Full Moon, October 2018

A full moon occurs early morning of 25 October 2018 – in the Southern Hemisphere. The Full Moon occurs in a dharma house and ushers in new paradigms of belief. The planets stand ready to assist this translation to the energies of Ascension.


October Full Moon

This full moon occurs in Aries, a dharma house, the 9th from the ascendant, Leo. The ascendant is in Magha nakshatra, owned by the giver of liberation, Ketu. Here it is seen that the work of Ketu is motivated by the benefic aspect of Mars in Capricorn, where Mars is exalted. Ketu, as moksha karaka, makes you work, and work alone doing much inner work on the journey to Oneness with All that Is, the journey that destroys illusion, and that of separateness.

The Sun, opposing the Moon, is in Libra, where it is debilitated in normal understanding. However, examining further, we find that this debilitation is cancelled by several events in the full moon chart. The sun is the second significator of the soul, and usually, the indicator of how the ego will take control of affairs this lifetime. However, the sign of debilitation suggests the ego has surrendered its place to the soul, where the “I am” is uttered. This “I am” self-centric identity is formed by thought-streams emitting from The Series of Suns, a Series of Suns emitting the energies of Ascension to higher dimensions, right to our own galaxy and our own Sun. In this wise, one may radiate the “right harmony”. One radiates confidence in matters of balance and good design. There is an appreciation for the need for individual self interest to be included in the design of harmonious relationships.

There are indications that many individuals have karma to complete. We prefer to say that the remainder of humanity – devoted to money, power, sex and success – have a lot of catching up to do. It is almost as if they cannot stand the heat in the kitchen – or the light that is emerging from their souls into the basement of their conscious minds demanding this wake up call. The “I am” self-centric identity has been cancelled by the debilitation of the second significator of the soul; people can pursue good efforts, good karma and enjoy good results. We can be immersed in the world, or we can do good and do God, as Sri Sathya Sai Baba tells:



At home with the new dimensions, new energies

Scorpio is the sign of mystery, secrets, occult teachings mystical experiences. Scorpio is also the home of knowing and experiencing the new dimensions, new energies of Ascension. We see the 3rd and 4th dimensions have blended to become one, there is the 5th dimension of awakening DNA and psychic experiences, we see the 6th dimension of time speeding up, of light having more density and brightness and heretofore unknown spectra beyond that of the 3rd dimension. We also have higher capacity for clairsentience and communications beyond our own galaxy to other galaxies and universes. Jupiter in Scorpio at this full moon unfolds the role/the grasping of individuals/the dissemination of para vidya – the higher truths, the truths and knowledge based on purity of thoughts, words and actions. Here, Jupiter expands, multiplies knowledge and understanding. As guru of para vidya, Jupiter as Guru is the one who grasps, the one who removes the darkness.

Saturn in Sagittarius resides in Mula nakshatra, another nakshatra lorded by Ketu. The 5th house being the house of intelligence, and Mula nakshatra coming from the centre of our galaxy, this suggests a flow of energy – dhi (intelligence) from the Central Sun of our galaxy. Saturn in fact is busy bringing structure and guidance to this interdimensional creativity flowing from the Central Sun of our galaxy. Saturn provides the energies, the restrictions, the slowing down to engage in constant disciplined practice that allows proper integration and self-management of these energies. We take a minor diversion and beg your pardon as we unfold the work of Saturn further.

The minor diversion is that most people are led about by their minds, and do not know that the mind is the servant and not the internal master of all that is within your own self. You have a soul, you have an intellect which is illuminated by the Soul itself (in fact, the intellect obtains up to 80% of its illumination from the Soul) so one may harness the mind in order that it is reined in and set about in proper tasks. This is what self-respect and self-discipline produce. Understand that Saturn refracts light energy from the Sun, along with magnetic energy to the soul to ensure certain effects ensue internally – this is the normal “grasping” work of a planet – any planet. In this wise, Saturn is causing a certain activation of inner processes to slow down and take up the new energies, the activation of junk DNA, the inbreaking of the psychic dimensions of Ascension carefully. That is Saturn’s job, in this instance, so nicely placed in Mula nakshatra, strengthening inner self-discipline.


looking at the galactic centre of the Milky Way

For some, the work of Saturn can be a big frustration instigating durance vile, a horrid time. Entry into Ascension is a process; we did not all wake up on 21 December 2012 with light bodies. Yes, the portals opened, yes the light grids were lowered, yes, the Ascension energies were activated on Earth and the blending of 3D and 4D realities commenced. The portals were available and open to ALL, conforming with the lowest common denominator. ALL get into the world of Ascension. All forms of life – the very Earth herself, all that live within her and upon her, all the minerals, plants, insects, animals and humans – all are bathed in the Ascension energies and all get into the higher dimensions. It takes time, it takes the grasping of Saturn to bed down the new intelligence, the new energies.

Mars the warrior is the next planet we encounter: 2/12 to Saturn causing internal resistance to change, which has to be overcome. Mars the warrior has to fight this pattern of victimhood. Mars in the 6th house will fight and win against the old patterns of the mind, and this includes inherited patterns from the ancestors. (The Biblical strophe about the sins of the parents being visited unto the 7th generation holds true.) There is the war of the rules, the displaced hierarchies of what we were taught as very little children about the world, about right and wrong, and the dominance of religious hierarchies of doctrine and dogma on the mind.

Mars the warrior does battle against scruples and scrupulosity – principally attachment to the old ways, the old teachings, the old habits, like “same old, same old”. The old paradigms are changing, we have an obligation to live the new teachings of Ascension, which open up new vistas of dynamic imagination. The rigidity of unquestioning adherence to old doctrines passes away. We are called to do community service: that service is our way of life, our thoughts, words and deeds which infiltrate the aura and send out messages to others about who we are, what we want and what we need: all this – as community service – is transformed to a new expression of who we are (children of immortality, we have had lives before, we will have many lives again); what we want (a life, a planet, a world, a galaxy filled with love and light); and what we need: connection to the Source of the All that we might be living, loving expressions of the Source of the All – whatever name we put on that.

At this time of Full Moon, we find the Moon in the 9th house, a dharma house which familiarises us with the world of spirit, the temple within and the balance of masculine and feminine: the androgynous soul. The 9th is the house of the father, the masculine; the Moon, the feminine principle in the 9th house brings about the marriage of the binary opposites of male, female: many young children these days embody this marriage and hence have gender dysphoria, are intersex, and frequently appear to be androgynous. This is one fruit of these days of Ascension and the souls that are born into these times embodying the full spectrum of light; these are those we call the rainbow children.

The Moon in the 9th house also functions to make us familiar with the new paradigms (the higher dimensions) and the flow of faith in the Self. The Moon – the presiding deity of the mind – grants light and magnetism – and uncovers that this is a time to drop doubts and start living by these Ascension truths. These truths (about life in the many universes, about divinity in all places, about the star people and their vessels, the Ascension energies, the activation of so-called junk-DNA, the unfolding of psychic awareness within) are not something which is yet to come with the sightings of mass fleets of starships and motherships (some of which are larger than our planet) and so-called UFO’s. These truths of Ascension exist in the moment of now and are not reliant on encounter with Greys, Zeta Reticulans, Andromedians nor “little green men from Mars”. The world of Ascension is now; the dimensions of Ascension are open to all who seek them. The truths of Ascension are now, and these are divine truths, for the Vedas teach, “Truth is the basis of the Universe”.

There is another function of the Moon in the 9th house, for it is 10th from its own sign, and hence, in the house of karma. As we shared earlier, the Moon is the presiding deity of the mind, and the mind can be captive to its own inherited patterns, the patterns of thoughts and feelings brought from past lives, along with karma from our past. In these times of Ascension, we may wipe the slate clean and begin again. The Moon – in Aries, a movable sign – is a place where karma can be wiped away. Moon in Aries presents us with adhridha karma – where karma may be overcome (wiped away) by righteous actions (dharma). We keep in mind that the Moon is in a dharma house, the 9th. On 2 June 2015, Cosmic Sai Baba told,

There is much in you – that you can explore – if you like. Or, you can choose to let that all go … and ask for the Source of Creation to help you let it go … and begin afresh – shall we say – with the slate wiped clean.

Because, it is a time of change; it is a time that is happening now – for all peoples to walk forward – with a weight lifted away from them – from the past karmic debt that they have – and move forward into a New Age – The Golden Age, that has been prophesied for a long time, now.

We can let the past go, we may let the inherited patterns go, we may let the thoughts and impressions we brought across to spend as karma this lifetime go – all we need to do is ask the Source of Creation to help you let it go.



At this time of Full Moon, the shadow planet Rahu is in the 12th house, confirming this is a time of psychic awakening, of clairsentient wisdom, inner spiritual guidance, and the presence of spirit guides and ancestor spirits. This is frequently made manifest through music, stories, painting and poetry. We have one caveat prompted by the presence of Rahu in the 12th house (keep in mind that the planets may raise us up, they may tear us down – it is all depending on how we use the energies of the planets). We may utilise the presence of Rahu in the 12th house by using our common sense. In particular, our spiritual common sense, which is simply taking time, not haste, waste and worry, remembering God, and calmly discriminating right and wrong. Grounding in this systematic common sense is utterly necessary.

We look to the Navamsha, the 9th division or harmonic of the chart for the time of Full Moon in October. We find the Ascendant is in Rohini, the place where the Moon has many wives. Translated into the systematic common sense, there are many objects of infatuation. Infatuation is an interior obsession with the perfection of an object – think of Toad of Toad Hall and his infatuation with the auto-mobile, the motor car. It was the cause of his downfall. This children’s tale has the element of truth, for infatuation is not living in the world as it is. We are tempted to become infatuated with the emergent self of Ascension, and seek external validation. There is the frustration of seeking social mobility via experience of Ascension. No one can validate this for you, it is your own experience. You cannot validate this on Facebook, Wechat, Instagram, Flickr, whatever social media platform. Return to your systematic common sense, your spiritual common sense and bed these matters down by connecting with your soul, and building your spiritual muscles.

It is a temptation to go to another, a medium, a clairvoyant, psychic, to seek external validation of experience of Ascension energies and psychic development. Others cannot strengthen your “spiritual muscles”. Only by doing interior spiritual work can you strengthen your own spiritual muscles, as it were. You strengthen your own “spiritual muscles” with your own dialogues with the Divine, the interior resident of your heart, within, however that reveals and gifts you with its name. This is also something that takes time. An interior dialogue with the divine is something we have to persevere with, and with sincerity and integrity. We are not talking about asking which washing powder to buy in the supermarket; we are talking about seeking inner guidance, inner confirmation about the journey into Ascension and this Golden Age which is coming about. Ask, ask, ask, again and again, with Love. You will receive your answer.

The Hierarchy have advised us that the times of the Full Moon are times when energy is magnified, and multiplied. Groups sitting together in meditation on peace, harmony, goodwill towards all have a manifold affect on the energies surrounding our planet when they do this on the Full Moon day. If it is not possible to do so on the actual day, then, we have been told, the day before or the day after will also serve as days of excellence in sending out positive harmony, peace and helpful energies to all places on our Earth.

Meditating on light can raise the level of light within the individual. Meditating on light for our home, Planet Earth, can raise the level of light in places where this is needed. For LIGHT can be, as you know when you turn on a light in a room it has different voltages in different countries – in some countries it is brighter – sometimes it is darker. In a way, the Light in each individual on this Earth is the same. Sometimes it is brighter and sometimes it is darker. Such meditation is always of help to others.

Love and Light Meditation

Many of you are confused and would we say even ‘afeared’ of what is taking place in your world at this time. One does not know who or what is working for the Light. So much is being branded about, that one does not know which way to turn. We say … Turn Within … You do not need anyone or anything to go within side of yourself and ask LOVE to be your ONLY GUIDE.








Whenever fear or confusion arise … thank it. Thank yourself for recognising this is not of your desire and consciously … immediately … CHANGE that Energy into LOVE.

SMILE. Put a smile on your face and breathe in deeply … In your mind’s eye visualise a field of flowers opening up from a bud into full bloom. Visualise a dolphin jumping out of the ocean and splashing in play. Visualise an angel wrapping their wings around you. Visualise your entire Planet holding hands with one another and laughing …


Rise above all that you are being bombarded with.

All that you are presented with in so many forms … is to distract you from THE TRUTH.


If you do not know what to believe … then do not believe any of it!

Yet, YOU DO KNOW how to breathe and visualise a world that you want. EVERY BEING ON YOUR PLANET KNOWS HOW TO DO THAT.



The Energies that are coming in now are SO STRONG … SO POIGNANT … SO DETAILED.

They carry within them ‘Jewels of wonder.’

The Light contained within them CAN BE absorbed by you. Yet, you must be willing to accept them. Accept them by KNOWING THEM to be what they are.





As you allow them to penetrate into YOUR individual Energy you will Feel/ Experience the heightened level of yourself as the Energy coming in co-joins with your Energy … for it is one and the same. Would we say … an addition to.





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