108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #44

Moon - a royal planet
Om surasvamine namaha, Salutations to the One who is Lord and giver of Natural Laws.

sur Hin. sura San. m. the vedic solar demi-gods. Later, sura came to include all the divine inhabitants of heaven.
sūr, sūra – Hin. adj. heroic, bold, valiant. See also shūra
sūr, sūra-, shūr Hin. m. a hero, brave warrior, champion.
sūr, sūra- Hin. sūra San. m. a wise or learned good man; the sun.
svāmin mfn. (-mī-minī-mi) Owner, proprietor, master or mistress, &c. m. (-mī)
1 A master, a lord.
2 A sovereign, a prince, a monarch.
3 A husband, a lover.
4 A spiritual preceptor.
5 A learned Brahman or Paṇḍita.
10 A name of GARUḌA.


The Moon keeps the Earth in its orbit around the sun, and is also responsible for movement of tides, growth of things (consider planting at full moon) and the menstrual cycle of women. The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind; hence the mind is affected by the state of the Moon during the monthly lunar cycle.

Moon and the Tides:
The moon causes many of the tides in the Earth’s oceans. This is because of the gravity force between the Earth and Moon. During full and new moons the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon combine to produce the highest tides called Spring Tides. During quarter moons the gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon oppose each other to produce the lowest tides called Neap Tides.

The moon rises and sets at specific times, according to what phase it is in. The new moon rises and sets at approximately the same time as the Sun. The first quarter moon rises at mid-morning and sets at midnight. So it’s at its height around dusk, not in the middle of the night. The full moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. The full moon is the only moon that will be overhead in the middle of the night. The last quarter moon rises at midnight and sets at mid-morning. So unless you’re a night-owl or shift worker, you’ve probably never seen this moon.

Moon and Animals
‘For many animals, particularly birds, the Moon is essential to migration and navigation. Other will time their reproduction to coincide with the specific phases of the lunar cycle.’ The mass spawning of corals on the Great Barrier Reef is also triggered by the Moon. It’s brilliant to witness: during spawning, billions of coral polyps release their egg and sperm into the sea.


There is the Sun. All living beings are able to survive because of the Sun. Birds, beasts, trees and crops, all thrive on the energy got from the Sun. The world will cease to exist without the Sun. Human intelligence is a reflection of the effulgence of the Sun. The enquiring nature of the intellect is derived from the Sun. Without the power of discrimination man will be a moron. There is the Moon: the moon principle confers tranquillity on man. The mind is a reflection of the moon. Man’s primary goal is to secure peace of mind. The earth came from the Sun and Moon from the earth. The Sun, the earth and the moon are forms of the same substance. These three find their expressions in man in the form of mind, intellect and consciousness. 8-2-1990

Om surasvamine namaha, Salutations to the One who is Lord and giver of Natural Laws.


Chandra - the Moon God


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