108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #56

Moon - a royal planetOm jagatprakasakiranaya namaha:, Salutations to the One whose rays light our world.

jagat-the whole world Bg 15.12, SB 3.12.57, SB 4.14.31,
jagat-the universe Bg 11.7, Bg 11.30, SB 3.12.16,
jagat-the worlds SB 1.5.20, SB 2.5.12, SB 4.1.13,
jagat-universe Bg 7.13, Bg 11.13, SB 1.5.10,
jagat-the cosmic manifestation Bg 9.10, Bg 16.8,
jagat-universe. SB 8.23.4, Adi 2.20, Madhya 20.110,
jagat-of the material world SB 6.9.42, Adi 5.59, Madhya 6.174
jagat-the material world. Bg 7.5, SB 4.7.39
jagat-the entire world Bg 11.36, SB 10.2.24
jagat-world SB 1.13.41, Adi 5.207
jagat-of the world SB 4.11.27, Adi 17.22
jagat-all that is animate or inanimate Madhya 25.101, Iso 1
jagat-in the universe. Bg 10.42
jagat-world. SB 1.6.38
prakasa-manifestations Adi 1.68, Adi 1.76, Adi 2.97,
prakasa-manifest. Adi 8.26, Adi 8.82, Adi 10.47,
prakasa-manifested. Adi 5.37, Adi 7.60, Madhya 1.278
prakasa-the manifestation Adi 1.101, Madhya 24.106
prakasa-by illumination SB 4.29.28
prakasa-direct manifestation. Adi 1.44
prakasa-manifested forms. Adi 1.69-70
prakasa-of manifestation Adi 2.10
prakasa-revelation Adi 4.4
prakasa-known. Adi 8.54
prakasa-display Adi 8.60
prakasa-emanation Adi 16.81
prakasa-publication Madhya 1.45
prakasa-exposure Madhya 8.290
prakasa-manifest Madhya 13.52
prakasa-described. Antya 14.7
kiraṇa—rays. Adi 3.86
kiraṇa—the sunshine Adi 5.36
kiraṇa—shining rays Madhya 6.138
kiraṇa—of sunshine Madhya 18.112
kiraṇa—a ray of sunshine Madhya 20.108-109


Viswamitra was upset that inspite of years of asceticism, his great rival, Vasishta, addressed him only as Rajarishi, and not by the coveted appellation, Brahmarishi; so he crouched stealthily behind the seat of Vasishta one moonlight night, when he was teaching a group of disciples, determined to kill him with the sharp sword he had taken with him. He sat unseen amidst the bushes for a moment to listen to what Vasishta was telling them. What was his surprise when he heard Vasishta describing the charming moonlight and comparing it to the heart of Viswamitra, cool, bright, curative, heavenly, universal, all-pleasing! The sword fell from his fell grasp. He ran forward and prostrating at the feet of his rival, he held the feet. Vasishta recognised Viswamitra and accosting him.”O Brahmarishi, rise up”, he lifted him on to his own seat. Vasishta explained that he could not be styled Brahmarishi, so long as the ego persisted in him. When the swelling of the head disappeared and he fell at the feet of his rival, he became entitled for the honour he no longer coveted, and so deserved. He who aspires to be a guide of the people must first free himself of selfish propensities, of hate and malice. His words must be sweet to the ear and food to the spirit. They must be valued by all men as the panacea they need. If one is not capable of this high poetry, one must try to reach that height by purifying one’s nature and clarifying one’s outlook on this world and the next.

So we see that the mind can lead us down the path of perdition, of ahamkara, I, Me, Mine! The mind is the key. If the key is turned to the world and desires, then all is lost. If the key is turned to the heart and the indweller of the heart, then God is won. The Moon is cool and radiant with its rays; as the presiding deity of the mind, we must propitiate the Moon and put the mind to work just as the ox goes before the cart and hauls. The ox is not the master, the ox is the servant that hauls the cart. So also, we must take up the radiant energy of the Moon and put the mind to work for us. We can be the mastermind, we can master the mind, so win the whole world, just like Viswamitra, above.


Om jagatprakasakiranaya namaha:, Salutations to the One whose rays light our world.


Chandra - the Moon God


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