108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #16

Moon - a royal planet

Om vidusampatye namaha – Salutations to the One who is Lord of the wise and the learned. The wise and learned are those who practice true humanness – with wisdom and integrity. Integrity is the triple purity of actions, thoughts and words.

viduḥ one should understand SB 3.11.7, SB 9.2.23-24
viduḥ know it Bg 8.17
viduḥ one who knows. SB 1.1.7
viduḥ being cognizant of SB 1.3.34
viduḥ you may know it from me SB 2.1.34
vidura San. adj. intelligent, wise; skilful m. a learned or clever man
Vidura, as, ā, am, knowing, wise, intelligent; (as), m. a learned or clever man;
vidusa understanding SB 3.31.25
vidusa well learned SB 4.22.18
vidusa greatly learned SB 6.14.22

Just as everything is Brahman, so also, every person is ruled by the Moon. The mind is intimately associated with the moon. Chandra, the deity of the moon, is the presiding deity of the mind. In this wise, we say, that the Moon is ruler of All, Lord over all. So peace and security have a good chance of spreading if the mind (whose presiding deity is Chandra) and the intellect (whose presiding deity is Surya), work in unison.

By special discipline, the turbulence of the mind can be calmed; as a result of this, it becomes possible to taste the bliss of the Atma, free from its pulls. The mind attracts you outwards and offers only external objective joy. But the wise man knows them to be fleeting. For him the Atma is enough to fulfil all desire for happiness – complete and permanent. So he will have no need for the external world.

The wise man will acquire some special powers too, through his beneficent resolutions, his beneficent promptings and purposes. Through these, he can attain whatever he wishes. The greatness of the status of a Jnani (wise man) is indeed indescribable, beyond imagination. It is of the same nature as the splendour and magnificence of the Lord Himself. Why, he becomes the Brahman that he has always been. That is why it is declared, Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavathi, Brahmavid Aapnothi Param. That is to say, “he who has known Brahman becomes himself Brahman; he attains Brahman-hood.” The fact that this world is unreal and Brahman alone is real must become patent; then all impulses are destroyed; ignorance is demolished. The gem of Jnana has been stolen by the Mind; so, it It is caught, the gem can be regained.

Where the Moon is the Lord, the presiding deity of the Mind, so propitiation of the Moon can help one regain the gem of wisdom. Truth and untruth must be kept apart by means of the sharp sword of wisdom. It keeps the world afar and bring the Residence of the Lord within reach. That Residence is Nithyananda, Eternal Bliss, Paramananda, the highest Bliss; the Bliss of Brahman.

The flame of a lamp has two qualities. One is to banish darkness. The other is a continuous upward movement. Even when a lamp is kept in a pit, the flame moves upwards. The sages have therefore adored the lamp of wisdom as the flame that leads men to higher states. Hence, the effulgence of light should not be treated as a trivial phenomenon. Along with lighting the external lamps, men should strive to light the lamps within them. The human estate should be governed by sacred qualities. This calls for the triple purity of body, mind and speech – trikarana suddhi (purity of the three instruments).

Om vidusampatye namaha – Salutations to the One who is Lord of the wise and the learned.



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