108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #66

Moon - a royal planetOm saumyajanakaya namaha: Salutations to the One who is calm and gentle.

saumya-O gentle one SB 2.5.9, SB 2.10.49-50, SB 3.1.41,
saumya-O gentle Vidura SB 3.18.17, SB 3.33.32
saumya-one who is pure and simple SB 1.1.8
saumya-gentle SB 4.15.22
saumya-O most sober SB 10.1.54
saumya-O great soul (Uddhava) Adi 6.68
janaka San. M. ‘the progenitor’ – the foster-father of Sītā, the wife of Rāma. King Janaka was a great sage-king (rāja-rishi), renowned for generosity, wisdom and non-attachment in the performance of his royal duties. He was ruler of the north Indian kingdom of Videha (capital city Mithilā).
jānakī San. F. ‘the daughter of Janaka’ – Sītā, the wife of Rāma. See sītā
jananī Hin., San. f. birth-mother; the divine mother, the procreator of creation.
janar Hin. m. ?people, folk. Bm707 ?San.f. ’mother, tenderness, compassion.’A


Spirituality and the gentle life.
Once upon a time, one eloquent Mahatma told that the soul is a fragile thing, and resides between the 9th and 12 vertebrae of the spinal column. Any violent stroke or damage to this area of the body would cause the soul to leave. It often exits through the eye socket, said Mahatma told. This was a subtle reminder that we need to be gentle ourselves, gentle to others we address or wish to decry, for the other is our very own self. We could put ourselves in the shoes of the other and imagine how we speak. Is this how we would like to be treated, or spoken to?

The very life of spirituality is a gentle life. The Moon is said to be cool, calm and gentle. If we want cool down and become calm again, we can take a drink of cool water; we can focus on the Moon and its steadiness, a steady witness to all that passes on earth and in the mind.

The Moon as the presiding deity of the mind, can take us to the witness space, so that we may observe all that passes but not become engaged nor enraged by what is put in front of us. The Moon plays its role, the Moon reminds us that everyone else plays a role in our lives.

What is the worth of education if virtuous conduct is not found in those who claim to have been educated? Develop a pure and strong character. Remember most of you will get married and you will have the great responsibility of rearing up families; that is a very valuable opportunity Learn to adjust your likes and dislikes to those of others, learn the gentle art of sacrifice and service; keep in mind, when you react angrily against your mother-in-law, that a day will come when you too will have daughters-in-law! Try to appreciate their points of view; they may have greater forethought, greater experience, greater sense of responsibility; they may know more about people and things than you, who are fresh entrants in their household.


Om saumyajanakaya namaha: Salutations to the One who is calm and gentle.


Chandra - the Moon God


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