The June Solstice, 2015

In the southern hemisphere, the mid-winter solstice will take place on June 22nd, 2015, in the early morning hours - 2:39AM in many places. This solstice heralds the ingress of a powerful time for humanity as a whole, in the social domain, in learning and self-learning - particularly with regard to Ascension - and the ongoing activation of so-called "junk-DNA" and the escalating energies of the stargates. In this article, we look to the astrological indications of this sacred time.

The mid-winter chart rises in Aries, in the nakshatra of the twin healers, Ashwini. Ashwini is ruled by Ketu, who portends the long journey from self-discipline to self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-satisfaction. Ashwini has a rajasic nature, something passionate and driven from within. This suggests an urgency to discover the abode of peace within given the hurly-burly of instant communications and the demands the electronic environment makes on our attention, our time and our energy. Ashwini with the lordship of Ketu drive within to find a balance. Many gurus teach that a day without meditation is a day wasted. So the solstice rising sign signifies the urgent need to find that calm, quiet space within. We look to the lord of the rising sign, Mars, to find some more clues.

The rising of the 5th Dimension

The lord of the rising Sign, Mars, is in the third house, Gemini, an air sign and somewhat flexible and mutable in nature. The third house is significator of communication, publication (it is ruled by Mercury - which in this instance is twelve signs away - perhaps suggesting that we may be bereft of our normal channels of communication and need to use the Mars energy to settle with changes to communication patterns. There is also some suggestion of changes to activities in the worldly sense and wildly fluctuating ideas about our careers, our future, our niche where we make contributions to the wealth that is human life. This is due the rising of the energies of the 5th Dimension, for this worldly energy increase is actually brought about by the energies of ascension within. The conjunction of Mars with the Sun is important in this regard.

The Ascension Energies

Since the procession of 21 December 2012, the Sun has been receiving energy from the Central Sun of our galaxy, and from there, energies have been flowing from the Central Sun of all the universes, the Creative Source of All. The new energies - transmitted through stargates all over the Earth, raise the consciousness of the human - all humans and all life forms - to the 5th Dimension. Our embodied biological reality (i.e., our physical bodies) is anchored in the third and fourth dimension - that is, time and space. We are now being opened to higher dimensions and many people find that they are far more open to matters of an esoteric nature than they might have been many years ago. The Sun - in many ways, is the significator of this Ascension as it is not only the source of the new energies entering the Earth domains through the stargates; the Sun is also the significator of the Soul. And this solstice brings about an expansion of the soul capacities.

In the astrology chart for this solstice, the Sun stands for the Soul - in spiritual astrology, called Atmakaraka, significator of the soul, for it has the highest degree in the navamsha chart, the 9th division. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. For who we really are is not just a physical body with a brain. Rather, we are Spirit – with soul – a soul consciousness that is available always. The soul - sometimes called atma - is continually prompting you in ways that you take for granted, such as your breathing, your heart beating ... and functions of the body that are automatic. Without the soul, these things would not operate. These matters come under the purview of the Sun, the soul principle. The Sun also has other significations in astrology, which are highlighted by the event of this solstice.


The Soul Principle

When the Sun becomes the Soul principle (atmakaraka) then the soul takes a path of pursuing the purpose of existence. As a result, experience with the material world may be challenging. We use body, mind and spirit to navigate our way through the physical, social, intellectual and emotional domains of life. For those with an exteremly strong soul principle, aided and abetted by Ketu (as is the case with this solstice) then managing affairs in the world may be extremely challenging, when all the soul wants to do is detach and reflect on its purpose, its human life with elements of being, awareness and self-satisfaction. The soul does not operate through the brain, although it can hold onto some of that information. If there is too much information for the brain, it would not be able to cope with it. It is not much different than a computer, in a way. We may look to where the 5th Dimensional consciousness is experienced...

Ascension and the 5th Dimension - the information comes from the soul consciousness. If you reach out and ask … the door will be opened. This is a message that has been given – nearly 2000 years ago – it came from Jesus Christ. And yet, it also came through other – messengers – or other beings of light that have come to teach, to help the little Earthling to understand who they really are. These teachers of the higher dimensions urge us to integrate the lower dimensions, the challenges of time and space, time, attention, resources, our common sense, our kinaesthetic senses, even our musical senses. All this adds up to what it means to be human, and soothing, relaxing, inspirational music lifts us and our minds beyond time and space to the 5th Dimension. These are matters of Venus and Jupiter, the two great teachers who are in conjunction in the fourth house, in the sign of Cancer.

The Fourth House and the Two Teachers

The Fourth House rules the home and family. It also rules lost articles and we must keep in mind mankind's lost inheritance, the 5th Dimension, which was gone with the Fall of Atlantis. The Fourth House also a house of education and learning in life. At this time of solstice, we have the conjunction of the two teachers.

The Solstice traces the transit of Venus through Cancer joining Jupiter, creates a combination of the two teachers. One of Jupiter's names is Guru, and he is known as the preceptor of the divine spirits, the teacher of the divine beings. Venus is also a teacher, but his chosen task is to instruct the demons, the eternal beings of a demonic nature. Keep in mind that Carl Jung, the great depth psychologist, called man mysterium conjuntionis, the mysterious conjunction of contrasting opposites. Carl Jung realised that there is a little bit of good in man, and a little bit of the demonic in man.

Since each person has a bit of the divine and demonic within them, each of us has something to gain from listening to the teachings of Jupiter and Venus. At this time of the Solstice, we have the opportunity to learn from an array of qualified teachers - Jupiter and Venus. As teachers - gurus - they obviously have different goals and objectives. Jupiter is a sattvic planet, promoting purity and calm, and Venus is a rajasic planet, promoting action and movement. Teaching and guidance they have in common, but the methods and fit to the contrasting opposites within are divergent.

The Water Signs

In vedic astrology, each of the signs are allocated to one or another of the elements, in the order of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. At this time of solstice we have four major planets and one of the Moon's nodes in Water signs - Venus and Jupiter are in Cancer (Water), Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio (Water) and the Moon's South Node, the karmic reservoir called Ketu is in Pisces (Water). We also note that the outer planet - Uranus - the significator of changes, is also in Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of largess, Saturn in Scorpio is inimical in many respects as Mars is lord of Scorpio - in this instance, the 8th House.

  the solstice rising sign signifies the urgent need to find that calm, quiet space within

Viruses, Illnesses, Disease

At this time of Solstice, the Moon's North Node, Rahu, resides in Virgo, the natural zodiac sign of illness and disease. Due the rising sign of Aries, Rahu actually resides in the 6th house. We have seen the management of the Ebola virus, and the recent eruption of MERS virus in South Korea. People will suffer from bacterial diseases in abdomen area (stomach, pancreas and intestines) while Viral infections can spread through water. Also Rahu controls medical field, research in medicine, pharmacy, hospitals, mortuaries etc. So, when Rahu transits Zodiac’s hospital sign (Virgo), new medicines will be invented and revolutionary progress will be seen in medical field. At the same time, Ketu in watery sign Pisces, will generate new challenges by spreading more viral diseases. We note that the ruler of Virgo, is nine houses away, and afflicted by aspect from Saturn. Illnesses at this time may require deep reflection on resistance to disease and how the mind accommodates disease. Master the mind and conquer disease.

In the spiritual division of the solstice chart, Saturn, Moon and the Moon's nodes are found in the ninth house, the house of spiritual effort. This ninth house is also aspected by the Soul principle, the Sun, along with Jupiter and exalted Mercury. The Moon's nodes join in this division and represent the churning of the ocean, the mind. The churning of the ocean in this instance is the churning of the psyche, and the activation of Junk DNA, the DNA inherited from the starpeople, which has lain defunct since the Fall of Atlantis. This is also associated with the changes arising from the return of the 5th Dimension. As we said earlier, the soul consciousness is beyond the brain, which may only cope with a certain amount of information, beyond which there is confusion and overload.

Saturn and Moon - take time...

Saturn in conjunction with Moon (presiding deity of the mind) and Rahu-Ketu, gives time. The nervous system is keenly tuned to this reality. The brain/mind/body complex is synchronized to the physical reality of this 3D/4D world. Our body, mind and consciousness are anchored in our perception of time. When Saturn gives time, there is time for Patience, Purity and Perseverance. Many people expected "waking up to Ascension" on the day of 21 December 2012, were disappointed and blamed others - even other messengers of Ascension - for their failure to experience Ascension immediately on that occasion. Ascension is many things, the development of inherent esoteric gifts within - the matters of the Junk DNA, the growth and development of multi-dimensional consciousness within the body, and the absorption of energies flowing through the stargates. It is not an instant "wake up one morning" arising to a new reality and experience, for the energies are too much, too strong. It is like putting the current for a 100 watt light bulb through a 25 watt light bulb: will not work, will burst. So the body has to be attuned to these multidimensional realities. Saturn in the 9th house of the spiritual division conjunct the Moon and Moon's nodes indicate a deep churning and activation of multidimensional capacity within is going on. We need time - particularly the patience Saturn gives - to learn, to adapt, to grow with the Soul into its natural inheritance of the 5th Dimension.


In all, this Solstice is a very powerful time for humanity as a whole, indeed, all life forms on our planet. It is a time that needs self-discipline and inner reflection, a taking of time for ourselves daily to create space within, to know ourselves within, to recharge our batteries from the depths of the Soul. It is also a time of becoming acquainted with your multidimensional capacities and gifts: and this needs time also. Every baby must first crawl before it can walk, and then, some time after, run with joy. The solstice points to times of self-learning, the deep churning within and the growing re-activation of the so-called Junk DNA within. It is a time that beckons high achievements for those who take notice of the soul messages within. Let the Sun rise over your sacred Atlantis within, let the Sun rise over your sacred space - perhaps like a Stonehenge such as below - within you and voyage into Ascension with Peace.



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