108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #17

Moon - a royal planet

Om dosakaraya namaha – Salutations to the One who is free from reproach of having any faults.

dosa: fault Bg 13.8-12, Adi 7.107, Adi 7.110,
dosa: faults Adi 2.86, Adi 16.51, Adi 16.52,
dosa: fault. Adi 7.101, Adi 14.27, Adi 14.44,
dosa: of faults SB 5.14.7, Madhya 6.176
dosa: the faults Adi 1.107, Adi 2.87
dosa: faulty Madhya 12.191, Madhya 15.180
dosa: offense Antya 3.212, Antya 8.100
dosa: weakness Bg 2.7
dosa: any fault Adi 8.62
dosa: faults. Adi 16.45
dosa: faultiness SB 3.27.24
dosah: offense personified SB 3.1.13
dosah: a fault SB 5.10.5
dosah: Dosa SB 6.6.10-11
dosah: fault SB 8.3.8-9
dosah: there is a fault SB 9.4.39-40
dosah: faulty Bg 15.5
kara: become Adi 7.55
kara: endeavor Adi 7.67
kara: continue Adi 7.92
kara: you become Adi 14.27
kara: practice Adi 16.15
kara: the palms Madhya 2.34
kara: You made Madhya 2.68
kara: the hand Madhya 2.90
kara: give Madhya 3.148
kara: present Madhya 6.127
kara: You give Madhya 8.123
kara: hand Madhya 8.177
kara: accept Madhya 10.97
kara: be engaged in Madhya 15.136
kara: bestow Madhya 15.151
kara: get Madhya 19.34
kara: in hand Madhya 20.236
kara: in hand. Madhya 20.236

The Moon, as presiding deity of the mind is without blemish. Although a deity (Chandra is the Deity of the Moon) the Moon serves the purusha – the source, sustainer and receiver of all things.

The Moon has its own magnetism (which causes the tides) and is perfectly balanced in polarity of energy. The Moon attacks no person, the Moon sends no negative energy to any one human on Earth. The Moon does not treat any other planet as its enemy. The Moon is a royal planet and reflects the light of the Sun, from the Central Sun, the Creative Source of the All, to the human who takes up light according to the vasana and prarabdha karma selected for consumption in the present life.

The Moon is without blemish, without faults, and plays no favourites amongst humans as its energies are perfectly balanced in polarity. The Moon, as servant of the purusha, simply delivers light as directed, to fulfil the soul choices for the current lifetime.

Hence, the Moon is free from reproach of having any faults.

Om dosakaraya namaha – Salutations to the One who is free from reproach of having any faults.



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