February 2020 Full Moon

Full Moon at time of CoronavirusThe Full Moon for February will occur on 9 February 2020 in the Moon’s own sign of Cancer. At first impression this seems to be a comfortable, soothing scenario. Glances from other planets indicate otherwise, and tell us of the suffering experienced by individuals worldwide due disaster, viruses and pandemics.

At the time of the February Full Moon, the Moon has highest degrees in chart, therefore the Moon is atmakaraka – significator of the soul – at this time. The atmakaraka is king of the chart and rules the chart. It represents the soul principle and the journey of the soul in this lifetime. In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind. The link between the Soul and the Mind goes like thus:

The Atma – the soul – governs the intellect.
The intellect – the intelligence – governs the mind.
The Mind – a bundle of thoughts – governs the five senses.

A key strophe emergent from Vedanta teaches, “You are not the mind, you are not the senses, you are not the body”. Put another way, we should bend the body (do our work), end the senses (be detatched from phenomena and desires) and mend the mind (manage our minds.) The Moon as atmakaraka indicates that at this time, we are needing to learn the meaning of compassion (karuna) and become the ocean of compassion (karuna sagar) – that is, we must learn how to develop sensitivities and concern for others at this time, as part and parcel of our path of spiritual progress. We cannot ignore those suffering from natural disaster, novel Coronavirus, and the like.

Where we most suffer is where we can take up selfless service or community service – and render service to others, thence healing that within ourselves which needs the healing balm. Where we need nurturing, care-taking, protection and defence, we can render same to those with any kind of suffering or long term debility, and to their friends and family. Prayer for healing – at a time of full moon – particularly group prayers – is very powerful.

There is a particular indication in the Navamsa chart (D9) that prayer may be most effective at this time for those who are suffering from novel Coronavirus. THIS Prayer, however, must be grounded in the light lest mind wandering and malefic influences prevail. Continuous focus on Atma – the light of the Soul – (atma abhyas) will be most effective during this prayer.

Mars in 6th house (from the Moon) is sandi (within 1° of the border between signs) and deprived of energy. Although Mars the warrior may frighten others, here, the energy from Mars is ameliorated and overtaken by that glance from the Sun who is conjunct Saturn and in the sign of Saturn. Tempered, measured action, disciplined and timely treatment, slow recovery attending to all humours within – in treating those who need the balm of healing. Compassion is not a flash in the pan; it is entering into and knowing the trials and tribulations, the sorrows and sufferings of those incarcerated – by illness and/or suffering. Here, the presence and glance from Saturn is salutary, we take our time, we do not haste, waste, worry, we apply discrimination and detachment and follow the direction of the spirit within in rendering selfless service.

Ketu in 6th house (from the Moon, Rahu Ketu Axis) is in Purva ashada nakshatra (Venus) is a bit of an odd position for Ketu. Sixth house from the Moon has us exploring selfless service, taking care that we are not annihilated by enemies and their gossiping (an incurable sin) and surgical/medical interventions. Ketu may be signifying all those who are trying to keep accurate tabs on disease, replication of the virus and creation of antiviral medicines from same, as China has not released samples of the virus to external authorities. So the weak psychic boundaries of Ketu may well be keeping the immunology laboratories waiting interminably. Jupiter – who is in the 6th house from the Moon as well – simply multiplies the situation, construction of specific houses of residence for sufferers, multiplying isolation, and multiplying the impact of the disease itself.

Are we talking about disease too much? No, the 6th from Moon is the sign of conflict, disease, addictions, slavery, servitude, medicine, drugs, physicians, toxicity, pollution.

In the 7th house from the Full Moon, is the Sun, and the planet of slow action and the ties of responsibility, Saturn. The Sun is the naisargika atmakara – the (second) alter-karaka or significator of the soul, and in this instance, is malefic. The malefic aspect is disregarded (the Atmakaraka cannot be injured by another planet) and we learn that the dasa period of the planet giving malefic aspect to atmakaraka (the Moon) may bring forth a period of suffering.


hospital beds in sports stadium, Wuhan, China
hospital beds in sports stadium, Wuhan, China. Many public places are being commandeered to accommodate the sick and infected.


At this time of Full Moon, we have Mercury in the 8th from the Moon, signifying the confidential message of camouflaged realities, shocking discoveries, non-disclosure. There have been muffled reports that this virus is worse that what has been messaged out of China. The media message is about rapidly constructed hospitals, taking over conference stadiums as temporary sanitoria for coronavirus sufferers. Mercury moves quickly, so information that has been suppressed may emerge suddenly. As always, we should not haste, waste, worry about new information and pass it on indiscriminately. We should use discrimination and detachment and apply systematic common sense to new information before we pass it on, particularly where social media is concerned.

The Full Moon brings us an exalted Venus in the 9th from the Moon, indicating that matters of beauty, the arts, creativity and artisanship will be to the fore, perhaps in abundance. The 9th is the house of philosophy, spirituality, religious discussions and liturgy. Venus in the 9th from Chandra will promote scholarship, holy scripture and liturgies, religious art and music, spiritual discussions, university and temple culture and divine knowledge.

Perhaps we might take advantage of this Venus in the 9th from Moon to offer up prayer and meditatation for those living with the disaster, viruses and pandemics: their families, friends, social networks. We might also look to the University students, those whose schools have been closed, and those whose work has been closed by these conditions. In manufacturing, in sales and commerce, in travel and education – there is not one part of Chinese life – and our lives – that will not be impacted by the effects of this disaster. The world economy will also suffer, for second from the Moon is empty, the 6th house (immigration) is empty, and the 11th house is empty.

Message about the Coronavirus from Cosmic Sai Baba

It is I, Cosmic Sai Baba, and I am very happy to be here. Thank you for inviting me and thank you for asking Valerie Barrow to assist.

You ask for a mediation for the World in the light of the Coronavirus – for those who are suffering, their families, their friends, and all those who are suffering.

Sadly, this virus will not end soon.

There will be more lives lost before a solution – a cure – is found.

You are asking about a full moon meditation – the monthly meditation. No new meditation is needed, however, people may do the Light Meditation and send love and light to all those in hospital, all those in quarantine, all those quarantined in ships that sail the seas.

Ask that people send love and light to China, to all those who are suffering and to those who have been infected around the world. That is all that will be needed.

I bless you, my children, I bless you, I bless you.

A meditation on light is available on this website, here (opens in new window)


Full Moon at time of Coronavirus
Full Moon at time of novel Coronavirus





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