2020 Lunar Eclipse at Uluru

penumbral lunar eclipseEclipses come in pairs – we last had an eclipse – on Christmas Day in many places in the world – on 26 December which was very unusual for a variety of reasons. A penumbral eclipse of the Moon occurs on Saturday 11 January – at Uluru – which is the solar chakra of the Earth. At maximum eclipse, 90% of the Moon’s disc will be partially shaded by the Earth, which will cause a slight shadow gradient across the face of the Moon.

Eclipses come in pairs; we had a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, and in many places around the world, this solar eclipse occurred on Christmas Day. Sagittarius is a warrior sign transforming the world from material to spiritual. This Solar eclipse took place in Mula nakshatra, which is the location of the Grand Central Sun of our galaxy. It is from here that the new energies being transmitted – energies of reactivation of so-called ‘junk dna’ which allow us to take up our birthright of different forms of communication – that do not involve speech. These are higher forms of communication that are used by divines, acharyas and gurus. This is in contrast to the penumbral lunar eclipse which occurs in Gemini, the sign of communication of many kinds. Transformation is coming. (Social media.)

The Lunar Eclipse happens on 11 January at 4:40am in the morning at Uluru. The eclipse occurs in the seventh house, (Gemini) the house of interactions and relations with everybody. This also oversights the many ways we communicate with others – in word, writing, speech, texting, face-time, social media, and telepathy.

In the climate change kundli, Gemini is also the sign of the changing state of the climate system. Principally affected are health and air quality – as Gemini is a vata (air) sign, it is fierce, it is mutable. There is a strong impetus in Gemini as the 7th house causing the eclipse to destroy the arguments around the causes of climate change and generate general consensus that climate change is both part of a natural cycle and man-made. We also take into account the nature of the 7th house as a place of interaction with others, with our environment. Considering that Humans interact with the environment…

There are 3 types of human environment interaction:

 ⟴  The way people depend on the environment for food, water, timber, natural gas etc.
 ⟴  The way people adapt the environment to fulfil their own needs.
 ⟴  The way people modify the environment positively or negatively like digging holes, mining, building dams.

These are the areas of human activity and interaction that are affected by this eclipse.

We need to consider that eclipses destroy the significations where the Moon is for the next six months; so in Gemini (sign) Purnavarsu (nakshatra) which also signifies fiercely driven activity and seeking/maintenance of wealth – that these drives will experience some change in our minds, for the Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind; “chandrama manaso jaathah“, (out of the Mind of the Purusha, [Godhead] the Moon was born). There is a close affinity between the manas (mind) and the Moon; both are subject to decline and progress.

We have to ask, what is subject to decline at this lunar eclipse? The indications are that there is a new energy flooding our part of the galaxy from the Grand Central Sun and the recent solar eclipse paved the way for this to enter and penetrate our lives and raise us up in a benefic fashion; a reactivation of the lost skills of humankind, among many. There are strong emotions felt over climate change. Emotion is energy in motion, that is, e->motion. What energy is in motion at this time?


 ⟴ Fear that we will not be able to drive our cars.
 ⟴ Fear that we will not be able to heat (or cool) our homes.
 ⟴ Fear that we will not be able to cook our foods in the oven, on the stove, on the gas plate.
 ⟴ Fear that food and staples will cost more.
 ⟴ Fear that changes to supply of energy will have us miss out on our current comfort zones in our homes, in our workplace, in our schools, in our places of recreation, in our hospitals, in our nursing homes, in our prisons, in our urban lifestyles.
 ⟴ Fear that climate change will bring about more expensive energy solutions and cost us money we do not have
 ⟴ Fear that petroleum products, food, water, timber, natural gas will cost more.
 ⟴ Fear that if we stop mining for oil, gas, coal, ores, water, we will not be able to feed our planet.

We need to consider that eclipses destroy the significations where the Moon is

The Moon is in the house of relationships with everybody in our lives
The Moon is in the house of relationships with our environment
The Moon presides in the mind as ruling deity and will change our attitudes to climate change and the environment;

The Moon will remove energy from the attitudes that cause fear :

Attitudes are feelings:~

 ⟴ influenced by beliefs
 ⟴ influenced by people
 ⟴ influenced by events or action

The idea of the Universe is strong in your mind. It is difficult to erase strong tendencies of mind. When you practice the opposite direction that habitual attitude can be erased. As is the nature and strength of the attitude, so is the phenomena.

We have the ability to change approaches and attitudes to climate change, and at this point in time, in this penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon offers energy to proceed without fear. To change our own minds first; the environment (the aether around the earth, the astral sphere, the atmosphere) are all affected strongly by the human mind. We have to keep in mind that the planets can raise us up, they can pull us down. If we take the energy of the Moon at this time in eclipse, we can initiate change in human attitude and protect our Earth – the only Earth we have.



Translation: “Om. Let us meditate on the glorious son of milk, the glowing Moon. May that Chandra, the essence of nectar, inspire and illumine our mind and understanding.”


Uluru in the Summer
The penumbral lunar eclipse of January 2020 will also take in Uluru, the solar chakra of our planet.



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