Looking at Climate Change – 3rd House

The third house is readily known as a house of needs and desires necessary to maintain station in life. This is different for everyone, and overweening desire which o’erleaps itself and brings down loss and destruction is not indicated. This is the house of maintaining one’s environment – both inner and outer. In the matter of climate change, maintaining one’s environment has a larger – holistic – meaning beyond any personal desire to increase one’s power and pelf. In this instance, we presume a Cancer lagna and look to Virgo as 3rd House with Jupiter benefic for Cancer rising. Looking to Astrology and Climate Change, we ask ourselves, “What opportunities exist for a geocentric renewables sector with planets in the 3rd House“?


Whereas Virgo is the traditional sixth house, the home of Mercury and strength of Mercury in moolatrikona position and sign of Venus in debilitation; and sign of earth element, in this instance, we look to Virgo as the 3rd House, with Cancer Lagna. Facing South, Virgo is of mutable nature, cooling, signifies renewables of the geocentric type, and resource wastage. As every action produces a reaction, signification of this sign and house would be of short term and mutable effect; malefics and benefic influences would be changeable with human intervention. It is a sign of promise with mitigation of damage from resource wastage possible.

Definition: Resource Wastage

In its most fundamental description, waste consists of using up the planet’s resources to do something unnecessary. If we use resources to create food or warmth or mobility for humans or habitat for wildlife, for example, most of us give credit to that use as necessary. But what if one greedy person or corporation purposely destroys something perfectly fine, in order that they may sell the unwitting consumer a replacement? What if by controlling the design of a product and its associated patterns of usage and discard, he can force an early discard? Surely that is a global lack of necessity, even though that individual or corporation may profit mightily by their selfish action.

It is well known in this day and age that items purchased are not designed to be repaired, but to be thrown away and replaced when damaged. Ditto motor vehicles, write-off factors multiply with modern design and production efficiencies. Climate change will be reduced when design for discard is no longer the affliction that it is today. It will not be affected by any amount of recycling because recycling is part of the wasting syndrome.

Jupiter in the Third House engages in the broad philosophical activities rather than the practical, fast exchanges of Mercury, ruler of Third House. Hence, Jupiter in climate change will be highlighting the nexus between poverty and environment; the poorest have no money but they have land, and since their assets are nature, their gross domestic product (GDP) can only be measured by the health of the ecosystem in which they live. Jupiter will be attending (creating)(lecturing) events where the goal of reduction of resource wastage and improved integration of food security and nutrition, agriculture, forestry and fisheries considerations are the topics of the day. Jupiter will prompt attention to ecosystem spoilage and disorder; ecosystem collapse and loss of flora and fauna cannot be replaced. Jupiter will design, deliver and provide the philosphical foundatoin for necessity of eliminating ecosystem wastage and degradation.

Environmental wastage and degradation have contributed to the overwhelming number of internally displaced persons, migrants and refugees. Here, Jupiter meets many people, gives many talks and shakes many hands. Jupiter’s topic is the sustainable development goal: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture in a changing climate.

Generation of energy by way of fossil fuel adds to heating of the environment (greenhouse gases) and oceans capturing more carbon, thus raising ocean temperatures. Coal is primarily pure carbon and more so than any other fossil fuel. When it is burned for heat, the chemical reaction producing the heat is: C + O2 ↦ CO2 + Heat. This is simply creation of more carbon dioxide!

Recent reports of waning Polar sea ice volumes and persisting droughts in Africa have added to a long list of damaging climate change impacts occurring over the past months. The Antarctic decline continued during July when a colossal iceberg the size of Delaware splintered from the Larsen C ice shelf. Measuring about 2,200 square miles, it is among the largest icebergs in history to break off from the continent.



The positive impact of Jupiter comes from philosophy, inspiration, extension and expansion of the message. Repetitive thought patterns centre on wisdom matters: reuse, reduce (waste prevention) efficient product design and producer responsibility for product utilisation; recycle, conversion and compost, transformation of waste to energy and last resort: landfill. Jupiter creates and initiates the foundation of the future with words and gestures; communications activities and policies, information proliferation, media outreach to consumers. As this is the renewables sector, the focus is on using renewable geocentric materials for production and profit.

In this wise, Jupiter is often a successful explainer, trainer, instructor who can stay focused on the measurable outcome underpinned by theory.

Afflicted Jupiter in the 3rd House: It is necessary to listen several times (perhaps 3 times) to explanations and instructions in order to comprehend all of the details. After that, there is a very strong foundation to proceed forwards.






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