Looking at Climate Change – 2nd House

The second house is readily known as a house of wealth. It is also a house of skill acquisition, where we learn the skills to earn our daily keep. In the matter of climate change, wealth has a larger meaning beyond any specific source of income – for climate change affects the entire planet. In this instance, we presume a Cancer lagna and look to Leo as 2nd House with Mercury conjunct Rahu. What opportunities exist for sources of wealth in the renewables sector with these planets in the 2nd House?


Whereas Leo is the traditional fifth house, the home of the Sun, and another sign of fire element, in this instance, we look to Leo as the 2nd House, with Cancer Lagna. Facing East, Leo is of fixed nature, warming, signifies renewables of the solar type, and future energies. As every action produces a reaction, signification of this sign and house would be of enduring effect; malefics and benefic influence would be long lasting.

Examining astrology and climate change, we look to the 2nd House, which is a wealth house. Non-renewable energy will be exhausted and not be a sustainable source of neither energy nor wealth. It will destroy our planet in the long term. When we look to renewable energy, we consider the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire Water, and then consider the sources of renewable energy: Biomass, Wind, Solar and Geothermal energy from the Earth. In looking to Leo, a pitta (fire) sign ruled by fire planet, then Concentrated Solar Thermal source of energy – which provides energy after the Sun has set – is both a viable source and receptive to national energy grid demands.

Future energy reflects development of renewable energies: these are derived from solar, wind, wave and geothermal sources. In order to reap the harvest of renewable sources, we need definition, capital, allocation of resources, land and sea, we need negotiation, commitment and practical outcomes that translate to action quickly with benefits allocated to an entire are of population, industry and commerce. Thus do we engage in protection of the community, protection of industry, protection of trade and commerce and protect future revenue and distributable incomes for all. The second house represents goal of life – purushartha – by name wealth. In considering renewable energy, we take steps to future-proof the wealth of all.

Rahu in the second house behaves as a malefic for Cancer lagna. Where Rahu is ambitious, the rogue, the fraud, chalakara, the effects in second house may well be seen as hiding – with a smokescreen – opportunities for conservation of natural fire-related resources (coal, shale, oil, similar fossil fuels) in order that past ways of protection of profits continue. Rahu is the giver of fraud, smoky, hiding the clear light of day, and in this instance, as malefic, works to save his own treasuries of limited resources and knowledge. Rahu works against conservation of resources and actively putting into action renewable sources of energy.



Mercury in second house is afflicted by association with Rahu. Keep in mind that Mercury takes the nature of any planet it is conjunct. Where Mercury is communication, exchange, fast transfer of data and knowledge, bringing information sources together to confect new sources of understanding and rise of knowledge base, where Mercury is afflicted, there is going to be knowledge, communication and resources going awry.

Where Mercury in second house represents the narrative – exchange of information, building up of natural resources in our environment – particularly through understandings of past history of a natural resource and the uses to which it has been put or built up its own resource depth, afflicted Mercury will present poor communication, mis-understanding, mis-interpretation, missed connections, ignorance of previous conditions and wealth of knowledge, and a failed appreciation of historic, linguistic capital.

Afflicted Mercury in the 2nd House indicates that the narrative of renewable energies, solar outcomes (in this instance, 2nd House is Leo, fire and of fixed nature) are likely to be missed, misunderstood, with lost opportunities which may not be rectified or overcome for long periods of time. In this agenda and situation, moneys (wealth) are likely to end up misused.


 wealth must circulate; so also, opportunities for wealth in renewables must be shared around for all to benefit




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