108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #57

Moon - a royal planetOm jagadanandakaranaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who gives rise to bliss for all beings.

jagat—the whole world Bg 15.12, SB 3.12.57, SB 4.14.31,
jagat—the universe Bg 11.7, Bg 11.30, SB 3.12.16,
jagat—the worlds SB 1.5.20, SB 2.5.12, SB 4.1.13,
jagat—universe Bg 7.13, Bg 11.13, SB 1.5.10,
jagat—the cosmic manifestation Bg 9.10, Bg 16.8,
jagat—universe. SB 8.23.4, Adi 2.20, Madhya 20.110,
jagat—of the material world SB 6.9.42, Adi 5.59, Madhya 6.174
jagat—the material world. Bg 7.5, SB 4.7.39
jagat—the entire world Bg 11.36, SB 10.2.24
ānanda—of bliss Adi 1.96, Antya 20.12
ānanda—pleased Madhya 4.110, Madhya 5.114
ānanda—great happiness. Madhya 9.282, Antya 6.108
ānanda—material pleasure SB 5.4.14
ānanda—fully blissful SB 10.13.54
ānanda—joy Adi 4.187
ānanda—bliss. Adi 4.233
ānanda—jubilation Adi 17.235
ānanda—transcendental happiness Madhya 9.100
ānanda—very jubilant. Madhya 11.208
ānanda—happy. Madhya 14.252
ānanda—very happy. Antya 12.97
karaṇa—action. Antya 8.77
karāñā—causing to do Madhya 4.205
karāñā—inducing Madhya 9.66
karāñā—bringing about Antya 20.53
karāna—made Madhya 7.51
karāna—causes to make Madhya 18.129
kāraṇa—for reasons like raising the earth from the ocean SB 3.19.37
kāraṇa—the senses SB 3.26.8
kāraṇa—of the causes SB 6.9.38
kāraṇa—the source. Adi 1.82
kāraṇa—to the reason. Adi 2.39
kāraṇa—instrument of action. Adi 4.79
kāraṇa—for the reason. Madhya 4.127
kāraṇa—of causes Madhya 8.137


Once, Krishna too pretended to be suffering from head-ache, intense, unbearable head-ache! He acted that role quite as realistically, as Sai did last week. He wound warm clothes around His head, rolled restlessly in bed. His eyes were red and He was in evident distress. The face too appeared swollen and pale. Rukmini, Satyabhama and the other queens rushed about with all kinds of remedies and palliatives. But they were ineffective At last, they consulted Narada and he went into the sick room to consult Krishna Himself and find out which drug would cure Him. Krishna directed him to bring, – What do you think the drug was? – the dust of the feet of a true Devotee! In a trice, Narada manifested himself in the presence of some celebrated devotees of the Lord; but, they were too humble to offer the dust of their feet to be used by their Lord as a drug!

That is also a kind of egoism. “I am low, mean, small, useless, poor, sinful. inferior” – such feelings also are egoistic; when the ego goes, you do not feel either superior or inferior. No one would give the dust wanted by the Lord; they were too worthless, they declared. Narada came back disappointed to the sickbed.Then, Krishna asked him, “Did you try Brindavan, where the Gopis live?” The queens laughed at the suggestion and even Narada asked in dismay, “What do they know of devotion?” Still, the sage had to hurry thither. When the Gopis heard He was ill and that the dust of their feet might cure Him, without a second thought they shook the dust of their feet and filled his hands with the same. By the time Narada reached Dwaraka, the head-ache had gone. It was just a five-day drama, to teach that self-condemnation is also egoism and that the Lord’s command must be obeyed without demur, by all devotees.

There is no Truth, without Goodness; there is no Goodness, without Beauty. Truth alone can confer auspiciousness and auspiciousness alone is the real Beauty. Truth is beauty; Joy is beauty; falsehood and grief are ugly, because they are unnatural. Intellect, Consciousness and the Heart – these are the three centres in the individual, where reside Wisdom, Action and Devotion. The effulgence of Truth will reveal Goodness; do action which is approved by the higher wisdom, not action which is born of ignorance. Then, all action will be good, auspicious, beneficial, blessed. The experience of that goodness is what is called Beauty; for it confers real Blisss. That is my Reality. That is why My Life is named “Sathyam Sivam Sundaram, Truth, Goodness and Beauty.”


Om jagadanandakaranaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who gives rise to bliss for all beings.


Chandra - the Moon God


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