Conversations with the Master: Low Energies

Energy is everywhere; the Earth is surrounded by energy, it has a magnetic field, there are the energies of the higher dimensions around the Earth as well. There are subtle energies which can affect us, places of low, ugly energy. It is like entering a room and immediately sensing “bad vibes”. We have all had this experience. Here, the master explains places where low energy pools and has effect upon the earthling, the human.


(blue text is The Master speaking … )

Dear Baba I offer what I write to You, to your love that You have for me, for us.


Thank you.


Here is what the situation was like. I went to town to do shopping. I hovered around here and there, as You led me. At some point I felt that I should drop in a distant shop at the outskirts of town. I asked you for confirmation and You did confirm.




On the spot there I did something what I normally do not do. In spite of free space in the parking lot in front I went around the store and began to look for a place to park. All the time I was repeating a mantra and offering it to your Love. All of a sudden a false tone crept into the joy and wonderful mood I had. It was like a dark cloud came full of fear, suffering, sadness and fear of death. These were very strong feelings and were apparently coming from the outside. I drove a little bit along the fence around a factory, all the time having the same feelings. Therefore I became interested in what that factory was. To my surprise, it turned out to be a slaughterhouse.


What is felt by animals that are being killed settles as a subtle energy in places where it occurs. A similar thing happens with their meat. People eat it and hence they are not only given to the animal behaviour but also to fear, depression, inability to elate toward joy and happiness.


Higher bodies leave the physical body at the time of death and the process of decomposition begins. Energetic forces binding cells with each other disappear and the dissociation of energy fields gets down to the level of fields of basic compounds.


I saw once how You initiated such a process. You came to a dying dog, You raised your hands and a bright red light flashed. I realized then that it was an irrevocable end.


Its soul has already departed three days earlier. That much time was needed to complete the fading out of the biological process.


Cemeteries have a very heavy atmosphere.


The process of decomposition is slow and is associated with very strong energies that do not do men good. Therefore, it is better and more hygienic to cremate a corpse.


Thanks, Baba, for your care and guidance. You are a superb teacher because not only You describe and explain but You also demonstrate. If we add to this your tender love, joy, jokes and protection You grant to me, everyone will agree that life here with You is wonderful. And let all the world be damned!


Do not say that. The Universe is a wonderful place, an arena of my, your, our existence. I came to existence in this form; I expressed myself, my Love, Joy and all of what I Am.


Today the world may not suit you but this is a transitional stage. Soon, under my leadership you will start to understand it properly. I will teach you how to look with the eyes of Love and see Love everywhere.


One day together we will be creating only things that are good and beautiful and love will be our guide. Love will become your guide, too, dear reader. It will happen very soon or in two hundred years, but it will happen without fail. Now I am putting the decision of when it will happen into your hands, yes, you, the reader!


How come, Master? What decision are you talking about?


About the conversation that unceasingly takes place between man and the loving Divinity.


“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes, no, no, no, yes.”


Your dialogue with me looks more or less like this. I give you now the possibility of a smooth transition through the process of turning toward the loving Creator, so that there is more and more of “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes …”


The decision lies in the hands of each reader, each one of you. It always was this way, always. And this is next great spiritual Truth of this Universe. You can take it right from today and start consistently putting this into effect. This step will very much speed up your spiritual development and bring about positive changes in your lives. For this to happen, decisions and consistency in action are needed.


Master, could You say some more about it?


Of course! Start with meditation of love; leave “yourselves” and proceed towards me. In my last book I gave you hundreds of tips on how to do it. Keep turning to the Creator-who-loves-you with love and gentleness. Be affectionate, very affectionate and loving. And now I ask you to write down next meditation entitled “How to leave oneself and come to me.”


Taken from Conversations with the Master, Book 3, Love without Limits.


 A cemetery is a place of low energy; decomoposition takes a long time. The Master tells that the low energies have a strong effect on people …