Spiritual Effort and Covid-19

Women and the PandemicA teaching was given by Sri Sathya Sai Baba: as the feeling, so the result. How you feel about matters comes to motion: e→motion. How you feel about Covid-19 is the result, the life you will create for yourself.

The signature of our lives is found in the soul contract, the purpose for which we chose our birth. Our soul contract comprises the family we are born into, the people we hang out with, the occupation we choose, the person we have for our life-partner, and the children we bring into this world. We also come with some skills from our past life. You have seen and heard of the wunderkind, the children who are musical maestros at 5 years of age, the girl who completes a doctorate in physics at the age of 11. These are skills acquired in a past life and carried over into this life. So our soul contract is a cornucopia of family, people, attitudes, tasks, skills, like this.

Part of our soul contract was to be born at this time of Covid-19. To live through a pandemic. To suffer the slings of misfortune, to lose a job, to endure curfew, to get into financial binds that seem inescapable. Wear a mask, check in everywhere, wait for the vaccination. Separated from loved ones and family. To helplessly watch the public discourse as more and more people are defined as close contacts, have to go into mandatory quarantine, and want to take arms against a sea of troubles.

Yad bhavati, tad bhavatum. As the feeling, so the result. If we feel that we are immersed in a sea of troubles, then that will be our experience. If we follow dharma, follow right conduct, and manage the mind, then we will have an experience, an attitude towards current events of our own choosing. We may make or mar the result.

We know that this is the time of the Golden Age, the Ascension to the higher dimensions. Much has been promised about this Golden Age, how there will be no talk of war, and those who have disagreements will sit down and discuss their differences and not take up weapons one against another. We know that all children born after the year 2000 have access to the full spectrum of light, and have access to realms, dimensions and experiences that the older ones do not have. We have been told that these children will take us by the hand and lead us into the future of humanity sans fear.

We will live in a new world without fear. We will live in a new world, bathed in the energy-frequency-vibration of the Grand Central Sun of all Universes: we will live in the new world side-by-side with the LOVE of the Source of the All, whomsoever you name the Source of the All. It will be a Golden Age for all who choose to go into that Golden Age.

Which brings us back to the sober news released by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations last week: 4 million people have succumbed to this pandemic, and there is an urgent need to bring vaccination to those countries that are poverty stricken and unable to afford to vaccinate their population. The vaccinations will come. People will be protected. Meanwhile, those souls who had a contract to leave at this time, do so. “Upstairs” shares that each and every one of them is met by an Angelic being, and they are taken to a better place, where there is no Covid 19, no pain, no suffering, no intubation, no need for the hospital or hospice. Upstairs – through many mediums – has given out the message that those who have left, chose to do so, and are being looked after.

Coronavirus is here for a time yet. There is a need for the Leadership of nations to sit down and agree together to work for the good of the All. Some nations have done this and given part of their vaccination to poorer nations. Other nations are sitting down to sort the environment and address the other global pandemic, the Climate Change. The leadership needs to sit down and discuss how to protect the planet and address the climate change. There is a need for these conversations to rise to a higher consciousness.

You can assist in this rise to a higher consciousness. Sit and relax and go to your soul. (If you cannot see this with your inner eye, THINK it, and it shall be so.) Put your hands on your heart, fill them with light from the soul, and raise your hands up, sending the light to all those who will lead us out of the pandemic, all those who will lead us out of the environmental disaster and the climate change. Do this as often as you feel the need. Leave the result to the Source, let the Source take your energy and use it where it is needed most. Leave the result to the Source, you will blessed, blessed, blessed.


Heart light