108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #52

Moon - a royal planetOm sagarodbhavaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who is born of the Ocean.

sāgar Hin. sāgara San. m. a ‘great mass of things’ – the sea, ocean, a lake. The term sāgara is later sometimes used specifically for the Bay of Bengal.
sāgarī San. f. figurative description of a goddess as an ocean of . . .
udbhava San. adj. (from udbhū – to arise, exist) arising from, produced from, originating from.
udbhav Hin. udbhava San. m. existence; origin, source; birth; appearance; ‘the originator and material cause of creation’; ‘the self-manifested one’. (V. 373, 790)
uddhār Hin. uddhāra San. m. upliftment, raising; redemption, salvation; deliverance, release, extricating.
uddhārak Hin. m. a deliverer, saviour.
uddhāraka San. adj. (he) who uplifts, upholds, redeems, delivers, relieves.


To say that the Moon is born of the Ocean is to refer to the birth of consciousness from the Ocean of Divinty, the Source of the All. When sparks of the Atma fly out from the Source of the All, the journey to individuation is taken; one takes the journey with awareness of the Atma; the other takes the journey sans awareness of the Atma. There is no difference, for all arrive at the same goal at the end of the journey. For some, it is 22 million births. For others, who seek the Lord with earnest devotion, the journey through time and karman is not so long.

The Churning of the Ocean – the traditional legend of the Samudra manthana, with all the details found in the Bhagavatha of the Ksheera Sagara (the Ocean of Milk), the Kurma avathara, the Mandara mountain, Vasuki, the Demons and Suras and the various articles and things that appeared from the sea, culminating in the amrith, the nectar of immortality! That legend has great value for you, because you too have to churn the Ocean of your heart and win the amrith for yourself. The legend is only a reminder, a cue, a call.

The heart full of pure ideations is the Ocean of Milk. The steady contemplation of the Divine, either as your own reality or as the Ideal to be reached, is the Mandara mountain placed in it as the churning rod. Vasuki, the serpent that was wound round the churning rod as a rope is the group of the senses, emitting poisonous fumes during the process of churning and nearly frightening the demons who held the head. The rope is held by the good and the bad impulses and both struggle with the churning process, eager for the results which each has set its heart on.

The Grace of God is the Kurma, for the Lord Himself comes to the rescue, once He knows that you are earnestly seeking the secret of Immortality: He comes, silently and unobserved, as the Kurma did, holding the manana process unimpaired and serving as the steady base of all spiritual sadhana. Many things emerge from the mind when churned, but the wise wait patiently for the appearance of the guarantor of Immortality, and seize upon it with avidity That is the lesson of the legend. It is the summary of seeking the knowledge of the Soul, by name Atma vidya.


Om sagarodbhavaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who is born of the Ocean.


Chandra - the Moon God


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