Happy New Year (Happy Lots of Patience!)

It is the (Gregorian) New Year this day (1/1/2020) and the start of a new decade. Of course other days and other new years happen with different religions – but it is generally accepted that on the 1st January 2020 it will become a New Year. It is also a leap year.

The thing with this new year is that we begin with five planets in the first house, Sagittarius. (Six, if you count the Ascendant – which is actually the Earth.) This is a form of nabassa yoga – the overall impact of planets in the birth chart; the are only three other planets in other signs, Venus in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius and Mars in dignity in Scorpio. We leave the Rahu-Ketu axis out of matters. Jupiter is combust the Sun and so unable to soften the impact of fire on the human psyche, the human environment. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/dec/31/australia-bushfires-towns-devastated-and-lives-lost-as-blazes-turn-the-sky-red (Sagittarius is a fire sign. )

Sagittarius is the traditional ninth house, signifying the judicial system (a combust judicial system would have protests, coup, revolutions); public morality (viz, the example – or lack thereof – by politicians) immigration (consider the responses to refugees worldwide, on the US Border, the Mediterranean, and Australia. Human rights are being flouted.) Diplomats, foreign missions, development and progress are all signified by the ninth house. Planets close to the Sun and combust the Sun are Saturn, Ketu, Jupiter and Mercury. This means the normally positive significations of these planets lapse and Sun – fire planet in fire sign, rules the zodiac.

In the climate change kundli, Sagittarius rules weather and extreme climate events in a changing climate. Sagittarius rules two intersecting ocean systems, tropical cyclones, drought, deserts, semi arid areas and the process of desertification. If Jupiter was NOT combust the Sun, we would say that the extent of drought and fire would multiply, but thankfully, this will all change after the forthcoming lunar eclipse – which, in its own way, will signify that attention needs to be paid to climate damage.

Mars is in dignity in its own sign in Scorpio. What can we say the dignity of Mars refers to? It refers to Consciousness and what is being offered at the trigger point in Mula nakshatra: a raised consciousness, a heightened awareness that we are all ONE – we are one race, the HUMAN race, we have ONE language – the language of the HEART and there is only one religion, the religion of LOVE. We should sit down with our neighbours and discuss our differences; we should never raise a weapon to settle what is a conflict between one another.

Humanity will remain weakened and disempowered. It is only through harmony, peace and cooperation between faiths and nations that true progress and empowerment can be made. Once you begin working together in loving Oneness and respect, and as a planetary culture, a door will be opened to levels of technology that you have not dreamed possible.

Year 2020 offers that possibility with the ingress of Saturn into Capricorn, the transit of the Sun from Sagittarius, and the movement of the Rahu-Ketu Axis from Sagittarius to Taurus-Scorpio. When this happens, balance will manifest in many, many spheres of human activity including the economic sphere.

One’s attainments are determined by the way one lives. Nothing can be attained except by personal endeavour and striving. The mind is like a camera, it takes the picture. The mind takes the form of whatever it is pointed at, so be careful where you focus the lens of your mind. As the camera faithfully records, so also, the mind – a bundle of thoughts – takes shape and form of whatever it is focussed on.


Fireman on a line of fire





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