Meditation in time of Coronavirus: Getting Close to Love

sphere of light

The time of coronavirus elicits reaction: due mystery spread – unaccountable contact with the virus – there can be trepidation, concern, worry, fear. How does one go about their daily business? How do you get food and water? How do you care for your children, your family, your parents, your dependent friends and neighbours? You know someone who is aged and gets home help? What is happening for them? Are they getting meals, the proper care? These and other questions flood our minds in this time of coronavirus.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We admit – as a human race – that we all have souls. The International Distress Signal is “Save our Souls“. What is it we can do to save our souls, save our minds from fear and worry in these dreadful times of plague all over the world, sickness, and death. What can we do for those health-carers, medical front-line staff who are selflessly rendering care to those who are infected?

The answer is we can take time; we can take time to not haste, waste and worry. We can take time to remember we are spiritual beings and get in touch with our own spirit, that spiritual part of us that floods our world with transcendent love. Here we bring you a meditation – for you to take time, and nurture your soul, your spirit, your well-being. In so doing, you give light and love to all on Earth.

Meditation: a Step Towards Perception of the Creator

Today I would like to tell you about a new meditation – for special occasions – that brings a quick transformation and getting close to Love in order to become one with it. Listen.

Sit comfortably in front of my photo (any image of the Divine will do) with your back straight. Breathe in and then slowly breath out. Do so four times. Do not hurry.

Then, imagine a stream of light flowing down from the top of your head onto your body. The stream penetrates the skull and travels down along the spine. After getting to the base it begins to expand and create a bigger and bigger sphere of light. The sphere grows until it enfolds the whole body. Stay that way for about 10 minutes.

Afterwards the sphere decreases until it reaches a diameter of a small ball that can easily fit at the base of the spine. Make it hang and stay there. Meditate about love at the time. Get close to Me, take my hand, speak words of love to Me.

After about fifteen minutes (the ball still remains at the base of the spine) try to lift the ball up and slowly direct it towards the heart. It is now a small dot of light. Imagine it penetrating your heart – into the very spiritual core – where you have constant contact with me. Let the process of lifting and placing in the heart last for about three to five minutes. Do not hurry or urge it. Let everything go its own course.

Then let the sphere expand again until its Love is embracing the whole body and enclosing it in itself. Let this stage last for about ten minutes or somewhat longer.

After that make the light ball get down to its previous size. Let it stay in the heart for a moment in the form of a small spot of about three centimetres in diameter. After that move it slowly into the third eye area. Let it stay here for about ten minutes and then expand again enclosing the whole head first and later the whole body while flowing down. When the whole body gets enclosed with the light, stay in it for about 10-15 minutes.

Later let it get down to the size of a ping-pong ball again and stay for a while hanging in the vicinity of the third eye, inside the brain. This exercise awakens perception of me as the Highest Being in everything you see. I, myself, will be stimulating your senses to working in entirely different areas than you have experienced so far. There will be both, more love and more goodness. This exercise removes many unwanted mental and psychological blockades; it makes the barriers carried for centuries get burned to nothingness. Practise it once a day, best during early morning time. It will help you put the day in the right perspective.


Master, but one more thing – how to end it?

Let the small ball of light stay in the area of the third eye inside the head for about five minutes and then stop paying attention to it.


I did as You said. I imagined a stream of light flowing down on the top of my head and then slowly down along the spine. It was accompanied by a slight feeling of touch, a cool current along the fingers. I felt uneasy while creating the sphere and not seeing You around. I like seeing You during meditation, otherwise I feel that the meditation is empty. You sat next to me and I took your hand. And it was wonderful. It is fantastic to be with someone you love and who is the very tender and loving Love. As usual, I am lost for words to express what I feel.

After a few minutes of calming down the sphere shrank and moved to the heart. Here I saw something like a hand with a big jewel. Suddenly the jewel burst with light and began to sparkle and vibrate. Nevertheless, I kept concentrating on You and your closeness. After the time for this part of the exercise has passed I moved the small ball to the centre area of the brain. “Now it will be more difficult,” I heard. And it really was. I spend much of my time on intellectual work and so surely have many blockades But I feel that some of them began to dissolve and disappear.

Master, do You have any comment to this exercise?

Yes. Placing a favourite form of Divinity inside the light ball, in its centre, is a good supplement to the exercise. Divinity should always be in the sphere of your inner perception. It is a guarantee of better decisions resulting from clearer reception of Divinity itself.


If you become aware of the God in you and the God in all else, there is nothing to equal the peace and joy that you get. ~ Sathya Sai Baba [October 16, 1964]

Fill your every breath with love. Love does not know fear. Fear draws man into falsehood, injustice and evil. Love does not desire any prize. Only those who do not have love in them desire reward and fame. Love is the reward itself. When you want to make a sacrifice to God, let it be love, and not only material objects. Love is not merchandise; do not try to make a good deal in it. Let it flow from the heart as the stream of truth, the river of wisdom. Do not let it emanate from the head or the tongue. Let it emerge – full and free – from the heart. Buddhi (intellect) revels in discussion and disputation; once you yield to the temptation of dialectics, it takes a long time for you to escape from its shackles and efface it and enjoy the bliss which comes from its nullification. You must all the while be aware of the limitation of reason. Logic must give way to Logos and Deduction must yield place to Devotion. Buddhi can help you only some distance along the Godward path; the rest is illuminated by intuition. ~ Sathya Sai Baba [Sathya Sai Speaks, vol I]


indivisible oneness, the oneness in love …


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