Quiet Puttaparthi

It is quiet in Puttaparthi, and in Prashanti Nilayam ashram. I am surprised, the former floating population, the hustle and bustle, the sense of heightened activity … is gone. A feeling of peace embraces everything here. Peace and inner purpose.

I was wondering about this, that and the other, as I entered the Prashanti Nilayam Ashram for the morning sacred chanting (vedic chanting) and darshan (vision of the Lord). They call that event of taking darshan of the Samadhi “Darshan of Baba” – as it ever has been, darshan of the Lord. People just “say” that, if nothing has really changed. One lady told me that she thought she had done all her grieving, yet, upon entering the darshan hall, burst into grief all over again. Healing of mind and heart takes time, she said.

In the darshan hall, the assembly of devotees – less than I have ever seen before. Vedic chanting echoes over the speakers, and whoever it was leading bhajans, had the most mellifluous voice I have ever heard. Normally I don’t hear bhajans all that well with boom and echo everywhere, but this was CLEAR!

Sitting in the darshan hall, focussing the mind, well – just about emptying the mind out – I felt the chakras in my hands beginning to vibrate and spin. I was pleasantly surprised. And lost it, immediately, when my mind went to this. Focus again, and the warmth is spreading from my heart, all over. HIS presence is here, strong, loving, clear.

Take in the changes. Porch has changed, there is that burial place of Sai Baba’s body there. This is called sannidhi. There are big pictures of Baba over windows and walls in the darshan hall. Eyes stray to Yajur Mandir (where His body resided), out of habit. Nothing doing, the energy, the love, the grace is here, right here in my heart, I feel.

All that security stuff is still there. Simply separation from the outer world so one may more easily enter that inner world, and take that inner-view, as HE always told us to seek. Step out, observe, think, the four planks of Baba’s mission, fostering of dharma, fostering of vedas, fostering of vedic scholars, protection of devotees. These still go on, they are felt, they are seen, experienced. That security check which some resent and finally come to accept is actually “protection of the devotees”. I wonder how long it will take for some – who complain to me about the uselessness of this – to see, understand, accept. His mission is in our hands. Perhaps ever more so, in our minds, hearts and hands.

Ah, before leaving the darshan hall, I take padanamaskar on the inner level. Well, THIS IS DARSHAN! So strong, clear, vibrant – divine love pours in, it pours and pours and pours down.

I leave, with Peace and inner purpose.




© Chris Parnell