108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #84

Om ravaye namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is the creative One.


raviḥ — the sun Bg 10.21
raviḥ — the sun, kṣetram Bg 13.34
raviḥ — the sun-god SB 4.14.26-27
raviḥ — the sunshine SB 10.2.17


Sage Viswamitra discovered the mantra named Gayatri, which is addressed to the energy of the Sun, Surya. This mantra has infinite potentiality. It is a vibrant formula. It has immense powers, powers that are truly amazing. For, the Sun is its presiding deity.

The Sun makes the world habitable through water, causing precipitation which is needed by mineral, plant, animal and human life. The Sun is the creator as life needs light for cell division, growth and flourishing. The Sun as giver of heat the Sun radiates its energy to life on the planets and thus, the seasons. The sun changes paths at the solstices: Uttarayana is the northward movement of the Sun; versus DAKSHINAYANA: The southward movement of the Sun. It begins on Makara Sankranti and lasts for six months. This period is considered especially auspicious for Sadhana (spiritual studies) and ceremonial rituals. from [UTTARA]: northward + [AYANA]: journey.

The Creator is Prajapathi, the progenitor, also known as Brahma, who emerged seated on the lotus from the navel of Sri Vishnu. Brahma is the source, the seed, of all that is, as his very name indicates boundless immensity, from which space, time and causation originate. He is the first stage of manifestation of individual existence.

Surya or the Sun with His Rays illumines all beings in the ten regions. Surya is the very Self of Prajapathi, and hence, all beings – both in the regions so illumined – become the very “self” of Prajapathi. The word “Prana” therefore refers to Adithya Itself, for Adithya (the Sun) gives Prana (the Vital Essence). Since all beings are able to live by consumption of food etc., the Sun is also known as Viswanara. The whole Universe is of His Nature and so He is also known as Viswarupa. Samvathsara or the year, is an indicator of Time, according to the position of the Sun. Time is but a series of days and nights, and these are phases caused by the Sun. The rotation of the Moon causes Thithis or stages in fullness. The twin Forces, the Sun and the Moon, are the products of Prajapathi and so, Time, which is marked out by the tropics, the seasons, the months etc., is also of the same essence. Prajapathi has the Northern and the Southern cycles also. (Upanishad Vahini)


Om ravaye namaha, Salutations to the Sun who is the creative One.


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