Eclipses and Retrogrades

’tis a season of eclipse and retrograde planets (three inner and three outer planets all retrograde) with an eclipse on August 11 in the Northern Hemisphere and first planet out of retrograde on August 18th is Mercury going direct on that day. There is much to consider about Ascension in this season of eclipses and retrograde planets.


Of the inner planets, we have Mercury retrograde until August 18th; Mars will cease retrograde on August 27th to move forward and Saturn to forward on Sept. 6th. Of the outer planets, we have Uranus retrograde, Neptune retrograde and Pluto retrograde! Uranus enters in retrograde motion on 7 August until 5 January 2019.

Venus will be transiting in Virgo from August 1 to September 1, 2018. While it is in Virgo, Venus is debilitated. Virgo is a very analytical and critical sign. It makes sense that Venus, the planet of love, affection, and emotion, would be debilitated in a sign that is so mental.

On August 10, the day before the next solar eclipse, Venus will square Saturn (Saturn’s 10th aspect to Venus). This will be in orb for several days before the square perfects. This can be an especially difficult transit for some in that it can reflect disappointments or difficulties in love and relationship matters, as well as with finances.

Jupiter transits into the constellation of Vishaka on Friday 3rd of August and will stay there until Oct 28th (20.00 Libra-3.20 Scorpio). This raises a reflection about Jupiter (the multiplier of energies) in its own nakshatra, multiplying the energies from Libra to Scorpio. Venus rules Libra and some consider that this can be a time of excess. The energy of the planets (a magnetic energy affecting the flow and dispersal of light within the human) (activating both vasana and samskar) is there for us to take up. How we use that energy is very much a function of inner strength, self knowledge, and mind management. If we wish to indulge the senses and fill ourselves with food, alcohol and sex-sex-sex, then the planet will oblige and multiply energy. If we wish to follow the path of dharma, then the planet will oblige and flood us with sense control, control of the appetites, and the antarkaranas, the inner instruments of action. It is up to us how we utilise the energy of the planets.

There is a possibility in this time of not hearing the inner voice, the voice of conscience. This voice flows from the intellect, the intellect is nearest the atma and obtains over 80% of its energy and light from the atma itself. (The soul within, the spark of the divine.) This season of eclipses commenced from the Solar Eclipse of 13 July; this would indicate that this eclipse is the completion of a particular sequence of energy (inclusive of the lunar eclipse of July 28) for the whole of the Earth. The energy – magnetic energy from the Sun being completed – points to the need to hear on the inner level, and to hear the voice of conscience clearly. We should never play false to our conscience, and when we do, we have a great fall. In Hinduism, (and Vedanta, the foundation of vedic astrology) the voice of the conscience is the voice of the Divine.

From 10 – 24 August, we have the situation of kaala sarpa yoga where Rahu and Ketu hem all the planets between them. This can be somewhat blocking, somewhat destabilising. A potentially destabilising time, there is a need to remain grounded. Grounding may be necessary in the face of turbulence in the outer environs. These are days which – when the generations to come look back – will name as the birth-pangs of Ascension. There are troubles over the Earth with earthquake, flood, drought and outbreak of Ebola – again – in Africa. These are days when the Mendocino Californian wildfire explodes overnight and becomes the second largest wildfire in the history of California. Heatwaves pave their way through Europe and the aged succumb to heatstroke. These are also days of higher vibrations, the energies of the 4th and 5th dimensions flow through and those who seek the inner light reside in higher dimensions internally. We may take actions to help in these times of troubles upon the Earth. An enlightened being channels guidance:


 Softball sized hail, Colorado Springs, Co, 6 August 2018

With all the changes that are happening upon this Planet’s happening in different ways, but its all to improve the consciousness in every action that takes place from that upon your Planet Earth. The volcanoes that are coming into action now are helping to clear energies that are no longer needed within your planet Earth. It’s helping to release that and find balance within her so that the planet can move freely with the movement of the solar system and your galaxy and in connection to your other galaxies around you. It is time that mankind comes to wake up and comes to understand that there is a great need to look after Mother Earth and not pull things from her inner self, but rather to protect her and care for her. If you take pieces from her, it is causing imbalance within her and she is finding it difficult to rotate in equilibrium with the rest of the planets that operate within your solar system. So it is important that the balance must remain, for it is adjusting in any case to another equilibrium that existed before Atlantis fell.

So we understand that in the times of Atlantis, the fourth and fifth dimensions were present on Earth; Earth fell out of those dimensions and is on a path of return to the higher dimensions. Astrology advises us to begin listening to the inner voice as a guide to the path of righteousness and dharma. The eclipse cycles – with the longest lunar eclipse until the next century – herald the settlement of the stargates, and the slow ascension of the planet itself to the higher dimensions. We may care for the body like so:

To lessen the effects, get sufficient restful sleep, but do not take pharmaceuticals as sleep aids or to pep up or calm down, engage in age-appropriate exercise, and drink lots of water. Eat less than usual; avoid sugar, alcohol except small quantities of red wine, and foods with chemical additives; if your budget affords, choose organic produce, seafood without impurities, and “free-range” eggs, poultry and meat. There is no separation of body, mind and spirit; therefore, it is equally important to reduce mental and emotional stress. Change negative thoughts to positive; be in Nature as often as you can; set priorities so that your day is satisfyingly spent; reserve time for solitude, free of others’ energy; and meditation also is helpful in relieving tension.





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