Saturn, Mercury and the Galactic Centre

The Galactic Centre of our galaxy is a black hole. At present, Planets Saturn and Mercury share conjunction at this location. This location is found in Sagittarius and the Mula Nakshatra ruled by Ketu. We look to these significations in the light of Ascension – which all on Earth are currently progressing.


At present, Saturn is found in Sagittarius, at 3°12″ at the Galactic Centre, which is located in Mula Nakshatra. The galactic centre is actually a black hole.

A black hole is a celestial object that has very high density and a strong gravitational field. Even light cannot escape its gravitational field, so a black hole itself doesn’t release light. Thus, we cannot observe black holes directly. But when gases are sucked into a black hole, they reach ultra-high temperatures and release a lot of energy, flashing brightly in the X-ray spectrum. This proves the existence of a black hole. Most galaxies have a black hole at their centre.

To date, two kinds of black holes have been observed. One type is generated after a supernova explosion. When a massive star with more than 30 times the mass of the Sun finishes its life, a supernova explosion occurs, and the centre of the star becomes unable to withstand its own gravity, shrinking to the utmost limit to become a black hole. At this point, a black hole has a mass about 10 times greater than the Sun.

Another kind is an enormous black hole with a mass that is millions, or even several hundred million times greater than that of the Sun. It still remains a mystery how such an enormous black hole can be generated.


the second largest black hole in the Milky Way


The presence of Saturn in Sagittarius – a neutral sign for Saturn, ruled by Jupiter – arouses issues of being validated for having orthodox opinions, thoughts, teachings, beliefs. There is nothing wrong with having thoughts, opinions, beliefs and on. One does not however, have lawful authority to put these out onto others as rigid orthodoxy, such as dogmatic statements or unbending beliefs.

Saturn becomes – or feels like – the indoctrinator-teacher-preacher.

The Galactic Centre is an unnerving place. It is thought that some souls – or oversouls – reside there in between incarnations (i.e., they take a lifetime in the Galactic Centre) … which results in them having god-like thoughts, beliefs, opinions, like this. People born in Mula nakshatra suffer more than their fair share of accidents, indignities, and loss.

Those people born in Mula nakshatra usually remain non-plussed and bewildered about the roots of their condition. Mula is ruled by Ketu, who resorts to the inner kingdom, the depths and spaces within, and is unable to think outside the box about their own condition.

We return to Saturn – at the Galactic Centre. Saturn is the only planet which has the name-of-god in its name (Shani+easwara)(Saneeswara). Other planets are divinities also but not directly named as such. One of the likely purposes of such naming is reduce fear about Saturn. Saturn has specific tasks and functions in the life of the individual; to teach self-control, self-sacrifice, self-discipline, all of which build humility and a proper self respect. In this regard, Saturn has specific, important aspects on the mind.

The mind of a child is always out-going. The child wishes to seize the object of perception and – at different ages – place it in the mouth, explore, play, prod, poke, own, possess, mangle and perhaps, break (accidentally) and/or destroy (again, an accident!). We never grow out of this out-going mind and one of the tasks of spirituality is to curb the outgoing, outwards tending mind and rein it in, bring it under control, make it focus internally. Saturn helps here via removal of the outwards going stimulus so the individual might discover who they really are, the spark within which is ONE with the light “out-there” … a light that can only be discovered internally.


An extraordinary view of Saturn from the Cassini spacecraft.
(Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA)

Mercury conjunction with Saturn

Mercury will be conjunct Saturn at the present moment, and then on December 3rd, 2017, then turn retrograde and return to the Galactic Centre.

In this location, Mercury may complement Saturn here and give out information which tends toward sloganism and propaganda. It is possible, depending on whom Mercury is conjunct and their relations, that Mercury at the Galactic Centre may become a purveyor of broad, simplistic answers to deep, complex questions. It is tempting, given the speed and flight of Mercury, however, to skip over a complete thought process to reach an easy answer.

It is said that the Galactic Centre is the repository of karma, oversighted by Ketu who is interested in past lives and looks to sort the connections and strings to this lifetime. Given this is a time of Ascension and the rise of the Earth to higher frequency, all life on Earth also rises to that higher frequency … be it geological, plant, insect, animal or human life. All on Earth share this rise to the higher frequencies of the 5th – 6th Dimensions.

While Mercury – and Ketu, the ruler of Mula nakshatra may present a narrative of conviction and belief about the importance of past lives, these times of Ascension call for wiping the slate clean and looking beyond past lives. As one great teacher of humanity tells, “Past is past, leave it in the past“.



Ascension, accompanied by the rise to the higher frequencies and dimensions, calls for the human to recover their divine imprint, the divine reality of the spark within. Holding onto the past, holding onto past lives does not serve. We cite a recent message received about the human journey to the higher dimensions:

In other words the thoughts that you have about your past need to be deleted or moved away from your memory as the frequencies are raising and the past lives you have from memory in your soul are operating at a much lower vibration.

So even when you are thinking about past lives – there is a conflict within that is showing you that you are dropping back into a lower vibration where as everything else upon your planet is moving forward into a higher vibration. This is the reason the messages are coming – in asking everyone to let go everything from the past. (source)




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