108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #55

Om artasaranyaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who gives refuge from afflictions and disease.


sharanya San. adj. granting protection or help; seeking refuge with, needing protection Hin. m., San. n. one who or that which provides protection, one worthy of being our refuge and on whom we can totally depend.
arti Hin., San. f. bodily or mental distress or pain, affliction.
arti – and distress
arti – eagerness
arti – grief
arti – movement
arti – sufferings
arti – distress
arti – the distresses
arti – misery

The mind is like a computer; information is downloaded into the mind by way of input – data gathered by situations, events, learning, parents, family, peers, work, friends, music and recreation. But the computer is limited to how much data can be contained in the memory and can become overloaded and fail to operate with insufficient memory left to process operations, just like a real computer and the swap file needed to conduct tasks. So we need to slow down, treat the mind with respect, just as we treat our bodies with respect with how we operate the body, exercise it, clothe it and utilise it to eke our daily labours.

Much of the illnesses of this day and age are illnesses and distress in the mind. With the advent of mass media and the information superhighway, the mind has become overstimulated and go too fast. Overstimulated minds miss the mark, fail to process data and fail to take in alternative points of view, examine values – which are drivers to action – and examine the impact on others when making decisions … for the self … or for others. Overstimulated minds bring grief and dissatisfaction, a basic dis-ease with life generally. We need to learn to take time, and not to haste, waste or worry when making choices.

When the mind is racing too fast and overstimulated, it is left with pockets of inaction, material that is shoved into the dark of the basement of the mind, which, when it becomes full and overloaded, can overflow and pollute the mind and slow things down with half-forgotten material and rubbish which has been shoved out of the way and blocking memory paths within the mind. We end up with mental distress, pain and afflictions caused from within.

Without discipline, without stability, without internal boundaries, the mind can cause much misery, distress and sufferings. To whom does one surrender to remove this malaise? The light of the Sun within, the self-effulgent light of the Sun in the inner sky of the heart, is the One to whom we turn for succour, nurture and healing of hurts. The self-effulgent Sun which follows a path of right conduct inerrantly, is the support, the basis of life on Planet Earth. Without the Sun, there would only be single celled bacteria clinging to the walls of dark caverns and rockfaces. The Sun is the bearer of light, expansion and growth.

The Sun gives light in equal measure to all in the solar system. Our home thrives with the gift of light, heat, visible and invisible violet and ultraviolet energy, and infrared energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Other planets receive these gifts of the Sun also, whatever the distance they have from the Sun. The Sun makes no distinction in following its path, shedding its gifts; the the rain, it falls on good and bad alike. There are no special energies, no special individuals who receive more. However, we may spread the light within further if but choose to exercise the mind and send light to all parts of the mind-body-spirit complex that makes up the human; the hue-man imbued with the self-effulgent light within.



Om artasaranyaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who gives refuge from afflictions and disease..


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