Conversations with the Master: The Secretary writes

The Master indicates that it is time to move on to the next book, “Love in Action”. We will share excerpts from this volume regularly, at the start of the week, and we may also be sharing material from documents referred to in this volume. Love in Action is a FOUNDATION for Ascenscion, that is, living and loving daily in relationship with the Source of All Creation. In this missive the (secretary) shares an overview of this volume.


1. A Few Words from the Secretary

To fully understand and experience the message of this book an approach full of expectation and love is needed. It cannot be simply read just like any other book. Such an approach will not reveal the treasures that are hidden within. The Love that you, the Reader, can experience is the greatest of these treasures; love that continuously flows from the Highest towards us, to the world we live in.

However, our culture and our religion do not give us the opportunity to establish direct communication with the loving Creator. It is not taught in schools, not talked about at home. We cannot hear about these things on the radio nor television. There are hardly any books on this subject. It is time to change this state of affairs, and say openly how we can establish direct communication with the highest, most loving and most powerful Force in this and all the Universes.

It is just wonderful that we can take this step irrespective of the place where we are, the time, and the activities that we are engaged in. And that it is very, very simple.

We identify with what we do and with who we believe we are, we take into account the opinions of our parents and the environment and this is how we shape ourselves. But this is not everything to it. There are areas not accessible for the mind, areas of ourselves where we are in unity with the Creator. This book and the content herein are a guide for everyone on the way to the very top, on the way to where the Supreme Love, with time, becomes your guide.

The touch of living Love can transform and convince you of actually moving towards the loving Divinity. This path consists of certain proportions of learning love, learning staying in Love, learning to function on the basis of it, functioning as a human being enlightened by love and devotion to the loving Creator.

Humility is very important on the path. We will not reach deeper into love if we do not stop being a centre of self-aggrandisement. When we stop being interested in ourselves God smiles. More than 50% of problems disappear from our thinking horizon with the coming of humility. It could be even 80% – it was more or less so in my case.

Although there appear examples and events from my present life in the book, do not let it mislead you, the Reader. As a secretary I am not important at all. My life is not quite any message. The Love of the Master of Masters is the message. I, like you, am one of millions of pilgrims on a journey towards the loving Light. It is not worth your while to count on others, nor to look around. You have too little time for that.

I once asked the Master what purpose these writings serve. He answered that they are to serve showing how one can live with Him in love in the midst of daily events, living and working in the world.

This book does not have any special order, it is not any systematic treatise, and the knowledge that Master passes on is interspersed with examples embedded in everyday life. I believe it is intended to be so for it constitutes more a guide to your own discovery and an individual journey towards Love than detailed intellectual studies. They are not needed here. Too many deliberations block the path of love. There comes the time to stop thinking about being good and to begin being good. You will not reach love with the mind – it is of lesser use here. Neither the word love nor the concept of love is love itself. However, there are such who do feel it as a sweet and deeply moving feeling flowing from God-who-loves-you. This is real and is not just a concept. It can be experienced and experienced every day. It can be and even needs to be experienced for our life is not full without it.

This book is meant to be a guide for You, the Reader, in your own journey towards Love. Someone will speak to you from its pages – not once and not twice. Someone will gift you with Love as many times as you reach for it and turn towards Him. You will see, touch and experience for yourself. Perhaps a dose of patience and work will be needed, but be sure that it will be so. The sensations and experiences of many readers of the previous two books are the proof. They came to existence in order for the loving Master to be able to speak to every one of you – to you, to me. And it does happen every day. It is unusual, but true. You can try it for yourself and the content provided here will certainly be helpful for you.

May this book become a gate towards Light and Love for you – a gate in a hermetic wall created by our culture and religion. May it become a way out of the trap of this world, the trap created in our hearts and minds. Our mind’s guardian is ego, the feeling of separateness and superiority. It is stuck very deeply in our hearts. In this book the Master shows the sure path to diminishing the influence of the ego on us. And a smaller ego means greater comfort in life, less problems, more lightness and joy. Unfortunately, our world cultivates ego with enthusiasm and this is the reason why there are so many unhappy people in it.

The illness of egoism and ignorance has bothered this world for a long time. The world in its madness claims that it is just the way it has to be and that this is the most proper of all states. But if every one of us is sick then Love sets right proportions and administers medicines according to our needs. Love is the best of all medicines. It is unspeakably sweet sometimes, and sometimes received outwardly as a bitter fruit of own deeds. It is bitter, but when we understand the lesson, it becomes the lasting foundation for the higher good.

The book may lead you, the Reader, to the point where someone will show you what is happening here behind the scenes. I will reveal it to you right now. You will see Love behind the curtain, the loving Divinity ready to serve, to give and to raise every situation towards itself at any time.

It is strange how this world can be looked at with eyes of love. It is a vastly different view from what parents, society, culture and religion have passed on to us. When you learn looking at the world in the new way you will see the mental and spiritual poverty we live every day, claiming that we have reached the peak of development. As humanity, with ‘our’ achievements we have not even got past the doorstep and, what is worse, most of us stubbornly claim that there is no door and that there has never been.

Yet, for thousands of years many people have crossed the invisible boundary and served mankind with descriptions of the beings they found there and the spiritual states that were given to them. You will find traces of their accomplishments in every religion and culture. They exist in abundance and there will be even more, as there is a lot pointing to the Spiritual era that begins right now – a golden era of humanity where spirituality will be the primary element of everyday life. Spirituality, Love and Divinity.

As a matter of fact not much will change; only we will mature and will be strong enough to push the door harder and look in and then get inside. We will see there what has always been here. The Golden Era is there already, it has never ended. The Divine Kingdom, the kingdom of Light and Love has been here all the time and we have all been living in it. The loving Divinity is always available within arm’s reach. It always is — it is everywhere and there is no place where it is not! It is finally time to see this Truth, touch it and live with it every day.

And this is just the purpose of this book. Let me say it in a different way and possibly more clearly: the goal is to help you, the Reader, to enter, touch, experience and see for yourself what the truth is. So that you at least for a while (to start with) could experience the sweetness of His Love and happiness that He is. So that nobody will be able to trick you, claiming that it is otherwise. So that you become independent of all beliefs, religions and theories related to them. So that you experience what the truth is.

You do not need to believe – it is absolutely unnecessary. I say this emphatically: faith has nothing to do with anything here. Try and you will see for yourself. What is important is the direct experience, touch, and feeling of Divine Love.

The only thing that is needed to accomplish this Goal, to “carry” you, the Reader over these few steps forward towards Light, is your cooperation. What I mean by that are three simple steps that I would like you to repeat every time you reach for this book. These steps are easy and do not require any effort on your part.

  • Firstly, ask the loving Creator to guide your understanding of things and matters contained herein.
  • Secondly, open yourself onto love that constantly flows from Him, no matter where you are and what you do.
  • Thirdly, smile at Him! Life in Him and with Him is a great adventure, so wonderful that you have no idea of it today.

And now get to work and hit the road!

(to be continued)


Motto: We can treat the loving Divinity as our Mother, Father, Child, Friend or Lover. Since the Supreme Being is extremely gracious, we can approach, love and worship it in thousands of our chosen ways.