The Rising of the Feminine:

The Feminine: DurgaAs we have reported recently, there has been a shift in the energies on Earth. This shift has come from “Upstairs” through the loosening of the Stargates, the raising of energy to match the 5th Dimension, and boost given at the Solstice in December of 2020, and more recently, at the Equinox of March 2021. The March 2021 Solstice was a raising of energy to match what is called Feminine Energy, to bring about a balance on Earth. Males have controlled religions through fear, and there is a observable imbalance in the time spirals. Hence, raising of the Feminine Energy.

The Man in Black
Everything in the universe is energy, so everything that manifests in the universe, whether perceived by Earth humans as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ comes originally from Source.

Source (God) Energy is non-polarized. It is neither negative (yin) nor positive (yang), but rather composed of BOTH polarities held in a state of perfect Oneness/Balance. However, once Energy moves out from Source and transmutes to a lower frequency, and most especially on a highly polarized planet such as Earth, separation and polarization occur. One aspect of extreme polarization are the illusions of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ In the Greater Reality, these opposites do not apply, all is Oneness and Balance, but in 3-D Earth-plane manifestation, yes, such states are a subjective reality.

The Hathors tell:
From the perspective of the highest dimensions we have attained, which we call the Aethos, there is no conflict. All polarities are resolved in the infinite expanse of equanimity. Thus, from this perspective, all that unfolds in your experience upon your Earth is a transient display of light and energy and is dreamlike in its nature. It has no substance. It is a magical display of Cosmic Mind.

The rising feminineThe Rising Feminine
I’d like to tell you a little story about your own world. You’re starting to understand more and more about the feminine rising. It’s been an important part, and yet it doesn’t hold all the answers for humanity. It simply gives you a new base, a new tool, and new energies to work with, from which you can challenge and even perfect your world. But as we’ve mentioned, dear ones, the challenge is to find a balance.

Yes, that’s the difficult part. We can point to many times on planet Earth where the masculine energy was in charge. We can point to other times, although not quite as many, where the feminine energy was in charge. Both can be out of balance, and that’s one of the key elements many people are starting to work with. It’s part of the reason that you have so many new ideas about sexuality on your planet, not even necessarily new, but certainly out in the open. Isn’t that wonderful? New ideas, concepts, and new ways of working with all of your energies. It’s an incredible time for you to be alive and in one of those bodies. We’d like to share one of the stories about this day, about your own world.

Chimpanzees and Bonobos
Chimpanzees, or Chimps, are familiar to most humans. Born with bright faces that turn dark over time, they emulate humans in many ways including the use of tools. The Chimps spend their time hunting and gathering food. They are clearly a male dominated society; the males dominate with force, often showing extreme cruelty especially toward females. Aggression is common, and when a male takes over another male’s family, he kills the babies.

Bonobos are another branch of ape from the Congo; Chimps evolved north of the river, and the Bonobos inhabited land south of the river. In contrast, Bonobos are born with unchanging faces and have evolved into a female dominant society.

About 90 years ago it was discovered that they were actually two separate species, although their DNA is very close. Of course, it’s worth noting that each of them have DNA that is closer to humans than to each other. Bonobos, born with unchanging faces, have evolved into a female dominant society.

Here they spend less than four hours a day hunting and gathering, while the rest of their day is spent playing, grooming and nurturing each other. The Chimps and Bonobos have developed in totally different ways. Chimps, like humans, spend most of their life gathering food, foresting, working, doing whatever it is to support the physical. However, the Bonobos spent less than 30% of their time doing that. It was more important for them to have time to relax, play with one other, nurture each other with special attention to the children. It is common for Bonobo females to nurture each other’s children. The Bonobo males provide security but in a unique, harmonious way, showing strength in numbers. There are other similarities that apply to the human condition at this moment. The feminine energy is rising, it is meeting massive resistance to changes in the perceived norms, as well as to those invested in masculine energy.

“Machig II” by Images of Enlightenment / Dakini As Art /

The New Balance
As the feminine rises there will be many changes in the way things are done. In both of the masculine and feminine there are imbalances. From the hundreds of billions of games throughout the universe, very few have ever achieved more than a momentary balance of this energy. We believe that humanity has a good chance to achieve this balance. From humanity’s standpoint, this balance is rather challenging because you’ve been dominated by masculine energy for quite some time. And it’s difficult to even imagine what a softer, gentler, inclusive world would be like. You’re living in the times of mastery. Yes, these are the times where you can have all the experiences needed to figure out what’s important to you.


Ardhanareeshwara is a combination of three words “Ardha,” “Nari,” and “Ishwara” means “half,” “woman,” and “lord,” respectively, which when combined means the lord whose half is a woman. Lord Shiva is worshipped as an androgynous Lord and God, with male and female parts.