108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #92

Om saukhyapradaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who gives the fruit of happiness.


saubhāgya Hin. m., San. n. good fortune; blessed state, happiness, loveliness; prosperity.
saukhyam — the happiness Adi 1.6, Adi 4.230
brahma- saukhyam — spiritual happiness SB 5.5.1
gṛha-medhi- saukhyam — happiness within this material world SB 5.11.3
pradaḥ — who will give


The question might arise “For what reason are some born in happiness and some in misery? They have done neither good nor evil, to be treated so unequally. True, they have done nothing in this life, they are only just born. But, they had done good or evil, in previous lives. The consequence of what was done in the previous life has to be experienced in this life.

Now, we can arrive at two conclusions on which all sects of Hinduism are agreed. The Buddhists and the Jains also accept these two. Every one of us has a firm belief, that life is eternal. It could not have originated from nothing. That is impossible. If it has come out of inert slime or mud, it would have been inert and inactive. All things put together will disintegrate. All that is bound by Time will end in time. If life started only yesterday, it cannot last beyond tomorrow. If it has roots, the roots shall go dry and the tree cannot survive for ever. Life must have been existent ever since the Cosmos has been in existence. It does not require arguments to understand this truth. Do we not see that all modern sciences are tending to confirm more and more assuringly and clearly the revelations made in the texts and scriptures of ancient India? This too has to be accepted some day.

It is very hard for man to arrive at satisfaction in the material world. Perhaps satisfaction is peace of mind and momentary cessation of material wants. Desire, if not curbed and brought under control, will eventually control the mind. Life is like driving a motor vehicle. There are four tyres and each tyre has to be inflated to the correct pressure or there will be an accident and the car will go off the road. So also, desires have to be brought under control to ensure satisfaction and happiness.

Happiness is the fruit of self-sacrifice. Sacrifice is the highest step. One who has the true spirit of sacrifice gives to others without any hesitation or reservation, smilingly and gladly, even his dearest and highest possession. Surrendering the fruit of action to the Lord is real sacrifice. Sacrifice means something more than giving up of wealth, gold and material objects. Evil qualities like hatred, jealousy, wrath and malice which have become ingrained in man over many life-times should be discarded. There is no happiness greater than that obtained from sacrifice.


Om saukhyapradaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who gives the fruit of happiness.


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