Looking at Climate Change – 11th House

The Eleventh house is the house of social capital in the horoscope; very much attuned to relationships, friends, community participation and what we do with our profits or earnings.


The Eleventh house is traditionally the sign of Kumbh – Aquarius – lorded by Saturn whe we have an Aries Lagna. Facing west, Aquarius as the traditional 11th house observes atmospheric conditions. It is of fixed nature – so benefic or malefic influences here will have a long term affect and change will be difficult to put in place. Aquarius/11th House is of air nature and is also cooling nature being of vata dosha exclusively. The Eleventh is an air sign, fixed, and is of panaphara nature (weak) for those under 50/ and of upachaya (increases, gains) for those over 50 years.

When we are considering Vedic Astrology and climate change, we are looking at vata dosham in an air house that is of vegetable nature and a fixed predisposition. Here we look to intangibles made tangible, the socio-economic impact of climate change upon the population, as 11 House is the house of many relations, community participation, effects on the society and culture. It is also the place of future plans, and due fixed nature, any plans put into effect here will have long term consequences for good or ill.


 11th house signifies social community issues, socio-economic impact …

Of Socio-economic impact

The effects of climate change can be compared to other effects on human society and the environment. Future socio-economic development may strongly affect climate change impacts.[19] For example, projections of the number of people at risk of hunger vary significantly according to assumptions over future socio-economic development.

About 143 million people are at risk of becoming ‘climate migrants’ fleeing crop failure, drought and rising sea levels, according to a seminal new report from The World Bank.

The report says climate change will become the single biggest driver of human migration but also that the worst impacts can still be avoided by prompt action.

Titled ‘Groundswell—Preparing for Internal Climate Migration’, the report says most of the population shift will take place in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. Read more here

You can also read “Grappling with Climate Change in the Kingdom of Happinesshere

The 11th house is of fixed nature. This means that influences on this house will have long term effect on people’s minds about the impacts of global warming, greenhouse gases and climate change. Due this being a house open to friends, partnerships and peer group relations, it is also the house where – under malefic influences, bullying occurs. That bullying, due the expanded social nature of this house includes corporate bullying.

If corrupted, events and innovations put into place by public infrastructure corporations will remain afflicted and corrupted for a long time. This is due the misuse of profits, moneys, status. Lobbying with legislative structures, climate policy and proliferating climate denial and scepticism comes with malefic influence on this sign. The malefic influence affects the masses sans discrimination.

Due the 11th house encapsulating peers, relations, friendships, groups of people and community participation, it becomes necessary to look at the social effects of climate change, greenhouse gases and air pollution. The social impact will impinge upon the aged, and it will have its affect upon gender status. There are those who travel well in old age and those who find the continuing toll of the years a burden. Their health status and socioeconomic status will affected. Being on limited incomes, the aged will not be able to afford costs related to energy generation and climate mitigation. This will also affect public health infrastructure as more and more become ill places more and more demands on hospitals and doctor’s surgeries.

It is difficult to challenge corporate greed, manipulation and demonisation or criminalisation of those who oppose them. We have to keep in mind that negative afflictions are afflictions to practice of right conduct, afflictions to righteousness in the community, afflictions to proper, dharmic law-making and policy setting. As the 11th is the second from the house of executive, parliament, administration and foreign trade, it represents the wealth obtained from these activities. Afflictions here manifest as corruption with climate change initiatives.

As traditional Lord of 10th and 11th houses, Saturn imparts responsibility, duty, and long-term solutions implemented slowly. Where corruption and Saturn are together, losses and long term isolation from the friends, peers, community participation and the society result. There is a need to follow dharma in all aspects of socio-economic impact of climate change: righteousness when dealing with the environment and its impact on people, health systems, the aged along with the executive branch and policy making bureaux. For the effects are not for one but many, for for the short term, but the long term, not for the dustbin of history but the consciousness and practice of the masses. Responsibility for climate change mitigation is responsibility of the whole community.


 one cannot hide corporate manipulation and climate change



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