108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #16

Om bhanave namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is shining with visible lustre. To shine is to enter the consciousness, to illuminate from within. Illumination must have the quality of priyam, sweetness.


bhāna San. n. light, lustre; appearance, evidence. vanamali radha ramana
bhānu Hin., San. m. light, ray; the sun; brightness, ‘one who shines’. (V. 284)
bhan – Good, happiness, welfare, prosperity.

Every entity, article, or thing in the Universe has five qualities: Asthi, Bhathi, Priyam, Roopam, Naamam. Asthi means ‘Is’. So, Is-ness is the feature of all that is. Bhaathi means ‘shining’, luminescence. The thing that is known to us is capable of being known to us because it shines: It has the power to enter our consciousness. Then, we have the word, Priyam. Everything is capable of being used or benefited from and therefore becomes dear, attractive; fondness is the meaning of Priyam. The two other features, Roopam and Naamam. They do change and can be modified. All things seem to undergo some transformation or other and often assume again the original form. They are apparent alterations of the basic entities, which have the first three features always. Name and Form are superimpositions on the basic reality of ‘Is-ness’, ‘Illumination’ and ‘Joy’.

The Divine is the base, the Divine Will is the superstructure. The beads are many but the inter-connecting, integrating string of the rosary is one. So, too, for the entire world of living beings, God, the permanent, omnipresent, Parabrahma, the Supreme Divine consciousness, is the base. ‘Soham’, ‘He is I’, ‘I am that’, all these axioms indicate that even those which differentiate themselves under names and forms are in fact God Himself. This is the reason why it is proclaimed in the Vedas, ‘He who knows Brahmam becomes Brahmam Itself’. This awareness is the awareness of the Reality.

Steady and undeviating earnestness is very important for avoiding conflicts in the mind and for overcoming them. One has to be calm and unruffled. Courage, wise counsel and steadiness, these will make the Will strong and sturdy. Lustre in the face, splendour in the eye, a determined look, a noble voice, large-hearted charity of feeling, unwavering goodness, these are the sign-posts of a developing and progressing Will-Force. A mind without agitations, a joyous and unblemished outlook, these are the marks of a person in whom Santhi has taken root.

To nourish the Sastra, “Sathyam Vada”, Speak the Truth, to nourish the world, “Priyam Vada”, Speak pleasantly. If these two are kept in view and practised, there is no greater discipline needed.



Om bhanave namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is shining with visible lustre.


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