Looking at Climate Change – The 1st House

First house is house of the body, its constitution, robustness, and general overall health. Looking to Climate Change in NOW – the open moment – we look to what the planets have to tell us about climate change and the state of the Earth, our Mother.


rashi: Kartaka
owner: Moon
exalted: Jupiter 5°
debilitated: Mars 28°
dosha: Kapha
element: water
nature: Movable
dhatu: Mineral
purushartha: Moksha
sthana: Kendra
direction: North
mundane: natural resources, mineral resources, mines, agriculture, landed properties, calamity, housing, community harmony
if Lagna: Ben: Ju, Ma (greater), N: Su, Mo, Sa, Mal: Ve, Me


Examining astrology and climate change, the first house traditionally signifies tanu bhava, the body. In the case of looking to Climate Change, the body is the body of the Earth. At the time of examination, the lagna is Cancer (kartaka) with two planets in lagna, Mars (debilitated) and Sun. Mars and Sun are exact conjunction – 10:03 Pushyami nakshatra with Mars 100% combust the Sun and directing little or no energy, heat, fire anywhere. While there is fire in water, we might say that Sun is overpowering Mars and doing all the heating; there is nothing coming from Mars. Cancer is ruled by Moon, is a water sign, kapha dosha and moveable.

Condition of Oceans

Cancer signifies water resources – in particular clean water; it faces North, so has colder climes and temperatures. Focus is on the condition of the oceans. With presence of two pitta – fire planets – in Cancer, raises the issue of ocean temperatures. Changes in sea surface temperature vary regionally. While most parts of the world’s oceans have seen temperature rise, a few areas have actually experienced cooling — for example, parts of the North Atlantic.

Examples of activity having effects on the condition of oceans:

  • laying of transnational telecommunications cables on the sea-beds
  • naval sound testing on seabed
  • deep sea drilling and mining
  • recovery from wrecks
  • spillage and contamination from ocean going vessels (i.e., oil spills, dumping of garbage from vessels)
  • environmentally damaging mining technologies

As the first house is tanu bhava and has capacity to engage in thinking, evaluation and discrimination about first house matters, then we can look to climate change matters which merit consideration and engagement in order to foster dharma:

  • unique deep-seabed ecosystems and impact assessments;
  • information on the marine environment and the protection of human health;
  • exploitation producing harmful effects on the marine environment;
  • deep-sea mining contractors responsibilities to prevent harm to the marine environment.
  • impact of storm, drought, floods and heatwaves on human health

Higher Sea Levels

When water heats up, it expands. So, the most readily apparent consequence of higher sea temperatures is a rapid rise in sea level. Sea level rise causes inundation of coastal habitats for humans as well as plants and animals, shoreline erosion, and more powerful storm surges that can devastate low-lying areas.

We said earlier that we might say that Sun is overpowering Mars and doing all the heating; there is nothing coming from Mars. While ocean temperature rise is measured in damage to coral reefs and rising sea levels and storm surges, debilitated Mars suggests that the Earth may be responding to initial efforts to mitigate and limit the effects of climate change. This would be the outcomes of the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC – to combat climate change and unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future was agreed by 195 nations with a goal of 1.5° rise in global temperatures.

For Cancer lagna, Mars is yogakaraka planet, lord of both kendra and trikona signs, being a very strong planet. It is also benefic for Cancer lagna. Mars as debilitated, de-energised warrior suggests that the war on the Environment has run its time, and that it is now time to listen to the Earth and take home the messages of the Earth. Moon, presiding deity of the mind, is in the second house, indicating that wealth comes from appreciation of what is within, and treating Earth with proper dignity and respect that it deserves. After all, Where would be be without the Earth our Mother?


Statistically significant changes in surface temperatures of ocean water have been monitored.



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