Note on Solar New Year

Idol of Sun God

The Solar New Year begins when the Sun enters the sign of Aries in the zodiac. This is a traditional time when one casts a kundli or birth chart for the nation in order that one might ascertain what is ahead for that country in the forthcoming year. Other jyotisha may use the annual varshapaal chart; using the entry of the Sun, Lord Surya, into Aries is also taken as well-established. In this note about the Solar New Year, we would speak of the role of the outer sun and the inner sun in our lives, the placement of the Sun for the coming year and its relation to the Fourth (and other dimensions) and the story of Hanuman swallowing the Sun. The Sun then gives the gift of the Vedas to Hanuman.

Light comes to all the Universes from the Source of Creation, the Creative Source of All. There are many legends and myths surrounding the Creation of the Universe. We are told there is ONE who is the Creative Source of All, and that ONE is self-effulgent light. Light is normally generated by friction and forces colliding, coalescing and forming new elements. This is what happens when star dust is drawn in and elements emerge to create new stars. This light is not self-effulgent, it is light generated by action in time and space. The Creative Source of All, the self effulgent light of all lights exists within time and space as the Kalapurusha, the body of time, and beyond time and space in different dimensions.

Behind all light sources in the universe is the supreme light of consciousness, the Light of lights or inner Sun, which is the original form or face of God. This spiritual Sun exists within our own minds and hearts as the power of illumination at the core of our being, our own true inner Self. Returning to it is the ultimate goal of life.

The Vedic mantras are said to arise from the breath of Brahman – the universal Prana. The power of these mantras resides in the rays of the Sun and through them function as doorways to the stars. Maitrayani Upanishad 6:1 tells us that the inner Sun is Prana and that the movements of the inner Sun or our life-force are measured or metered by the movements of the outer Sun. Therefore the place of the Sun in the outer world affects the inner sun, the quality and quantity of light and its effect within each and every life form.

Vedic astrology tells that the Sun is a ‘royal planet’ (the first of the luminaries) and through the Sun the energies of the Central Sun of all Universes is passed on to the planets, Earth included. The Sun and Moon are the greater luminaries, and the planets receive the light of the Sun and recombine this light energy and distribute this to all in our solar system. The planets as minor luminaries have a duty to pass back the energy they receive to all living things in accord with their capacity to receive and express this energy. How this is expressed is largely due the energies that float around our soul dispensing our soul-blue print for this lifetime. The planets redistributing these energies affect our personality, our character, our minds, our motivations, our actions.

Fire is in the heart of the Sun, and fire is in the heart of the Earth also. There is also fire within the human, the soul itself – particle of the Creative Source of All and ONE with this source, imparts light and life. The fire element within is the digestive function, the fire within the eyes grants vision (those who are ungrateful to the Sun and the Light are said to be born blind in the next life), the fire within also gives good circulation, the ability to burn away any toxins or pollutants within that cause disease. In this Solar New Year, the Sun is found in Aries, a sign associated with fire (there are three signs associated with fire: Aries, Leo and Saggitarius).

In this Solar New Year, when the Sun enters Aries, at that moment in most places, the ascendant is adjacent in Taurus, making this the 12th house, the traditional house of renunciation and emancipation, of detachment and redemption. Things come to a close, new beginnings are entertained, the fire of Aries is directed to new pursuits, new energies. We are told that the stargates surrounding the Earth have been lifted, and that the new sources of energies from the Central Sun of All Universes, as dispersed through our Sun, Moon and planets, are now being dispersed evenly through these stargates placed all over the Earth. Some view this as a light grid, some experience this as bands of light-energy descending; whatever the experience, the energies of the 4th and 5th Dimensions are now being dispersed to all who live on Earth; the Earth herself (Bhoomi-devi, our Mother Earth), those who live in other dimensions within the Earth; those who exist in dimensions in spaces side by side our everyday lives, those who reside in higher dimensions.

At this moment of Solar New Year, the placement of the Sun – known as Sol – impacts our Soul, our inner Sun. This affect on our inner soul, our Prana, life-force within begets a transformation, a new beginning, entry of new light within which enables us to participate in the 4th and 5th dimensions. Detachment from phenomena, how we perceive the world, is enabled by this diminution of (old) Prana which allows (new) Prana to give enlightenment to the 4th Dimension. The entry of the Sun into the House of loss means a loss of darkness, a loss of lower energies that cause dispersion, conflict, confinement to the known dimensions of human experience; indeed, experience of life itself. The Sun will continue to move through the skies and the signs of the zodiac dispersing, illuminating, transforming all-that-is on our Mother Earth, including Bhoomi Devi, the Earth herself.

We had given mention to the Star-being Hanuman, who fought to protect the Earth and care for the Earth in her time of formation, when our Earth planet was placed in its present circular position around the Sun. There are narratives about the relations between this Star Being and Protective Divine, Hanuman and our Sun, also known as Lord Surya. From time out of memory, the myths tell of Hanuman as the Son of the Cosmic Wind, Pavana, who had immense strength, even as a child. In his childhood, he once saw the rising Sun and taking it for a ripe fruit, took it from the skies and swallowed it. It was a time of eclipse, an eclipse day, and Rahu approached to take the Sun and “swallow” it as was his duty. Finding the Sun hand been swallowed by the child Hanuman, Rahu sought help from Indra, the king of the Gods.

Indra came and threw his thunderbolt at the child Hanuman, who fainted. His father Pavana, the Wind God, stopped giving wind, air, life-force. All activity came to a pause and there was panic. After beseeching Brahma, the Creator, they went to Pavana the wind god and propitiated him with appropriate hymns and Pavana was pleased and began to blow again. Brahma gave a boon to Hanuman who had released the Sun, and Indra gave one boon also. The Sun god was not displeased either, and gave him scriptural as well as spiritual learning. Granting Hanuman 100th part of his effulgence, the Sun god transmitted unparalleled wisdom to Hanuman, which was to serve him in good stead when he took form as vanara on Earth and became the servant and devotee of Lord Rama. Many myths and legends tell that Hanuman was taught the Vedas from the Sun, who is the father, the source of all wisdom. The Vedas are the science of spirituality and the fount of living with true humanness.

Our source is light, we have emerged from the Light, the Creative Source of All; we also have the teaching, as without, so within – as there is an external light which is the source of all life, our Sun – Sol, we have the Sol – Soul within, our inner sun, which directs the life force and Prana within. The placement of the outer sun affects the placement of the inner sun within, and this placement is generating transformation and emancipation within from the strictures of a three dimensional life toward a four dimensional being and existence. There is the teaching, “as above, so below”, this heralds the opening of the stargates, the grids or bunds of light secure around the Earth since the Fall of Atlantis; these are now admitting the sources of light from the Creative Source of all, and the in-breaking of the 4th and 5th Dimensions. Gratitude to the Sun is important, as the Sun is the Source of light and life, and the fire-energies within which give digestion, vision and protection. We conclude this welcome to the Solar New Year, the entry of the Sun into Aries in the zodiac, with the 12 Names of the Sun.

Sun God

Adhithya Dwadasa Nama Stotram
(Prayer of twelve names of Sun God)

Ekachakro radho yasya divya Kanaka bhooshitha,
Sa may Bhavathu supreetha Pancha hasatho divakaro.

Let me become dear to the five handed day breaker,
Who travels in a one wheeled divine golden Chariot.

Adhithya pradhamam nama, dwitheeyanthu Diwakara,
Thrutheeyam Bhaskara proktham chathurthanthu Prabhakara.

First, son of Adhiti; second, The Day Breaker,
third, He Who Makes Things Shine; fourth, The Maker of Light;

Panchamam thu sahasramsu, sashtamchaiva Trilochana,
Sapthamam Haridaswancha Ashtamanthu Vibhavasu.

Fifth, He Who Has a Thousand Rays, sixth, He Who Has Here Eyes,
seventh, He Who Has Green Horses, eighth, He Who Lights Things;

Navamam Dina kruth proktham , dasamam Dwadasathmaka,
Ekadasam Threemurthy Dwadasam Surya eva cha.

Ninth, The Maker of a New Day, tenth, He Who Has Twelve Souls,
eleventh, Three gods, and twelfth The Sun God.

Dwadasadhithya Namaani pratha kale Paden nara,
Dukha pranasanan chaiva Sarva Dukhancha nasyathi.

To the one who reads these twelve names of the Sun in the morning,
Sorrows would cease to arise and all his or her sorrows would be destroyed.


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