Looking at Climate Change

There are many elements to climate change – there is global warming, desertification, deforestation, air pollution, rising sea levels and extreme weather to name a few. Astrology marks out a path through life, and the planets radiate magnetism and light energy from the kalapurusha, the Lord of Time and Space. There is little denial nor argument that there is a problem with our planet, and action has to taken to heal the Earth. For where would we be without the Earth our Mother?


In looking to what Vedic Astrology has to offer with the record of climate change, we look to houses and signs, planets and nakshatras, elements and gunas, to name a few. Such combinations may seem overpowering; however, we may make sensible order simply following the foundations of Vedic Astrology, the order of the signs and houses, the elements and directions, the purusharthas along with some simple directions in climate change.

Aries is the traditional first house, ruled by a pitta (heat) planet (Mars) and is of the fire element. It is a movable sign, faces East, marks the condition of the environment and betokens future energy. Malefics here would indicate a deleterious, polluted – perhaps burnt – environment and future energy suffering the extremes of heat. Taurus is the traditional second house and is of the earth element. It is of fixed nature, faces south, and portends the condition of the Earth and resource waste. Affliction here would indicate that resources wasted are damaging and polluting the Earth, instead of being utilised to fertilise, compost or renewal and recovery in more usable forms. Traditionally an artha (wealth) sign, we note that fossil fuel subsidies (allocating wealth as subsidy for fossil fuels) is a form of affliction and misuse of wealth.

Gemini is the traditional third house, the house of kama and publications, communications. In the climate redaction Gemini signifies clean air, it is of mutable nature, facing west and indicates the condition of the atmosphere. Benefics here would indicate successful efforts at reduction of pollution and elimination of emissions and carbon. Affliction here reflects smog and air pollution. Cancer is the customary fourth house, the home of the Moon and significator of home, property and emotional environment. In the sustainable echelon of climate activity it signifies clean water and the condition of oceans, lakes, tanks, ponds, estuaries, and other large expanses of water, such as farm dams and irrigation canals. Facing north, in a movable sign, suggests that there can be many variations of drinking water for humans and livestock, farming, horticulture and industry.

Leo is the traditional fifth house, the home of the Sun, and another sign of fire element. Facing East, Leo is of fixed nature, warming, signifies renewables of the solar type, and future energies. As every action produces a reaction, signification of this sign and house would be of enduring effect; malefics and benefic influence would be long lasting. Virgo is the traditional sixth house, the house of surgery, selfless service and enemies. Facing South, Virgo is a mutable sign, marks resource wastage (or reversal of same), is of cool nature being Earth sign, and includes significations of Geo renewables.

Libra is the seventh sign and traditionally the seventh house; being an Air sign it signifies clean air and is of the nature of air – moveable. Facing west, it signifies renewable energies of air, wind, and gaseous kinds. Scorpio, the mysterious eighth house of watery and fixed nature, faces north and is indicator of the state of water, ever seeking clean waters for our futures. Scorpio signifies renewable energy of waters: wave energy, tidal energy, as well as waters of a riparian nature (rivers) and channels.

Sagittarius is the next sign in our excursus through astrology and climate change; being the traditional ninth house, it faces East, is of mutable nature and portends activity of a solar kind, focussing on future energies. Capricorn is the next sign, the customary tenth sign with Earth nature, it is of movable propensity and faces south. In indicating activities related to the Earth element, the focus of activity includes the proper – and improper – management of resource waste. Proper and improper management here are indicated by presence of benefic and malefic planets and their aspects, drishti.

Aquarius is the conventional eleventh house and faces west. It is of fixed nature (effects are slow to change), and stands for the air element; here the object is clean air and climate action relating to the air elements, the greenhouse gases, the hole in the ozone layer, the Van Allen belts and the magnetosphere which protects the Earth. Important elements. Pisces is the twelfth house of the zodiac and is of mutable nature, facing north and signifies the water element. Here, the object is clean water and activity relating to purification of bodies of water. Examples are the need for purification of the oceans after Fukushima, the coral reef damage due sunlight and cyclones, and clean water for livestock, forest and horticulture.






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