108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #67

Moon - a royal planetOm sadhuvanditaya namaha: Salutations to the One who is praised by the godly and goodly.



sadhu devotee SB 3.14.5
sadhu saintly SB 4.22.18
sadhu saintly, beautifully SB 4.26.12
sadhu befitting SB 5.5.4
sadhu of the exalted devotees SB 6.7.36
sadhu good; virtuous; pious; holy; excellent m. a good, virtuous and righteous person; one detached from worldly desires: an ascetic, renunciate; holy man, saint, sage; the virtuous person within us all.
vandinī San. adj. f. honoured, praised.
vandita San. adj. revered, praised; shown honour; adored.
vanditam worshiped by SB 1.11.6
vanditam worshiped SB 5.18.23


This pandemic has given humanity cause to pause and consider the goal of life. How do we spend our time? Do we remember the name of the Lord? To whom do we give praise, the Health Officer who tells us the curfew is over, or the inner resident of the heart? Who or what do we render praise and glory to? Whereto does our mind direct us to be effusive and gushing with laud and honour?

Where does our mind go first thing in the morning and last thing at night? to the Smartphone under the pillow? Or to the Source of The All in gratitude for another day in this classroom we call Earth in the school of Human life?

If we want to be people of goodness, beauty and truth, then we must live such a life, in the now; now, the open moment. Then only will we have Being, Awareness and Bliss. This is here, now. Not in the future, not in the past. The present is omnipresent.

Sadhana must make you calm, unruffled, poised, balanced. Make the mind as cool and comforting as moonlight for the Moon is the Deity holding sway over the Mind. Be calm in speech, and in your response to malice, cavilling and praise. You complain that others are disturbing your equanimity; but you do not know that though your tongue does not speak, your thoughts can unsettle the equanimity of those around you.


Om sadhuvanditaya namaha:Salutations to the One who is praised by the godly and goodly..


Chandra - the Moon God


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