Conversations with the Master: The Author Speaks

The Master indicates that it is time to move on to the next book, “Love in Action”. Here, the Master takes over and speaks of the Journey of Love to Love in Love. Is such a journey possible? The Master will take you in his arms, with pure love, and protect you with his loving gaze, right into your eyes, every iota of the journey, every breath, every step. The Master. Pure Love.


The Author Speaks

Love is the best path towards ONE-who-loves-you. Come close and cuddle up with your Father, the loving Creator.

Stay in love whatever you do.

And then become one with it. Learn this. I will teach you that. This is what this book is for.

It is my gift to hearts loving the Creator and asking for His support for many, many centuries. This is a special work, fully devoted to experiencing and approaching Divinity.

Have no doubt that the book you are holding now in your hands is one of the most important in your life – most important for many of you. I am here and I will prove it to you.

Let my words become a challenge for you. You will go through and experience the living, fully alive Love of the Creator. You may still think and say today that it is not possible. Check and see for yourselves.

During the coming days I will show you not one but, many proofs while you read.

Remember then that Divinity is pure Love. God, the loving Creator is tender and pure Love.

All other states fade into the past.

Now is the time of Love, Joy and Bliss.

This book will lead you to a direct feeling of the living closeness of the loving Creator. Do not be afraid – one need not be afraid of the loving Father. He is the most affectionate and devoted Being in the Universe. Always remember that. Keep coming back to this Principle, when your first experiences appear. They may be accompanied by fear of the unknown.

Religion instilled fear into you. This is a big mistake. One should not be fearful, you need not fear and it is absolutely worthless to be afraid of the loving Divinity. The loving Creator is pure Love; He is neither a stern judge nor a supercilious old man. He is an incessant outburst of the purest Love.

It is someone very, very dear and close to all hearts, whose name evokes tremors full of love and emotion. Showing and proving this to you is my task in this book.

And believe me, I WILL DO THAT.

Dear Master, I will allow myself to express my surprise at your firm and strong words.

The time has come for getting down to business. Everything that has happened so far was only a preparation for what I will reveal now. There are already many people ready to take a decisive step towards the loving Divinity. They have already matured and have been waiting. Nothing stands in their way to fulfil their request.

Master, I admit that I am feeling an amazing and deep joy flowing from your words.

And there is much to be delighted with. The centuries of darkness that you have stayed in are fading into the past. You persuaded yourselves and were made to believe a lot of falsehood about Divinity. The time has come to empty minds and purify hearts of all such false views. For many, many of you, there has come the time of directly looking into the Light, of touching it. The time of merging into one with Him has come for many, many people.

This is already the time. And I decided to tell precisely this in this book.

I decided not only to talk, but, in contrast to my other works, to act as well.

I decided to manifest more often as Love in the lives of all people who turn to me. Approach, get close, become one with Love that I am. This is the time. This is the right time. Today, here and now.

I am in you and around you, under and above you. I am everything that exists. I am Love. I am that Power you call God. Would you like to learn what is hidden behind that Word? Now you have this possibility.

No more barriers. Let Love and Lightness prevail.

Leave off books, theories and dogmas. You are entering the period wherein the loving Divinity becomes a direct Teacher and Guide for every one of you.

Get close. Take one step in my direction and I will take ten in your direction.

This is an amazing promise! Master, what will it look like, so to say, physically?

This book is an offer of cooperation with everyone who will decide to turn towards Love.

It is said: “Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given you”. Seek love, keep turning towards it, and ask the Highest, the loving Teacher for it.

Begin working in this direction. And then start watching your life. I guarantee you will notice my actions.

Remember, events are signs, but are not any achievement. Your closeness to Love, living in it, staying in it, heading towards it and being guided by it are the achievements I want for you. I will teach you in this book how to notice Divinity everywhere it is. That is everywhere.

Events inspired by me are a sign and a preliminary to a greater closeness and closer cooperation. Love is what counts and so do head towards it.

Master, and what are the readers supposed to expect? What will be happening?

Let them expect love and a whole lot of surprising situations and many gifts from me. Life is joy.

Look, listen, observe. People tell jokes and it becomes cheerful. But there is a Being that can joke with situations.

Who is He?

Knock, knock, knock! Someone is knocking? Who is there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Smile! A day without a smile is a wasted day.

Live with love in Love.

Love! Love! Become what you truly are – the embodiments of love. No matter how others treat you or what they think of you, do not worry. Follow Jesus Christ. Love for your own evolution and not for what others say. Do not imitate others. Cultivate your own life. You have your own heart, your own opinion, your ideas, your own will. Why then imitate? Imitation is human, they say; but creation is Divine. Follow your chosen path. Let your own experience of God be your guide and master.
Sathya Sai Baba [December 25, 1979]

A deep enquiry will reveal that
Nothing equals Love in this world
Be it charity, sacred rituals, penance,
Wisdom, purity, or adherence to truth
And Sanathana Dharma.
Sathya Sai Baba [Telugu poem, July 28, 1999]

You are born to experience love. Your life is full of love. But you are not able to understand this Principle of Love. There is nothing greater than love in this world. Love is God, God is Love. So live in love.
Sathya Sai Baba [July 26, 1999]

At the evening of your life, you will be examined in love. Learn to love as God desires to be loved and abandon your own ways of acting. The further you withdraw from earthly things the closer you approach heavenly things and the more you find in God.
John Yepes [Sayings of Light and Love]

I will give a few meditations now that will help you see (what has been so far) hidden aspects of Reality. They will also help you get close to Love.

When the mind and heart change, the perception of God, oneself and the world also changes.

Changes in action follow the changes of perception.

You, the Reader, will be learning getting close to me in a more orderly way. Let us get going then.

When will we begin?

Why not at once?

Let learning of love to the Creator as a central subject of the program be the starting point.

Insert below a few pages from the previous book – those dedicated to meditation. The meditations on the closeness to the Creator constitute the first step on your path.

At the same time, this is the step to which it is worthwhile, possible and advisable to often return to.

Meditation brings the sweetness of the Divine Presence into your lives.

A life without practising the meditation of love is a life wasted.

By which power of love the earth does rotate without axle or bearing,
By which power of love do the stars remain in the sky without falling on the earth,
By which power of love do the oceans confine themselves to the limits without
inundating the earth,
By which power of love does the wind-god blow the cool breeze in all the worlds,
That mighty power of love is verily the Atmic power.
That power of love is most wonderful, unique and all-pervasive.
The entire creation is permeated with love.
Sathya Sai Baba [October 25, 2004]

(to be continued)


By which power of love do the stars remain in the sky without falling on the earth,