108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #71

Om jagadanandahetave namaha, Salutations to the Sun – whom – illuminating the world, is the cause of bliss in the ever-changing Universe.


jag, jagat, jaga- Hin. m. jagat, jagad-, jagaj-, jagan- San. n. ‘all that moves’, ‘that which comes and goes’ – the world; all created things; the ever-changing universe, apparent but illusory, the cosmic manifestation, ‘this passing show’;
jagannātha—Lord Jagannātha Madhya 1.53, (and more…)
jagannātha—to Lord Jagannātha Madhya 6.118, Madhya 10.29,
jagannātha—of the name Jagannātha Adi 11.48, Adi 13.57-58, Madhya 6.51
jagannātha—the Deity of Lord Jagannātha. Madhya 6.15, Madhya 13.76
jagannātha—the Jagannātha Deity Adi 10.141
hetave—the root cause. SB 1.17.28
hetave—for the sake of SB 3.32.5
hetave—to cause. SB 7.1.42
hetave—for the purpose of SB 8.1.14
ānanda—pleasure SB 2.6.8, SB 3.16.27, (and more…)
ānanda—transcendental bliss Adi 4.255, Adi 6.45,
ānanda—happiness Adi 12.41, Madhya 9.208, Madhya 9.238,
ānanda—of transcendental bliss SB 8.3.20-21,
ānanda—absolute bliss Adi 2.107, Madhya 8.137,
ānanda—great pleasure Adi 8.77, Adi 10.131,
ānanda—bliss Adi 4.72, Madhya 8.163, Antya 5.126
ānanda—pleasure. Adi 8.64, Madhya 1.155, Madhya 10.59
ānanda—happiness. Madhya 9.340, Madhya 10.115, Antya 15.27
ānanda—the transcendental bliss. Madhya 16.31, Madhya 16.34,


In this created Universe with all its scintillating variety of existence, nothing is permanent, nothing stays the same. The sanskit term for universe – jagat, means coming and going, all this is change, ‘that which comes and goes’. The only thing that is permanent is the One behind all this scintillating variety, the Lord or Natha; hence jagannātha—Lord Jagannātha. The Lord of time and space is the Lord of change, and all this coming and going. The Sun is Lord of all that it gives light to, and the planets reflect that light to the incarnated soul.

The goal of human life is to find that which makes us all happy within and without. Many seek happiness outside of themselves, in relationships, possessions, spending moneys, exciting their taste buds, being entertained by the myriad forms of entertainment on offer. Happiness is bliss, ananda, great pleasure and happiness which takes us beyond the limits of our minds. Happiness is an inside job, something that happens from the interior, arising from within, like the rising of the kundalini energy within the human.

Here we salute the Sun as the cause, the giver of bliss and happiness in this world we live in, what we call our Universe. The Sun gives off light and heat, and we need both to make the Earth a warm, comfortable place to live. Plants use light from the Sun for photosynthesis, creating food for animals and humans, and oxygen for us to breathe. Sunlight makes our days bright, and it reflects off the Moon to give us light at night. Sunshine brings us joy, happiness and bliss.



Om jagadanandahetave namaha, Salutations to the Sun – whom – illuminating the Universe, is the cause of bliss in the ever-changing Universe.


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