108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #51

Moon - a royal planetOm sarvaraksakaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who guards, protects and defends the devotees and all who call for aid.

raksh Hin. m. (from raksh – to save, protect) a guard; protector; protecting; protection.
rakshā Hin., San. f. protecting, guarding; protection, preservation; a guard; deliverance; custody; care; defence.
rakshak Hin. rakshaka San. adj. protecting, guarding, watching m. a guardian; protector; defender.
rakshakī San. f. a female guardian; protector; defender.
rakshan Hin. m. rakshana San. n. act of protecting, guarding, defending,
sarv Hin. sarva San. adj. whole, entire; universal, total; all, every, everybody, everything, everywhere, all kinds of, in all parts.
sarv Hin. adv. extremely; most of all.
sarva San. pr. all, whole, every.
sarva San. n. everything.
sarva San. m. sing. everyone; ‘he who is the all’; ‘the origin and end of everything’ – epithet of Vishnu (V. 25), Krishna, Shiva and Shrī Satya Sāī.
sarvā San. m. pl. all.


There was a merchant who was exhorted by his teacher to repeat the Name of the Lord; he pleaded he had no time to sit and repeat it; the shop took up all his time and energy. He had to go out a little away from the village every morning for answering the calls of nature. He spent about half an hour for this. So, the Guru asked him to use this time for the daily repetition of the Divine Name. Hanuman the great devotee of Rama was passing through the sky, when he saw the merchant defecating and heard him repeat Ram! Ram! Ram! while so engaged. Hanuman was incensed at his impertinence; he was desecrating the Name by pronouncing it while unclean. So, he gave him a hard blow on the cheek and continued his journey to Ayodhya.

When he reached the Divine Presence and looked at the splendour-filled face of Rama, he noticed the swollen red print of a hand upon His cheek. Hanuman was shocked and His grief was too deep for words. Rama told him, “Hanuman! Do not ask me the name of the person who dealt this blow. I always anticipate the moment of calamity for my devotees and I intercede in time go save them. That poor merchant, sitting outside the village, who was repeating My Name when you were coming here, could he withstand the terrible onslaught of your angry fist? The fellow would have collapsed on the spot. So, I intercepted the blow and received it on my own cheek, my dear Hanuman”. Bhaktharakshana – protection of the devotees – is one of His main tasks. “Yogakshemam vahaamyaham” (I will bear the burden of your welfare) is no empty assurance; it is the Vow of the Lord, and He is Sathyaswarupa. Truth Itself.


Om sarvaraksakaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who guards, protects and defends the devotees and all who call for aid.


Chandra - the Moon God


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