Full Moon ~ April 2021

Full Moon at time of CoronavirusThe World has passed Mother Earth day, where much attention and planning for the future of our Earth is at hand. International meets consider the need for adaptation to climate change; there is the pandemic multiplying in some places, and there are alarums and exceptions about the vaccines available, giving some hesitancy. This Full Moon offers some drive, much security, yet tells there are elephants in the room, important matters re the welfare of humanity are being sidelined by some nations, some groups, and most of all, those who seek profit motive. The planets present attention to these matters.

The April Full Moon is in the 4th house, the place where the Moon traditionally feels at home, at ease. However, this sense of ease and balance (the 4th house is Libra) is somewhat prodded and poked by other planets, presaging some felt disturbance with respect to the body, bodily health, bodily comforts and inner feeling: our emotions.

Our face to the world is one of comfort and ease in a time where many countries are facing vaccination issues and third, even fourth waves of novel Coronavirus. We are somewhat stirred to action by events, by others: physical body appearance, for matters of vitality and movement, and for the visual identity. Slacking off during lockdown and social distancing is noticed.

While we have an affectionate relationship to the motherland, there are disturbances: climate change and the environment call for attention. Gender equity and furtherance of women and girls are on an international agenda. Black Lives Matter has surged to life and brought home to an otherwise lurking suspicion that all is not right. While we have love and affection for our motherland, beware of re-arranging conflicts, beware of putting matters that must be resolved off and out of sight. You know there are elephants in the room. Deal with your feelings. Support public health, support the vaccination, support welfare and care of these in distress with mental illness. This is the primary message of this April Full Moon.

Venus is Lord of Libra, Venus does not like Moon, so an uncomfortable transit. Both Venus and Mercury aspect Moon; both are malefic and somewhat combust the Sun so the malefic aspect, while there and causing discomfort, is not overpowering. There is this sense of dis-ease.

At this time of Full Moon, Saturn is in the 7th house, this place of relationships that we have, in dignity, however, in the nakshatra of the Moon: Shravana. Saturn’s face to the word here (arudha) is both the intellect and spirituality. It seems that Saturn is asking us all to slow down, not respond so quickly in action and reaction to others (be they the spouse, our acquaintances, our friends, the people we work with, our customers, like this – every relationship we have is governed by the 7th house); so Saturn is showing this face to the world saying, do not haste, waste nor worry: Remember God. Calmly examine the situation, the relationship and discriminate right from wrong.

Jupiter is in the 8th house, in the nakshatra of Mars (Dhanistha) and giving 9th drishti to the Moon, so relaying some comfort and strength to the Moon.

10th house has Sun, Venus and Mercury. We have spoken of the combustion of Venus and Mercury; Sun is in a friendly house, so having a good transit in Ashwini and aspecting Moon 100%. Here, Sun is radiating invention and innovation, radically new ideas, new social movements, new territory, high-vitality, forceful and initiating activity. There is a tension between what the Sun has to deliver and what the Moon is experiencing.

Now we come to Mars in 12 house; Mars is in the sign of Mercury, Mercury is in the sign of Mars, so an exchange of Lordship takes place. Mercury becomes Lord of Aries, Mars becomes Lord of Gemini. Mars, Lord of 12 is in the 12th house: this is a trika situation, a house of debility, danger, illness, airborne disease, chill winds, and malefic thoughts and ideas floating around on the akasha. It is a time to take extra care about false news and what is being propagated on social media without reasonable foundation. Take the lesson of Saturn and most definitely apply it here..

The Navamsa

The rising sign is Libra, with Venus – Lord of Libra – resident, conjunct Mercury. Venus is friends with Mercury, so a strong rising sign, suggesting balance, yet swift action, swift communications with gracefulness, sweetness and ardour. We find Jupiter in Scorpio, in the sign of mystery and secrets, messaging matters of the last things, aruda of the 12th house. As the second house is a house of wealth, perhaps Jupiter here is suggesting our wealth is the proper perspective of the last things.

In the third house, there is a most interesting situation, Ketu and Mars are resident here in the nakshatra of Mula: right at the Galactic centre. The Kuja vat Ketu rule applies here, so there is a strong multiplication of the energy of exploring the depths within, exploring the spiritual condolence of the world and life, and Mars busy taking the broadcast mode of the third house and telling everyone via telephone, messaging, social media, television, blah, blah, blah. What is more interesting is that Mars is being crushed by Saturn and Rahu who are aspecting directly, and with aruda of the 11th house, the peers, the social mentors, the madding crowd could be crushing, ignoring the messaging of Mars and Ketu. Perhaps what we learn from our inner depths is our spiritual advance, and we need not bother others with that.

The Navamsa has the Full Moon in the 4th house, again signifying home comforts, the restful emotions, the security of friends and family. The moon is radiating a face to the world of wealth, income and security. The Sun is in the 10th house, Cancer, aspected by Mars, Moon and Jupiter. It is suggestive of strong personality, health matters and those who seek to impute negativity to the personality. Take the aspects of Mars and Jupiter for energy, for strength, for self-knowledge and put a face to the world of self-confidence, self-respect, self-satisfaction. These are things the Sun has in plenty.

We are told that the time of Full Moon is a time of significantly heightened energy, the Full Moon gives off a strong energy; energy we may use for the welfare of the world. This energy may be taken up by individuals – and groups – and used to send positive energy, positive vibrations to all on Earth: in the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms. In these times of pandemic and vaccine hesitancy, positive energy is needed. Meditation in groups is very effective at the time of Full Moon. The Hierarchy has advised us that these meditations are powerful and supported by the heavenly domains.

A meditation on light is available on this website, here (opens in new window)


Full Moon at time of Coronavirus
Full Moon



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