108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #61

Om brhate namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is perpetually expanding and great.


bṛhat — great SB 2.2.28, SB 4.29.49, SB 7.15.41, Adi 17.90
bṛhat — highly SB 1.18.46
bṛhat — complete abstinence from sex life SB 3.12.42
bṛhat — large SB 3.15.20
bṛhat — full grown SB 3.20.36
bṛhat — big SB 5.12.10
bṛhat — very big SB 5.20.29
bṛhate — the greatest SB 4.24.42
bṛhate — who are unlimited SB 8.3.17
bṛhate — the greatest of all SB 9.19.29
jag, jagat, jaga- Hin. m. jagat, jagad-, jagaj-, jagan- San. n. ‘all that moves’, ‘that which comes and goes’ – the world; all created things; the ever-changing universe, apparent but illusory, the cosmic manifestation, ‘this passing show’; people, mankind. ‘All this world has arisen out of sat (a really existent cause) and therefore it must also be real, though impermanent.’

Great often has to do with size and force; the energy that accompanies same and is perceived within. Great also includes that which is potential by way of action, results. The greatness of the sun resides in its potential to expand, to supply light perpetually, and to supply heat without fail.

Great also applies to the character of a person or being. One can be great with integrity, one can be great with keeping one’s thoughts, words and actions in alignment. One can be great in having purity of thoughts, words and actions. In these last days of Kali Yuga, such character is very much in need and want in the society and culture.

The Sun radiates light and heat without fail, without change of character, without departure or variance of its purpose. In this way, we can see that greatness is part of the character of the Sun.

Expanding, Contracting

The Universe begins with the Big Bang, the expansion of Divinity which separates from itself so that it may know itself. When all is known that may be known, the Universe ceases expanding and begins contraction; when all is known, there is no further need to know itself and all is ONE. ONE then knows all and absorbs all within itself. Evolution contains involution; the Big Bang ends in the Big Contraction, when all returns to source. The Sanskrit word for Universe means coming, going, expansion, contraction. Everything comes and goes and is in a perpetual state of change. Nothing is permanent in the Universe; all is change, all returns to its source.



Om brhate namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is perpetually expanding and great.


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