Note on Abhijit Nakshatra and the Golden Age


In the days of yesteryear, perhaps many yugas past, Vega was the pole star, and Abhijit nakshatra was counted among the nakshatras for both electional astrology and timing of events. It is told that the Kauravas - in the Mahabharatha war, went to strenuous efforts to prevent Lord Krishna from starting this war under the auspice of Abhijit, for it was well known that any project commenced under Abhijit would come to success.

History and Abhijit Nakshatra

In this day and age, North Pole Star is called Dhruva Nakshatra in Sanskrit literature. Sage Vyasa told in Mahabharatha 230:8-11 about a dialogue between Indra and Skanda. The dialogue is as follows:

"Contesting against Abhijit (Vega), the constellation Krittika (Pleiades) went to the Summer Solstice to heat the summer. Then the star Abhijit slipped down in the sky. At that time Dhanishta was given the first place in the list of Nakshatras. Rohini was also the first some time back. Now you decide what to do," said Indra.

Krittika (nakshatra - constellation of stars) was located at the Summer Solstice between 21,800 and 20,840 years B.C. At this time Dhanishta was at the vernal equinox and hence was given the first place in the Nakshatras. From this period, the sages noticed the gradual fall of Abhijit. Falling steadily, it is assumed the position of the Celestial Pole at 12,000 B.C., when Indra met Skanda to think on the problem of time-reckoning. The story shows that the Indian sages were observing the stars and constellations at least from 23,000 years B.C.

Abhijit is present in daily usage in muhurta (electional astrology, timing of events) and is also used as an intercalary nakshatra to fulfil the requirements of a lunar month. The Moon requires 27 days 7 hrs. and 38 min to complete a transit of the sidereal zodiac. The Vedic seers devised a way to accommodate this additional time of 7 hr 38 minutes by including an extra nakshatra – Abhijit – which was used to define spirituality or Vishnu. The muhurta associated with this nakshatra rules at midday and all evils are destroyed for projects started under this muhurtam. The Sun at midday, in any sign, is in the tenth house and hence, this nakshatra was placed in Capricorn, the tenth house of the natural zodiac between the 21st Nakshatra Uttar Ashadha and the next, Shravana. The span of Abhijit was defined as comprising the last quarter (3 degrees 20’) of Uttar Ashadha and the first one-fifteenth the part (0 degrees 53’20”) of Shravana. Thus, the Span is 4 degrees 13’20” from Capricorn 6 degrees 40’ to 10 degrees 53’20”. This gives the 28 Nakshatra. This nakshatra is used once per month.

Present day astrologers do not take birth under Abhijit nakshatra into account. It is a male gender nakshatra, and ruled by the Sun; it is one of the Brahma nakshatras. It is taught the nakshatras are wives of the moon, the moon is known to have 27 wives as per Puranas and Upanishadic literature. Modern astrological prediction and assessment of birth charts does not account for the monthly intercalary event of Abhijit nakshatra. The major reference to Abhijit nakshatra today is in Sarvatobhadra. Sarvatobhadra Chakra is based on the 28 nakshatras including Abhijit nakshatra forming part of the sidereal Capricorn sign, along with the twelve Zodiac signs, the thirty Tithis, the seven days of the Week and the fifty Aksaras or letters of Alphabet. It is used to judge the transit-effects of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the two Lunar nodes - Rahu and Ketu. Abhijit nakshatra is not used in fixing the benefic nakshatras. Outside of this usage, it is said that Abhijit nakshatra is hidden in Kali Yuga.

Lasers sent to moon

Lasers are sent to the Moon during an eclipse to measure the distance of Moon to Earth; The laser ray visually emitting from the Moon is suggestive of the influence nakshatras and constellations have on the denizens of our Earth Planet. (source)

The Ages of Creation

The aeons or measurements of time in Vedic literature are called Yugas. Yugas are classified on the basis of the dominant mental role:

  • In Krittika Yuga, dharma (right purposeful living, the order of things, the order of all life forms) had a solid foundation - wealth, penance (austerities), compassion and truth prevailed.
  • In Tretha Yuga, the foundation of dharma was wealth, penance (austerities) and compassion;
  • In Dwapara Yuga, the foundation of dharma was wealth and austerities;
  • In Kali Yuga (the present time, commenced with the departure of Krishna) dharma has only one foundation: the acquisition of wealth.

Irrespective of the physical age a person is in, if they have no truth, then it is said that mentally they are in Tretha Yuga and if they have no Truth nor compassion, then mentally they are in the Dwapara yuga and so on. Yugas change only with dharma, not necessarily the passage of time. So Dharma is what makes the Yuga for a person. One can always be in the Golden Age (Krita or Sathya Yuga) if only they have all four qualities of dharma. It is the conduct of humanity that makes or mars humanity and changes the Golden Age into the Iron Age.

The above explanation of the four yugas illustrates several relevant points. In times past, enterprises commenced under Abhijit nakshatra required the full foundation of dharma (right purposeful action) - that it be based on truth, wealth, self control (or selflessness) and compassion. With the diminution of dharma through the successive yugas, (the ages of humanity) we can then understand how the movement of Vega from pole star, removal of Abhijit nakshatra from the list of nakshatras with four quarters – has simply reflected the mental make-up of man and slow abrasion of true humanness to selfishness and the pursuit of wealth, which, in this Kali yuga, is the only foundation of dharma. Hence, it is taught that Abhijit nakshatra is hidden in Kali Yuga; the four-fold requirements of dharma are not fulfilled.

we look like this

Catalytic energies flow from deep space to our central sun, then to the Sun of our solar system, bringing changes to magnetic energies on our Earth. Abhijit Nakshatra to facilitate the return of the Golden Age of Earth.

Return of the Golden Age

Cosmic Sai Baba (the Sai Baba without form) has given many indications that the Earth is soon to return to the Golden Age.

Characteristics of Humans in the Golden Age:

The Golden Age has many characteristics. Prior to the Golden Age, as we have seen above, human life seeks wealth only. This is not the foundation of true humanness, people get lost on their path, lost on the path of their soul-blueprint if they focus solely on wealth and selfish gain, for love, compassion, self control are the ingredients of true humanness as Cosmic Sai Baba tells below:

Some people will become a little lost ... and they will be assisted in a different way ... but for the time here now, upon Earth, and all the peoples upon it ... and all the living things upon it, you are moving into the Golden Age ... and there will be change.

There will be change so that all things are considered ... all things are respected ... this is part of the Universal Love.

It will be natural for people to care for one another ... it will be natural eventually, for people to listen to one another ... to respect one another's point of view ... and agree or disagree, but not to fight or argue. Ways will be found to resolve issues that need attention ... that could cause division ... but that will not happen ... for all the peoples that have moved into the New Order or the New World of the Golden Age ... will find consensus.

They will be happy ... they will grow things ... they will build things ... they will create things. Healing will be easier. There will be methods used that have not been used yet upon this Earth ... and will readily bring change to the physical body so that they heal very easily.

Children will be born highly psychic and very aware. These children will lead the older generation by the hand into the New World.

Thought Creates Reality:

As it was mentioned above, yugas - the age or era humanity lives in - is a function of what is in peoples minds. Thinking, action and words create the age of dharma, the strength of dharma, the yuga a person is mentally living in. If enough people think and act and guide their lives with right purposeful living (with all the four aspects of dharma) then the world will change. As MK Gandhi told, "Be the change you want to see in the world". The mental aspect of the Golden Age is given:

I would like you to focus on the Earth herself. For it is she who is giving birth to the new energy. This will help to lift everything into the New World, the New Golden Age which is of a 5th dimensional frequency.

From that 5th dimensional frequency people will just "know", without any conflict within them ... they will know how to respect one another; ... ... how to give to each other and share with one another ... how to connect with each other and respect each other's differences and find answers to any conflict that may arise.

The word "war" does not exist in the 5th dimensional understanding.

Know and understand your past:

In order to enter (or re-enter, return to) the Golden Age, humanity must first understand its past:

These records are gradually being brought forth – and that is for a reason. The reasons is, so that the peoples upon this earth will begin to understand what has taken place upon this planet Earth and its evolution ... its time from its beginnings ... ... its creation itself ... ... and where it is moving into. Many have heard the term Golden Age and it is that. The earth and her Solar System are actually moving into a Golden Age.

It will be free of disruption and confusion ... ... anger will not exist ... ... so that there will be no wars ... ... but this will be a little time for the energy to change and align with the Golden Age. However, the turning point is coming very soon.

Collaborations and A Common Purpose

Humanity engaging in a common purpose together, with the four pivotal foundations of dharma, are the light-bearers of the Golden Age. Collaboration and working for a common purpose can happen in any endeavour: the home, the society, the nation. When enough people on the Earth are doing this, there will be a chain reaction - all of humanity, all life-forms, will be drawn into the Golden Age, in the twinkling of an eye:

Meetings can go forth and reach consensus. It is time for people to move forth into the thinking of the Golden Age ... where people respect one another ... they listen to one another ... they care for one another and by that I mean looking after one another. Where there is one in need, others gather to help.

There is enough on this earth to share with all. And with a higher consciousness it is possible to manifest the energy that is free of the dark shadow that pulls against God ... it will allow things to grow freely ... the weather would be quieter.

There would be a peaceful feeling amongst all. And this is how the new Golden Age will be for this is the age that we are moving into now.

The Return of Abhijit

We return to the earlier discussion about falling stars and Vega falling from its position as Pole star; Vyssa recounts a discussion between Indra and Skanda and refers to the falling of Abhijit. Vega takes its name from a loose transliteration of the Arabic word wāqi‘ meaning "falling". This (Vega) is a Pole star. Around 12,000 BC the pole was pointed only five degrees away from Vega and through precession, the pole will again pass near Vega around AD 14,000. Medieval astrologers counted Vega as one of the Behenian stars and related it to chrysolite and winter savory. Cornelius Agrippa listed its kabbalistic sign Agrippa1531 under Vultur cadens, a literal Latin translation of the Arabic name. Its celestial longitude was 15 Cap. 19 as of 2006. (source)

We take note that Cosmic Sai Baba has indicated that the Golden Age (known as Sathya Yuga or Krita Yuga) is to recur on planet Earth. Cosmic Sai Baba has frequently made references to a catalytic energy coming from deep space, which is striking the Great Central Sun (of our galaxy) and the Sun of our solar system. The Sun is experiencing immense changes in its magnetic field, and this is, in turn, affecting the magnetic field of Earth. This deep-space energy that is affecting both the Sun and your Earth is essentially an energy of accelerating self-awareness and spiritual evolution.

Astronomers posit that over time, star Vega in constellation Lyra will once again be nearby the pole position and may once again function as the Pole star for Earth, should there be no further wobbles in the orbit of the Earth. Due the inflow of magnetic energies from the Central Sun of our galaxy influencing our own Sun, there may be events occurring - the reactivation of 4th and 5th Dimensions – which require the functions fulfilled by the nakshatra called Abhijit. These functions are principally materialistic: a change in the minds of men and women, a lifting of the darkness of Kali Yuga, and beginning of Krittika Yuga (the age of Gold). The Earth is currently flowing through a wall of darkness; one of the functions of Abhijit in times past has been to provide the auspicious timings and auspicious birth nakshatra for those beings - star beings or divines who restore dharma on a firm footing to the Earth, and remove the darkness overshadowing Earth at this time. Abhijit sarva doshghnam, evils and the ills of this modern age and times are removed by Abhijit.

we look like this

The Bubble Nebula gives a visual indication of energies surrounding a galaxy, a solar system; the bubble itself suggests the stargate mentioned by Cosmic Sai Baba which surrounds the Earth in a protective manner. This stargate is presently giving dispersion of energies over the Earth.


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