Vedic New Year – April 2019

The Vedic New Year starts with the New Moon in Pisces, when the Sun is in Pisces. The nature of the year changes, the planet ruling the year will also change. Climate change is upon us – driving many unpleasant consequences of the excesses of the Age of Iron (Kali Yuga). Where ISIS has been defeated and eradicated, extremism and Islamophobia still fill pockets of social media, and this also will change.

vikara-affection (happiness and distress)

The current year, vilambi, spoke of those being born as weak, fatalist and has the habit of speaking without purpose, serviceable, defeated by his wife, contented, keeps his thoughts secret, and is of restless nature.

The New Year (New Moon in Pisces) is Vikari, which the glossary above reveals to be a year of transformation, change, and those changes will be positive and negative, happiness and distress, the ups and downs that are a part of everyday living.

The Sun and Moon are in a sign ruled by Jupiter – who is year lord.

Jupiter presides over knowledge, virtues, children, counsellors and ministers. As parama guru (highest teacher) Jupiter exemplifies right conduct, dissemination of knowledge, learning in the Vedas and sacred lore, prosperity and abundance in everything. In modern speak, Jupiter is said to be a multiplier: wherever Jupiter is (or presides as he does over Sun and Moon here) he multiplies the effects thereof.

So Jupiter’s impact on the New Moon in Pisces – which is the New Year in astrology – there will be multiplying that which is present in the mind, for the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. Now, if we manage our minds with good inner discipline and have tidy minds, then Jupiter will multiply and give more of the same. Where we have poorly managed desires, a mind that darts hither and thither, and pockets of fear – an untidy mind, Jupiter will multiply that. But wait, there is hope! If we begin a self-management program, and practice inner self-discipline, then Jupiter will multiply that.

We may approach Jupiter with daily prayer:

The armour of Jupiter
(translated by P.R.Ramachander)

Abheeshta phaladham sarvajnam sura poojitham,
Aksha maladharam shantham pranamami bruhaspatheem.

I salute sage Brihaspathi,
Who fulfils our wishes,
Who knows everything,
Who is worshipped by all devas,
Who wears the garland of beads,
And who is peaceful.

Bruhaspathi sira pathu, lalatam pathu may guru,
Karnou sura guru, nethre may abheeshta dayaka.

Let Brihaspathi protect my head,
Let Guru (the teacher) protect my forehead,
Let my ears be protected by teacher of devas,
And let my eyes be protected by he who fulfils wishes.

Jihwam pathu suracharya, nasaam may Veda Paraga,
Mukham may pathu sarvagna, kantam may devatha guru.

Let the teacher of devas protect my tongue,
Let my nose be protected by the expert in Vedas,
Let the all knowing one protect my face,
And let my neck be protected by teacher of devas.

Bhujavangeerasa pathu, karou pathu shubha prada,
Sthanou may pathu vageesa, kuksheem may shubha lakshana.

Let my hand be protected by Angeeras (father of Brihaspathi)
Let my arms be protected by he who does good,
Let the master of speech protect my chest,
And let he who looks good protect my stomach.

Nabhim deva guru pathu, madhyam pathu sukha prada,
Katim pathu jagat vandya, ooru may pathu vak pathee.

Let my belly be protected by Guru,
Let he who does good protect my middle,
Let my hip be protected by he who is saluted by the universe,
And let the master of words protect my legs.

Janu jange suracharyo, padhou viswathamaka sada,
Anyani yani cha anganee, rakshenmay sarvatha guru.

Let the teacher of the devas protect my thighs and knee,
Let my feet be protected by the soul of the world,
And let all other parts of my body be always be protected by Guru.

Ithyedath kavacham divyam trisandhyam ya paden nara,
Sarva kamaanvapnothi sarvathra vijayee bhaveth.

If this holy armour is read by men at dawn, noon and dusk,
They would succeed in all their acts,
And would gain victory everywhere.

Ithi Sri brahmyamaloktham Sri Brahaspathi kavacham sampoornam.

Thus ends the armour of Jupiter which occurs in Brahmaloktham.

At the commencement of the New Year, the Sun and the Moon are in the 6th house, the house of service to uphold dharma – right action. If we want steadiness in our lives, if we want peace, love, truth and non-violence, then we should undertake to uphold dharma – right action in everything that we do. On the other hand, if one goes away from right action and does evil actions, then the 6th house becomes the house of litigation and enemies opposite the 12th house of incarceration! The best way to tackle such an issue is to go do service in those parts of our lives where we feel we face the most challenges, where we have the most weaknesses. If we uphold dharma – right action in parts of our lives where we are weak, there will be transfer gain to other parts of our life. In this regard, the new year called vikari, becomes a year of transformation, change, and those changes will be positive and negative, happiness and distress, the ups and downs that are a part of everyday living. If we choose to face our challenges, the changes will be positive.

From the lagna, the first house with planets is Sagittarius. Here we find Jupiter at a minute 00:12 minutes, and gandanta. Gandanta is a point where the energy of a planet gets stuck, a knot where it is hard for the planet to express its energy in a natural way. Normally it only takes Jupiter about a week to cross this point. In this case it will take 8 weeks. (Jupiter will go retrograde (go backwards) during this period.) Mars will give an 8th drishti (aspect), and Rahu will also aspect Jupiter for part of that time, until March 21st. So Jupiter will be under a good deal of stress during this period.

During this period, the things ruled by Jupiter may be harder to access or may be experienced with more of a sense of struggle. Jupiter rules money, expansion, abundance, children, knowledge, education and dharma. It is the planet of truth, so it is signifies our inner sense of what is right, real, true, just and fair. What truths will emerge during this time of Jupiter gandanta? (Remember, this is a 12 month influence of Jupiter as it casts this energy over all of the new year.)

The following is from C.P. Leacock’s book, Roswell Have You Wondered?

“So much for Darwin – Belief System Shock. The historians, archaeologists, biologists and palaeontologists in the past have made theories based on the findings to their present day. Those, unfortunately, became our beliefs. When humans receive information or have an experience contradicting their beliefs they experience ontological shock – belief system shock – ‘What are my origins?’ The most fundamental belief is the most frightening to lose. Millions of people on earth are now experiencing ontological shock as the technology of our age brings in a flood of new information.

Denial and anger are the most common reactions to the early stages of belief system shock. We all read about this in history when Europeans discovered the world was not flat. It was terrifying for them. Fortunately, advances in social science have provided many coping skills for this type of shock.”

Jupiter, it seems, will deliver a deep belief system shock in the next 18 months. This is supported by Ketu in the 3rd House, who has a weak connection to philosophical foundations and worldwide beliefs about reality. Spaceships appearing in the sky would not affect Ketu in the 3rd, who has likely been telling you about this for some time – words are birds, they fly away – is your response to Ketu in 3rd House. Well, the shock is coming. How are you going to prepare? How do you answer the questions, “What are you living for?” and “How are you going to reach what you are living for?”

Opposite Ketu in 3rd we have Rahu in Gemini, the 9th house. This is somewhat related to the above, as Rahu in the 9th house indicates change in beliefs, change in religious practices, a going away from that which we were raised with. This can also indicate separation from the Father – but more likely – institutions and structures which are inherently and overbearingly patriarchal. Like tumble-weeds getting bigger and bigger, a very balanced and healing form of feminism is emerging and women take up leadership roles in many dimensions of commercial enterprise and governance of institutions. This is really placing new goals in the eyes of little girls who really do have a range of role models to look up to – in sport, in business, in management, in social institutions.

During the year, Rahu will be conjoined by Mars in Gemini. Rahu hates ethics and rules and will find someway to undermine them to betray and cheat and will have more power to do so in Gemini. Mithuna (Gemini in Sanskrit), means copulation and we forget that Mercury, in its lower adolescent energy, can charm its way into sexual conquest and betrayal and create difficult problems. Mars/Rahu can bring out strong sexual predatory behaviour. Take note of the image below, social mores are changing (see above) and consumption of alcohol does not equal consent.



Saturn is in the third house, along with Jupiter and Ketu. There are those in this world who try to stop dutiful Saturn giving out the important message the world must hear. People live with fear and depression. Saturn would do service to those with message about the goal of life, the good things to see, hear, touch, taste and smell along the way (vasudevasarvam idam – all this is God). Because we do not see, hear, touch, taste nor feel the messages of those who are mentally fearful about negative potentials, or find themselves in a chronic state of anxious worry about every detail of life, the best form of selfless service is offered to those with chronic depression that is so severe that they cannot (or believe they cannot) enjoy life. They may need significant help to have some laughter or amusement, visit inspiring holy places, or access hospital care.

We are talking about Saturn in the 3rd house with a message that needs to be heard from the povos, the long grassers, the soup kitchen clientele. These folks are often beset with a crippling worry about annihilation, oppression, and scarcity and they may seem to be blinded to positive evidence which contradicts their nay-saying. Their mental mechanism may seem to be frozen by horrible worries. The anxiety may have a physical dimension which limits the function of the lungs, hands, arms, or shoulders. There is also an aspect from Mars, the 8th drishti. Can Mars help here?

Mars in the 8th House gives benefits from intentional and targeted seva (selfless service) offering to those who have experienced sudden and unexpected changes (viz, the Belief System Shock referred to above). Service to those who have been traumatised and are ready for healing.

Beneficiaries of selfless service (seva) may include

  • widows and orphans;
  • those suffering from catastrophic loss whether physical, emotional or financial;
  • those recovering from medical surgery or a difficult childbirth;
  • victims of invasion or toxic shock including invasive chemicals such as poisons and invasive thoughts;
  • those undergoing detoxification

those whose worlds have been shattered by some species of sudden, penetrating, unexpected force

  • natural disaster e.g. earthquake, flood, fire
  • social upheaval e.g. revolutionary violence, crimes of war
  • personal crime e.g. rape, violent assault including repeated psychological attacks
  • ontological shock (belief system shock).

Mars – while malefic in the New Year chart – has a lot of healing to offer the events of the transit year.

We have Mercury in the 5th – delivery of ideas and intelligence – supported by Ketu in 3rd who is delivering clairsentient hearing at the same time. This is the coming into being time of the indigo children, the rainbow children, the crystal and diamond children – all born with access to the full spectrum of light, with access to the full spectrum of clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. Now, while all these children have all this access to these psychic abilities and sight, a lot of ideas can – and will be – be floated around you thanks to Mercury in the 5th, and Ketu in the background.

We also have Venus in the 5th house, the house of children and adolescents. While the children may take (demand!) central roles, you may enjoy romance, glitter, and perhaps, political relationships. And the political discourse may take place in a place of entertainment or performance arts setting, such as a movie theatre or dance hall – there may well be competing pleasures and enjoyments known and relished in the same locales. Venus in the 5th house enjoys a social gathering (featuring you!) or a party, where fashion-style, glitter-glamor, and a dose of political charm, and the skills of getting attention are practised.

Keep in mind that the 5th house is also a place where we have to attend to the needs of children or adolescents and their circumstance requiring postive parenting which brings peace to the home and the family group.

The Navamsha Chart, (for those older than 50)

Normally, the Navamsha chart (sometimes called the 9th harmonic) is used for the spouse, the life-partner, and for spiritual progress. However, once we achieve our basic life tasks (our soul contract, for example), we may move on to new goals and choices. After age 50, much of what transpires in the second half of life is shown by the Navamsha chart.

In the Navamsha, we find Ketu is the 1st house, suggesting a certain ambivalence or disconnect from that which concerns or worries others, for the foundations of life have been laid, the path is clear, the lifetime choices are self-evident. So while the media – social media in particular – might present images of the world of friends, family and their concerns, there may appear a certain world-weary cynicism and selfish focus upon their own concerns. Younger people – and the dismayed – have to remember that the 1st house is a house of Dharma (right action, right conduct) and this world-weariness or apathy is not letting the world get into that which is tried and true – that is – right conduct for this person, this couple, these friends and your acquaintances.

Here, the Sun and Moon are in the second house, Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn (who is in the 12th house) (and aspecting the 2nd house!). Saturn is the lord of duty, responsibility, taking things slowly (and getting them right) suggesting the year will bring a need to touch base with our guiding values in life, and be firmly grounded in same. (Capricorn is an Earth sign, offers grounding.) The 2nd house is also a house of wealth – and the wealth – we imagine – is a wealth of sharing who you are and that which guides you in life and in your behaviour – with others who have been rattled and discombobulated by external circumstances. We always gain more wealth in giving to others, as the Canticle of St Francis reminds us.

Mars is in Pisces (where Jupiter is Lord); Jupiter is in Aries (where Mars is Lord); there is an exchange of Lordships between Mars and Jupiter, which really has Mars shining with energy in the 4th house, and Jupiter multiplying intelligence from the 5th house. Here, we find that Mars is strong in Pisces, water sign and mutable – open to changes. Here, Mars and energises, innovates and invades to create change in roots, routes, belief-driven lifestyles and routines. We may discover that our home is really something else, somewhere else and Mars is driving the change. Mars is free to lend as much emotional strength and grounding of feeling home as needed.

Jupiter – the priestly philosopher and guru does not have a lot of strength in the 5th house, however, the exchange of lordship with Mars gains Jupiter a lot of energy to play a somewhat important role in the world at large imparting that which understood and gleaned in the fire of life’s vicissitudes as wisdom. That wisdom comes when we have the experience, stand under it and allow it to shed its light upon us, and then come to understanding. We may also find ourselves guiding and messaging young people; there is something of a capacity to be wonderful teacher-scholar-genius – however, tone down the fire, the blasts from the furnace: the indigo children, the rainbow children, the crystal and diamond children are all fragile souls from time to time.

Mercury in the 6th house in Rohini nakshatra is a messenger of steadiness; steadiness in the mind, steadiness in life’s choices. The mind may well show a tendency from time to time to flit from one thing to the other, but the real foundation is in steadiness of character, presence, and self-confidence – the 6th is a house of service to others – and it is clear that the general needs of the year will be slow and steady to the goal of understanding who we are as humans, our origin, our goal of life and how we get to that goal.




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