Dusshera – October 26 – Vijaya Dasami


The Navarathri is the Festival to commemorate the Victory of Good over Evil. The Embodiment of Divine Power (of Para-sakthi), in its various manifestations, Sathwic (as Maha-saraswathi), Rajasic (as Maha-lakshmi), Thamasic (as Maha Kali) Was able to overcome the forces of vice, wickedness and egoism during the Nine Days’ struggle and finally, on Vijaya Dasami Day (the Tenth Day commemorating Victory), the Valedictory Worship is done.

Calendars (panchang) vary from state to state in India, the north can vary from the South, Bengal varies from Tamil Nadu and other states have different days for Dusshera. Many states observed this day on October 25 due Adhika Masam, and other reasons. We post today, as given above.

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