The Future of Mankind, the Future of the Earth

My Dear

Well, you have sent another of your epistolary doom and gloom advance notices of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Would that it were that you would write of the sweetness of the Lord. We’ll look to most of your epistle and leave the sunbeams out of it for the time being. We begin with your discursus on the Polar Flip: What is the current location of the magnetic North Pole?


What is the current location of the magnetic North Pole?

Right now, say scientists with the European Space Agency, the Earth’s magnetic north pole seems to be wandering over to Siberia. The strength of the Earth’s magnetic field is always changing, with patches of stronger or weaker shielding found across the planet. So that seems to collaborate your claim here. Can’t find anything about the South Pole location, but here is the North Pole (under water) last year.



You speak of sudden change – externally with its shocking affect upon millions. Swami sometimes joked that if the Earth stopped spinning, we would all have a lot of troubles. I am not thinking of a polar flip, although the last happened 780,000 years ago.

Some say there is a mini ice age coming (the “beast from the East” was a good taster of this) and others say there is no mini-ice age coming, and that from some who channel messages from “above” as it were. Many dispute that there was a mini-ice age immediately prior to the Fall of Atlantis, 10-12,000 years ago when mankind retreated to the caves to wait out the darkness. Mankind also retreated to meat-eating in order to survive. So I think until people are convinced of the mini-ice-age prior to the Fall of Atlantis, they are not going to believe that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are riding now. As Sri Sathya Sai Baba tells, due the decline in dharma,

“Disaster now dances madly on the world stage, because Right is neglected and there is disbelief in the essentials of Dharmic life”.



Now, with the magnetic changes, I have been told that three phase electricity flows in both directions and will not be affected by changes in magnetic and electrical flows. However, due emergency planning and disaster management, there is this marked return to battery powered radios (remember the portable “transistor radio”?), and mobile phone chargers that are battery powered, torches and portable lighting as well. Lithium ion batteries take their place on the stage but there are critical issues with disposal of Lithium iron and lithium metal batteries.

I speak with a fellow who has been Mayor of this Shire five times, and is currently filling a gap as a councillor. He has meetings every Tuesday – briefings about activities and advances in management of “rates, roads and rubbish”. Well on the rubbish side of things, it is quite intruiging here, despite China’s ban on importing trash from other nations. I have learned from the former Mayor that battery recycling is a recycling activity that aims to reduce the number of batteries being disposed as municipal solid waste. Batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and disposing them by the same process as regular trash has raised concerns over soil contamination and water pollution. (They blew a very big hole in the ground not far from where I live – to accomodate about 25 years of garbage collections. )

From wikipedia: Let’s focus on Tesla’s recycling process with Umicore, which is the first time we’ve been able to use a closed loop recycling system. Umicore’s factory plants are able to recycle our batteries into completely reusable materials and substantially reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries.

So there are issues there, even with the disaster management experts telling us to use battery powered communications during disasters.



A sudden and unexpected cessation of fossil fuel supplies –> you have been telling people about this for a number of years. What has come through from the “Light-Body” Sai Baba and/or the Cosmic Sai Baba is that the Earth itself is one of the gods (Bhudevi) and the Earth goddess follows dharma, and will participate in dharmasamstaphana, that is, the restoration of dharma on a firm footing.

I think I have sent you excerpts from the Cosmic Sai Baba somewhat earlier, where he explained that the Earth herself takes action to restore right conduct on the surface. Of late, something else has been collaborated, that of “shaking”. This has come from both the Cosmic Sai Baba and the Sukshma Sai that speaks through Madhu – as translated by BN Narasimhamurthy. A shaking event is on the way. When, where and how much of “shaking” is unknown. My hunch is “after 96 years” … and some time before Prema Sai is disclosed.

Looking to the notion of shaking, I consider earthquakes. will tell you we are in a solar minimum, and will also tell you that earthquake activity is a direct function of sunspot activity and CME’s, that is, coronal mass ejection (or CME) … a giant cloud of solar plasma drenched with magnetic field lines that are blown away from the Sun during strong, long-duration solar flares and filament eruptions. He also has a disaster prediction app linked from the website. They are accurateat detecting earthquakes. So it behooves you to look to from time to time (and resize it and move it around a bit to see where all the earthquakes are on our planet. You get the idea of “a quiet day on our star” really quickly, and what a busy day is.

The other side of the coin, which I don’t hear from you is about the Golden Era transformation of the heart. You always seem to speak of an external event with the world collapsing around millions.


(Fourth dimensional cube enclosed in Shatkona and Circle)

There is an internal event also, the raise of the Earth from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and on to the 5th Dimension.

Right now, the 3rd and lower 4th dimensions are blended somewhat (regard all the mass shootings, maiming of children in war in Syria, escalation of family violence and forms of abuse) … all signs of Kali Yuga and the black winds of negative energy being blown about the Earth and its environs. The Golden Age has begun; Sumeet Tappoo was given the honour of creating the clarion call that greeted Swami as he entered Hillview Stadium on his 85th Birthday; Swami later told Sumeet that this particular piece of music – which went for seven seconds – was heard in all lokas, in all worlds, in all universes – BY HIS WILL.

This was the signal that the Golden Age was to start, the signal so many beings in all the dimensions have been waiting for, yuga after yuga, manvantara after manvantara.

This was the will of the Sai Avatar.


When Sri Sathya Sai – in the Golden Chariot – went under the arch, the music was played – music that went to all the worlds, beyond time and space – heard by beings in many, many dimensions

Do you recall Swami once told there are more souls floating about in the lower astral realms (the lower 4th) than there are in human bodies with incarnation?

So we have the black fan of Kali Yuga running out of energy quickly, slowing down, slowly coming to a stop. It will take time. We have the white fan Krittika Yuga (the metal for Krittika Yuga is gold, hence it is called the Golden Age) gathering speed and beginning to cast its winds around the Earth – winds of collaboration, peace, understanding, never raising a weapon to settle a dispute, the winds that help people of different dispositions to sit down and discuss their differences, and if needs be, agree to disagree.

This is the energy, the peace, the love, the inner transformation that proceeds this external collapse of culture and society that you forsee.

As Swami told before, people who “follow dharma” (remember that little sign that used to be on the front gate of the ashram when we met, all those years
ago???) will be ones who experience the transformation of the Earth to a dimension of Love. And in that dimension of love, the atma dharma overcomes bondage to the body as the Self. They bypass the need to transform the external world to suit their ideal of personal happiness.

As Sri Sathya Sai Baba told,

“Those who hold the physical objective world as the all of life and the body as the Self, lead but wasted lives, as meaningless as making God into stone.”

Many channels who work with “upstairs” seem to be converging on the reality of “The Event”. This is an energy event, a feeling within, a sensing of higher energies, an Awakening of dormant psychic energies and abilities. (You will of course, recall the so-called “junk-DNA) … and the predictions you have given many years back of activation of strands of DNA and the similar activations of chakras …

So there is this expectation of an event, a washing over all everything with LOVE, an awakening to our true nature as Oneness (we are all Brothers and Sisters of the One!) and our true heritage of peace and LOVE. Perhaps in line with what you say, one such channel or medium did share a sentence:

“We would say that it could ‘black the Planet out’ for a ‘short time’ as the surge of ‘electric energy’ bolts through.”



So there will be a wash of love over everyone and everything – penetrating into all that is.

And about time. Enduring the tail-end of Kali Yuga gets unbearable at times. Governments are focussed on saving their tails, people worry about money, the media spreads negativity and the animal kingdom acts out the adharma of the human kingdom. Trash lines the oceans and beaches, ospreys, turtles, seals and fish are all found choked by plastics, and plastics are found in their innards.



Returning to your epistolary, you speak of a mass clearing out, a departure of many souls, Well, a clearing out is possibly on the cards. Some say it will happen – and that those who are selfish and filled with the six arishadvargas – the pulls of Lust, Anger, Greed, Delusion, Pride and Hate – will not remain on Earth and be taken to another “Earth” where they can live out their lives. A few mediums have given messages like this.

On the other hand, some say that ALL will be transformed by the flooding of LOVE over all the Earth and all will raise to the Golden Age. That sounds good and hunky-dory. Howard Murphet was forever saying that there would be a “chain reaction” that would pull the remainder of humanity on the earth over into the new dimension of Love.

Personally, I have doubts. Sri Sathya Sai Baba always let fools do what they wanted (think of the Ashram shootings and the silly fellow who stood up with a gun at Whitefield) and to experience the consequences of their choices. Swami told many times, “God is the witness, the inner resident” …

Been reading about reincarnation and what happens in the Bardo – so to speak – when people come back. The other day I read something about people making choices too quickly after travelling the tunnel of light; and that the best thing to do is to wait before jumping into another womb, another incarnation. In fact, I think you have to (wait)(pause) for Swami to come and get you in the realm beyond time and space. That will be the case for some people; others will, after a time, detect the energy of One Universal Selfless Source and turn to that.



The Harry Potter movie that had Harry in a celestial version of Kings Cross station in conversation with Professor Dumbledore: he replied to Harry to the effect that yes, “all this is happening inside your head” (ie, your consciousness) and that Harry could “board a train” and “go on” … as it were, meaning that the choice was his. He could follow his desires.

Do people come back too quickly, making poor choices, uninformed choices? Do people reincarnate again and again into the same stress, the same addiction, the same maladapted families and repeat their experiences over and over? There are indications that they do. Both Swami and the Buddha have indicated this happens. So on the balance of things – what I have read, what I have heard from Howard Murphet and Sara Pavan,what I have read of Swami and the Buddha – yes, I do think people reincarnate with the same family, same peers and repeat their experiences, their karmas, their sad-ripus as they are attached to the body and its sensations.

I watched a TV news bulletin recently of a fellow with a camera in a tent and an avalanche was pouring down over him. All you could hear on the camera as all this white stuff bumped and tossed the tent about and whooshed past was Faaaark! Faaaark! Faaaark! And I wondered about people who pass over and their last act is to utter a profanity, a curse, or vulgarity. I wonder where they go. Definitely an ugly way to leave the body.

Off the point, you suggest “a sudden clearing out” and I am inclined to agree that it will come to those who are unable (or are disinclined, disaffected) to detect this wash of LOVE Energy all over the Earth.

My Dear, you speak of a re-engineering of business and commerce, science and technology, trade and tackle.

You know, there are people like this in all walks of life who were called to Swami, their souls were touched, they will be the building blocks of truth, love, peace, right conduct and non-violence right through all this Earth. Not just the students, the alumni of SSSIHL; many are participating in placing dharma – in their sphere of activity – on a firm footing, all over this Earth.

Well, then, light and love to you, My Dear!