108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #20

Moon - a royal planet

Om sistapalakaya namaha – Salutations to the One who protects the learned and the wise.

pālak Hin. pālaka San. adj. protecting, supporting, rearing, fostering; cherishing m. a protector, guardian; keeper, ruler.
shishta San. adj. learned, disciplined, commanded, good; well-behaved, polite; wise, cultivated; eminent, superior San. m. one with these qualities.

The learned and the wise exist to offer service to God and service to mankind. The essence of service is to be satisfied with the action alone, and not yearning for the fruits thereof. Selfless service is its own reward. The fruits of the learned and the wise can be placed at those who seek knowledge, insight, understanding. The Moon as the presiding deity of the mind offers protection to the learned and the wise where they leave the fruit of their service (their learning, their teaching, their instruction, their skill and ability) at the disposal of the Divine.

Education sans wisdom, mere wisdom bereft of discrimination, action without discretion, erudition lacking sagacity, power not justified by credentials, statements not based on truth, music wanting in melody, adoration not sustained by devotion, a person devoid of common sense and character, a student not endowed with humility and a discourse that fails to inspire: These serve no useful purpose.

“When disaster impends, reason is perverted” says the adage. All the thousand fruits that a tree bears do not ripen into tasty edible ones. Some are stolen; some rot away, some are attacked by pests: only a few ripen and confer blisss on others. In a running race not all win the first place. Many drop along the track. Only the fruit-laden tree is hit by stones thrown by greedy people. No one casts a stone on the tree that bears no fruit! Hence, the Moon offers its protection to those who offer their fruits as selfless service.

Light is wisdom. Without Light, all is Darkness. If you have not secured the lamp of inner wisdom to illumine your path, you stumble along in the gloom with Fear as your companion. There is no falsehood greater than Fear, no Ignorance mightier than that. Decide therefore to travel in the daylight of inner wisdom and be worthy of this human birth. Through your success, you can even make the lives of others worthwhile.

Om sistapalakaya namaha – Salutations to the One who protects the learned and the wise.



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