Total Solar Eclipse: December 4, 2021

solar eclipseFollowing on from the Partial Lunar Eclipse of November 18-19, we have a Total Solar Eclipse on December 4th (or 5th, depending on your location). Weather permtting, this eclipse will be visible in the southern parts of Australia, South in Africa, South in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and all of Antarctica.

What do we see with this eclipse, and what energies are associated with this?

The lunar node Ketu is the cause of the eclipse. Ketu is called the ‘tail of the dragon’, the other half being Rahu – head of the dragon – who was the cause of the earlier eclipse during November. Ketu is mostly disconnected from the everyday world, a loss of connection to the external world, one who is liberated from external demands, forever wandering, disinterested, disengaged from the world of relationships, stimulation and change. While disconnected, Ketu is can be an excellent witness. The mind is ever outgoing; Ketu is not. Ketu explores the inner depths.

There are other planets in this eclipse. While Ketu, Sun and Moon form the eclipse triad, Mercury is very close to the Sun – less than three degrees – so we say Mercury is combust the Sun, is burnt out and this will make some (Gemini, Virgo Ascendant, Moon or Sun people) – and people running Mercury dasha period – feel flat, exhausted, unable to function and their customary levels of energy deflated. They will be experiencing communication delays. Much patience is needed, time is needed. The Sun and Moon are both in the same (step) (pada) of Jyestha, which is ruled by Mercury! So, it will be like a magnifying glass for some. Gemini, Virgo Ascendant, Moon or Sun people will need to take care: perhaps to take a break from it all, take a rest or take care of themselves and pace themselves. With Mercury burnt out, patience and long-suffering will be needful. If you have children, give them time to explain their actions, explain their feelings. This applies to Christmas festivities also: if you imbibe (or eat) too much – Gemini, Virgo Ascendant, Moon or Sun people – will definitely feel the effects. It will take much longer to recover. Teens, also.

This is an eclipse in Scorpio. Scorpio is the first house, the rising sign in this chart. This means – for everyone – at the time of the eclipse and for some days after, there may be some diminution of personality, of bon-vivant energy within. Scorpio is a fixed sign, a water sign, and kapha in dosha, the vital energy within. We know that eclipses affect nations more than individuals, but individuals who have planets in Scorpio or at the same degree of the eclipse (18:12) will feel some effects. As we mentioned above, take time to discover your own feelings, and find time to express yourself. If you are not being heard by the other (or others), write it out and send it by fire. Nishkama karma, offer the sending by fire to your divinity.

A Scorpio/Jyestha eclipse can trigger hidden fears and political issues. Take Omicrom, for example. Some are freaking out now; not good, for not enough is known about this mutation. We may feel the need to rise above endless restrictions, pandemic requirements, booster shots. Some say dark forces are behind all this. Jyestha is related to the holy river Ganga. Ganga is the one who can wash away our fears, wash away our sins and since she is a mother, one who can nurture our return to the light. Go there in your meditation; take a holy dip on the inner level. Receive her love and her blessings.

Seek fair trade, seek fair competition, seek justice and the balancing of karma. Iti drishti iti applies here (the seen reflects the seer). Be the change you want to see in the world. Sometimes the Source (or our istadevata or our inner divinity) tells us to ignore the news, don’t turn the television on, don’t use social media. Why? Because you – who are reading this – are called to the light: you are called to be the Light, be the Love and be the Truth in this world. You are not called to sensationalism, deception, and misled by the power by authoritarian forces which comprise governmental leaders and organisations as well as mainstream media propaganda outlets.

At this time of eclipse, Mars – Lord of Scorpio – is in the 12 th house in mutual opposition with Saturn. Mars is atmakaraka – significator of the soul – at this time, and is sandi, on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. 12th house raises matters of containment, incarceration, retreat, hospitalisation, and taking sacred time out, the domicile of the cenobites and recluses. Saturn, on the other hand, is the strongest planet in the eclipse chart, handing out patience, slowness, deliberation, reflection and perhaps, letting go of what Shakespeare called the hurly burly of every day life, and staying in the present moment as the witness. Past is past (leave it in the past), the future is not yet, the present is omnipresent.

In the Navamsha – relevant for people aged 48 and older – we see a slightly different measure of this eclipse. (The matters mentioned earlier are relevant and do provide effects, to a lesser degree, perhaps more so if you have planets in Scorpio…) Nonetheless, there is a different measure as the eclipse takes place in Sagittarius, a mutable sign, a fire sign, a sign ruled by Jupiter, and in the navamsha, it is planet Venus who is burnt out, and planet Venus who rules the nakshatra the eclipse takes place in: Purva ashadha.

In Navamsha – again – the eclipse is in the first house. This means – for everyone – at the time of the eclipse and for some days after, there may be some diminution of personality, of bon-vivant energy within. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so the fire may go low. Make allowances, don’t expect so much of yourself – just like the situation with Mercury being burnt out, those in the senior years may take time and do not haste, waste, worry.

We speak of Venus. For most people, Venus is thought to be the planet of love, sensual, sex, sex, sex, and look out if Venus is in a fire sign! Venus, on the other hand, has said that my significations are Divine Mother mantras, worshipful singing, Dance, Music, film making, painting, poetry, gardening, walking and communing with nature. With Venus burnt out (like Icarus, too close to the Sun) we may fall back to Earth with a certain crankiness, feeling crotchety, contrary, grumpy. Don’t let that be cast upon your kith and kin, the ones you love and care for. You can make the effort and seek out all these graceful and creative things Venus is the giver of.

With Purva ashadha, we may experience a diminution of these creative and graceful matters. Purva ashada carries within blockages to creativity, new skills, self-expression. It is Sattva, Rajas and Tamas in guna triplicity: this is balance, so strive for this balance and don’t let things get you down. The pandemic has multiplied mental illness worldwide; keep that illness out of your mind, be the master of the mind. Time, effort and nishkama karma, offering everything to your lord and God.

Do what feels right. (Keep in mind that prayer is magnified 100,000 times during times of eclipse.) I want to bring to your attention the saying in Vedanta, yad bhavati, tad bhavatum, as the feeling, so the result. If you feel something is true for you, it becomes true for you. If you feel it is right to chant a mantra 3, 5, 9, 11 or 108 times, go right ahead and do it. You will receive the benefit you feel you will obtain. So find the eclipse time for your nation, your region or your township, and do yourself a favour.

Voyage within you

Not much attention has been given to the Golden Age – nor the higher dimensions – in these times of a roiling pandemic, spreading uncharted and unchecked. Others – from other realms and dimensions – spoke of chaotic nodes where energies multiply to a point when they get out of control and affect the entire planet and all who live on her. As a result, we can expect ever-increasing levels of chaos—including but not limited to earthquakes, volcanic activity, aberrant weather patterns, ecological distress, as well as economic, social and political turmoil.

It is clear that these times are upon us, and that we are being misled by mainstream media propaganda outlets simply because they keep on hiking up bad news. Source – the Creator – has said that over 85% of people believe in divinity in one form or another, and that 100% of the good deeds they do – welfare, care for the widow and orphan, feeding and housing the needy – goes unreported. There is no profit in good news.

We spoke earlier of iti drishti iti – how the seen reflects the seer. If you see only negative things, then your outlook and attitude reflect what is within you. If you see the four horsemen of the apocalypse – war, famine, conquest and death – that is your reality and you will interpret the world and its events like so. Keep in mind, however, that those who have passed over during the pandemic – made a soul choice to leave at this time. This was their soul contract.

The pandemic has wrought subtle changes. Lockdown has enabled people to rely on their inner resources. Untapped creativity has emerged with home-schooling children and working from home. Travel to the central business district in the rat-race fell by the wayside. The common cold, flu, HIV infections and even cancer cases fell during this period. The subtle changes went further: the mother energy from Bhu devi – the Earth our Mother – began to rise. This rise was a increase in the crystalline energy, an energy that feeds the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions. It is what transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that strengthens immune systems and enables physical viability in the higher vibrations of fourth, fifth and sixth density planes where Earth is heading.

You may look to – nay, even seek – the plus, the upside of what has changed on Earth. You can meditate and draw in the energy of the Grand Central Sun of All Universes – simply by meditating on the Sun – and then the Sun behind that – the Central Sun of our Universe. It is located in Sagittarius … You may draw in this energy, daily, and share it by simply asking that it flow out from you to all that you encounter and meet on this day and every day.

Sanathana Dharma – the perennial philosophy that we often call Hinduism teaches sathyan naasti paro dharma: there is no religion higher than adherence to the Truth. For truth is the basis of the Universe. Those who meditate, those who see a world of the higher dimensions within will make a world with higher dimensions their reality. What is within, becomes reality without. Those who seek their inner light and take it to the outer world – filling the world with light in their meditation build the presence of the higher dimensions and the Golden Age here on Earth.

They have a very similar mantra to the one given by the perennial philosophy, Sanathana Dharma:

I am the Light,
I am the Love,
I am the Truth,


Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse – taken from NASA video of this eclipse at Union Glacier, Antarctica.


CC BY-NC 4.0