Looking at Climate Change – 9th House

The Ninth house is the house of acquisition of knowledge and learning, public policy, morality and affluence in all things material. What then are the important matters of the 9th house, its Lord, and climate change?


The Ninth house is traditionally the sign of Dhanus – Sagittarius – lorded by Jupiter with Aries Lagna. Facing East, Sagittarius attends to the future (future events) (future forms of energy), it is of mutable nature, attends solar activities and is of a warming nature being of fire element and pitta dosham. The Ninth is a fire sign, mutable, it is ugra (of fierce nature) and Jupiter is Lord. In this Prashna, Jupiter is aspecting the 9th from Gemini, (3rd house) and this aspect (7th) (all relations in the world, all people we interact with) has some ramifications.

When we look to astrology And Climate Change, we look to the different houses of the zodiac. Sagittarius as 9th house is of kapha dosham(watery-fluid ) nature with fire element characterised by this sign. In vedanta, agni (fire) is an element of jala, water. Sagittarius – traditionally the house of dharma – right conduct, righteousness, right actions – is lorded by Jupiter, giver of higher wisdom and eternal teachings. Jupiter is also karaka of intelligence and higher learning, philosophy, understanding the nature of a subject and investigating all aspects of a topic or issue.


 9th house is a fire sign; fire in the form of storm, drought, flood and heatwave affect health

Fire Sign and Rising Temperatures:

Climate Change is noted in rising temperatures (An alarming heatwave in the sunless winter Arctic is causing blizzards in Europe and forcing scientists to reconsider even their most pessimistic forecasts of climate change).

Rising temperatures lead to environmental degradation. This can lead to forced migration, civil conflict, mental health impacts, loss of jobs and income. Rising temperatures also lead to more extreme weather. The effect is seen in multiplication of tropical cyclones (which form near the equator and move towards the poles). Extreme weather also includes droughts, creation of semi-arid areas and expansion of deserts due denudification of land.

Rising temperatures also lead to rising sea levels. A sea level rise is an increase in global mean sea level as a result of an increase in the volume of water in the world’s oceans. Sea level rise is usually attributed to global climate change by thermal expansion of the water in the oceans and by melting of ice sheets and glaciers on land.


An alarming heatwave in the sunless winter Arctic is causing severe cold in Europe (the beast from the East)

Effects of Jupiter aspecting 9th from 3rd House

Jupiter is a multiplier, expansion energy; the 3rd house is the house of communications and messages. Hence, Jupiter will be churning out many messages, and engaging in much evangelism about human caused climate change. Jupiter has an expansive outreach of communications through many outlets (think students, alumni). Information can quickly turn to information overload and evangelism can turn quickly to fanaticism with undesirable results. (Instead of A Bridge Too Far, it can turn to A Tweet Too Far. ) The key here is to think smart and act smart in communications. While there is a very strong belief in the future of goodness, beaut and truth, human development has to follow the path of the five human values in order to show leadership and the way forward out of this Kali Yuga of our own making.

So Jupiter in the 3rd house aspecting 7 houses away and the 7th House is relations in the world, everyone we come into contact with, everyone with whom we make contact. Jupiter, guru of the higher knowledge engages in publications, propagation, dissemination. This will take the form of many writings, scripts, announcements and retinue of forms of communication. When taken too far, it can turn to a faith versus details conflict, and produce climate fatigue, where the media and the audience simply switch off the message, or change channel. Care has to be taken. Communications must be effective and challenge behaviour. Recipients have to experience the benefits of behaviour and thought change, and hence, the putting of human values into practice. The five human values of truth, love, peace, right conduct and non-violence – when integrated into human thought and behaviour produce human integrity and a future worth living in.

The Ninth house points to future energy of a fire nature, and can be contained in water bases also as vedanta teaches that agni (fire element) exists in jala (water element). The solutions can be many, they can be solar based, but the thermal element in water has to be attended to. Scientists warn that the current land mass and human population cannot withstand any large increase in sea level.


 non-fossil fuel energy is nearly always sustainable energy



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