108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #15

Moon - a royal planet

Om visvesaya namaha – Salutations to the One who is Lord of All.

visve: within this cosmic manifestation Adi 13.76,
visvera: of the entire material world Adi 6.16
visvera: of the universes Adi 6.27
visvesvara: O Lord of the universe Bg 11.16
visvesvara: the deity of Varanasi Adi 7.157
visvedevah: universal demigods SB 9.2.28.
vishweshwara: (vishwa+īshwara) San. M. the Lord of the created world.
vishwa-nātha: San. M. (vishweshwara) the all-pervading Lord of the universe

Just as everything is Brahman, so also, every person is ruled by the Moon. The mind is intimately associated with the moon. Chandra, the deity of the moon, is the presiding deity of the mind. In this wise, we say, that the Moon is ruler of All, Lord over all. So peace and security have a good chance of spreading if the mind (whose presiding deity is Chandra) and the intellect (whose presiding deity is Surya), work in unison.

Chandra or the Moon must be propitated by mantras, it is said. the Moon is presiding over the human mind. Propitate Moon better by using the mind well; turn it to the world, there will be loss and suffering. Turn the mind towards the heart – where hrudaya vasi (the inner resident) is residing, there will be love and bliss.

How does the mantra reach the Moon? Mantra is the vehicle of prayer so that the Mind can be put to the best use. You know already how it is possible for people in an aeroplane to communicate with the airport they have left and the airport to which they are proceeding. How do they do that? By use of the subtle waves (radio waves). There are subtle waves which will carry the mantras also, to the Deities to whom they are addressed. One is the shakti or power of the yantra; the other is the shakti or power of mantra as prayer. If you trust in inert matter, life becomes inert; trust in the active principle of the mantra and life is activated.

The dull-witted man runs about madly in pursuit of ‘peace of mind’; trying this prescription for some time and preferring another afterwards. He is on the wrong path; the path of catering to the senses, the path beset by name, form and activity-impulse, the path to the temporary and the apparent. But the seeker after moksha gets that peace quite easily. In fact, the real nature of man is prasanthi or equanimity – steadiness, unshakable resolution, peace. Nature is a great store where all things which help you to grasp the truth are found. That truth is first cognised as Sarvam Brahma Mayam, all this is imbued with Brahman, directed by Brahman, composed of Brahman! Then the seeker rises to a greater awareness, the awareness of Sarvam Brahman (everything is Brahman), all this is Brahman, only it appears as something else for a time to the unopened eyes! The final state is one where there is not even a sarvam (the All) to be posited as Brahman; there is just Brahman; the one and only.

Om visvesaya namaha – Salutations to the One who is Lord of All.



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