, the Sun is in Pisces (a water sign) and in relationship with Jupiter (the ruler of Pisces, and aspecting directly from 7 signs away) with Venus (exalted) and Mercury sharing the same sign as the Sun. The benefits of this conjunction is that Venus is stronger, Mercury has its debilitation cancelled and the inner planets, which have much inner effect upon the psyche of man are having a strong impact upon the emotions.

Another important conjunction at this Equinox is that of Saturn and Moon in Sagittarius. In the normal course of events (particularly 4th House and matters pertinent to learning and education), many would say that Saturn and Moon must not join. For initial early learning and primary education would be relevant. In higher education, Saturn provides thought, reflection and much self control to the mind. Mindless control and strict discipline for toddlers is simply physical and intellectual abuse. Children need love and protection from their curiosity.

Nonetheless, Saturn and Moon appear to be near the Galactic Centre, in the Mula nakshatra. The Galactic centre is a dark star, from which emanates energy, the energies of the higher dimensions, the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, which are flowing through the stargates as we write. The presence of Saturn imposes discipline upon the inflow and application upon the etheric energies affecting the mind, the junk DNA and the latent psychic capacities within the human. Many have ceased their ‘sleep walking’ through their lives and waking up, as it were, to their true purposes upon Earth, and that is, readying the masses and our planet for transition to the Golden Age.

r’ta (ritam), is the eternal order of the universe and indicated by D40, khavedamsha varga chart. One may say that ritam is a synonym for dharma, right conduct in the human, the human following its proper purposes and achieving true humanness. Venus continues as exalted in the D40 chart, in the 7th house, the house of external activities, personal contacts, business partners, all actions we undertake in the public domain. Venus exalted in the 7th house indicates that help-ever, hurt never, love all-serve all are aids towards the proper conduct of man and true humanness. Selfless love enables progress towards the goal of life.

The planet with the highest degrees is said to be the significator of the soul, the Atma karaka. At this time of Equinox, Jupiter has the highest degrees of any planet and hence, the soul significator or Atma karaka. At the time of Equinox, Jupiter is in the 12th sign, indicating that the energies flowing from the Galactic centre are spiritual in nature, and that take up of these energies and application to personal practice will be most effective. On the matter of truth, it is said in Vedas sathyam moolam jagat, truth is the basis of the Universe. In the D45 varga (Akshavedamsha) chart, the atmakaraka planet is in its own sign (Pisces) in the 4th house conjunct Mercury, the planet of communication and swift delivery of information, intelligence and bringing disparate materials together for further thought, reflection and action.

In this instance, Jupiter is lagnesha, the dispositor of the first house lagna, Sagittarius, and hence, karaka or giver of truth. Of the nine planets, only two function as guru; one is Jupiter, karaka (giver) of para vidya, the highest philosophy, learning, wisdom. The other guru is Venus, the teacher of worldly wisdom, street-smarts, surviving by one’s wits and making one’s way in the world profitably. Where Jupiter is giving energy focussed on true humanness and the nature of what it means to be human, Venus is giving the balance in the 9th house with the help of the Sun (the second significator of the Soul or self) laying down that one makes one’s way in the world attached to the truth and attached to the Divine as the 9th house is the house of spirituality and divinity.

We commenced by saying that this time of equinox was a time of unwholesome atmosphere, miasma and that it was up to man and woman to take up the energies available in order to build the future of humanity ~ a future of peace, harmony, co-operation and mutual understanding. The planets may raise us up, they may pull us down. It is up to mankind to take up the energies offered by the planets for their benefit and mutual progress towards a planet of peace, a planet where all may take birth and live surrounded by the love of family without threat of war or destabilisation, where one may love and serve one’s friends and neighbours to make this world a wonderful place to live in.

We commend the path of right conduct, we commend the path of truth, we commend taking up the energies offered from the Galactic Centre, and with the oversight of Saturn (self-discipline, self respect, self-control) and the advance towards true humanness (Jupiter, higher wisdom and the spiritual path), ably assisted by the energies and exaltation of Venus (living in world, using the path of life and the energies of way of the world) to achieve the goals of life, dharma, artha, kama and moksha.




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