February 2020 Full Moon

Full Moon at time of CoronavirusThe Full Moon for February will occur on 9 February 2020 in the Moon’s own sign of Cancer. At first impression this seems to be a comfortable, soothing scenario. Glances from other planets indicate otherwise, and tell us of the suffering experienced by individuals worldwide due disaster, viruses and pandemics.

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Chaitra Purnima – Second Full Moon – March 2018

A full moon occurs in Sidereal Virgo on the evening of Saturday, 30th March 2018. This Chaitra full moon day is the first Full Moon in the Lunar New Year. (In Vedic Astrology, the Lunar New Year occurs when the Sun enters Pisces.) This is the second full moon for March 2018, and is known colloquially as a “Blue Moon”.
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