October 2022 Full Moon

huntersThe October full Moon – while a good time for care of animals and travel – is also a full moon that brings challenges in its wake. It is a time of due diligence to our own selves (this is not selfishness, we cannot be of service to others nor the Divine if we do not take care of our own selves) and a time of a particular awareness of what is seen, what is in our time, and what is beyond time. Perhaps timelessness is a significator of the 5th dimension, perhaps timelessness is also a significator of a greater awareness of the Self.

This month’s full Moon falls in Pisces, the 6th house, and in Revati nakshatra, normally the nakshatra which is redolent of the human journey towards the goals of life: life, death, transformation and change. The Full Moon in Revati nakshatra can be very idealistic and have us disappointed with the world. Mind you, the world is not offering illusion a-plenty: Conflict, bridges blown up in Crimea, firing of missiles, famine in Somalia, civil war in several nations in Africa, a climate change conference in the offing, tremendous damage by Hurricane Ian, devastating floods in Pakistan, revolt by women in Iran, and torrential rain and flooding in Australia. It seems the world is in for what Revati offers: we realise the ultimate truth about ourselves that we are simply the witness of all this, as the doer of all actions is Paramatman.

Nonetheless, the planets are the instruments of the Paramatman, and the Source of the All, rather cheerfully, has recently told that Astrology is returning to be an exact and respected science again. The James Webb telescope brings fascinating images of our universe, showing all is change – this is the meaning of jagat – everything is coming and going at the same time.

Houses 6, 8 and 12 are Trika houses. While these houses, and their lords, and planets associated with these houses and their lords, are productive of adverse results, they are particularly adverse in relation to health. The 6th house and the 6th Lord indicate disease and accidents. The 12th house (Virgo) and its Lord (Mercury) (who is in the 12th house at this time of full Moon) indicate suffering and hospitalisation. So we have Jupiter, Lord of 6th in his own house, and we have Mercury, Lord of 12, in his own house. The significations are stronger with the Lords occupying these houses.

This is not to say all is illness, pain, hospitalisation, suffering and death at this time. Rather, it is a time to be paying particular attention to your health, well being and managing the mind. Yad bhavati tad bhavatum, as the feeling, so the result. If you think sick, illness and suffering, you will create that experience for yourself. If you think wellness, care, attention, diligence where your health is concerned, then you can safely travel this time. The Gayatri mantra protects. Have some diligence and obtain protection for yourself at this time.

This full Moon is aspected by Saturn from Capricorn; aspects are also from Mercury, Venus and Sun in Virgo. The Venus aspect indicates a desire for personal privacy – such as the artist who cherishes their studio time. There may also be intimations of an adjacent parallel life triggered by this location. However, in the sign of Mercury, it may be a quick and fleeting intimation, rather than an extended experience. Sun and Mercury are conjunct Venus, so personality is strong yet flighty, jumping from one thing to another (a bit like a jumbled dream), as is Mercury, the messenger.

(We don’t have one life, one incarnation. We have many, and there are times when the vatic divide (the wall) between lives becomes thin and we obtain a glimpse. Another issue to reflect upon is that time is an illusion. Everything is happening at once, now, right this instant. Time is not linear, it may be spiral in its illusory nature, but it is not known in consciousness. Think of people who have near death experience or experience of the divine, out of body. The common report is that they are out of time and have an extended experience – yet almost no time passes here on Earth while they have that experience. Note that Sai Baba told, Past is past, Future is not yet, present is Omnipresent. There is your hint. )

For those in their senior years, we look to the Navamsha, the 9th division of the birth chart, and find that the Full Moon is in something of a more harmonious location, the 11th house, not conjuct any Trika lords.

As with the birth chart, the lagna or rising sign is in the Rahu-Ketu axis, conjunct Ketu, giving rise to what we mentioned earlier – disappointment that the world does not live up to our spiritual expectations or aspirations. We may have the more passive attitude of freedom from rather than the active attitude of freedom to … where we have freedom from distractions, shackles, dust, we can have the attitude of release and freedom to explore deeper connections to our identity, be the observer in a creative and practical way in the outer world, and take up the freedom for the Oneness of reality.

The navamsha Full Moon is in Shravana nakshatra – which is ruled by the Moon itself. Listening is emphasised by this nakshatra. We can listen in the home, we can listen to our partners, we can listen for the voice of the Divine in the words and attitudes of others, we can listen to nature, we can listen to the News. Keep in mind that news is spelled N-E-W-S, meaning North, East West and South – telling that the news should be balanced and not lop-sided towards misery and disasters. Take your discrimination with news.

As this is in Capricorn, there is the influence of the one who is lame, Saturn. Saturn is duty, responsibility and lawful abidance: we may feel the impression to slow down and attend to our proper tasks and duties at this time.

The navamsha has Jupiter, Mars and Rahu all conjunct in the 7th house, Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign, the 7th house is where we have all our relationships with others, intimate partners, family, workplace, social media, the public domain. Jupiter multiplies and expands energy, Mars is the warrior with strength, and Rahu is the exaggeration and the fraud. Yes, Rahu is charakaraka, significator of fraud and will not follow dharma. So take care with your Jupiter-Mars multiplied presence to others and stand on your own dharma: do not let Rahu do the multiplying, for there may not be an overplus of truth in what Rahu expands with the aid of Jupiter and Mars.

A good time to meditate?

At times of full moon, the psychic energy – as well as the mental and spiritual energy are fuller than other times in the month. It is a good time to do seva for Mother Earth: we only have one home, this Earth we live on. There is no other. And we must take care of Mother Earth – in these times of climate change and transformation on the surface.

Guided Meditation

You may listen to this meditation from Cosmic Sai Baba:


We just see ourselves – we are all joined together – in one circle of light; and raising our consciousness, letting our eyes roll back in our heads a little, so that you imagine you are looking outside the atmosphere of Earth, into the Universe. Don’t force your eyes too much, just enough so that you feel you are looking outwards and up.

And we are joining the world of Light; the Universal Light; the Source of All Creation. And we ask the Angels to be with us, to assist us. They are always with us, but now we are connecting to them in a conscious way.

We feel the light coming down now – from the apex of a pyramid – going through the top of our head, filling our head with light, and our neck, and shoulders, and arms, and hands … and our chest, the back, our waist … and our stomach, and our buttocks, and our thighs. And the light coming further down to the knees, the shins and the calves, and to the ankles and the feet; the soles of the feet and the toes. And feel it swirling around, going out and then returning back to the world of light, so that we feel that we are sitting in a cosmic egg of light.

And keep seeing that movement – like a river – coming down from the world of light, down past our body, out through the feet, and back up to the world of light – forming an egg shape of light around us. We feel ease and peace … very light … very happy.

So we realise that it is this place – that we can connect to our soul consciousness – that is held by our Angelic self, the Angel that’s always with us, with everyone; through our soul. We are all part of God; we are all God-beings; we are all part of Creation.

So feel happy … and released from pain; and feel joy and upliftment; because we know this is our true self, this is who we really are. This is the consciousness that is within us … that is constantly assisting us – in some very small way – or rather strong way; sometimes with a sound, or a voice, or an image. And if it sounds like a voice, it may be a thought we think but it is actually coming from our soul consciousness.

Our soul consciousness is always for good, so it is the God consciousness that’s within us that is constantly trying to guide us in our lives, in a physical body. For without the soul there would be no life in the physical body (or not for very long). It does operate independently – but it is together that we walk … on this Earth … with Love of God with us always.

And sometimes we feel the consciousness advising us, not really realising if it comes from the soul consciousness. But we know it is something that doesn’t seem like a good idea. And so we re-think what way or what steps we should be taking in life. But then, if we ignore it, we look back and think, “I wished I had taken notice; I knew, I just knew, I had that feeling in me, that wasn’t a good decision.”

And sometimes a voice can be quite strong. And we know its not – if we really tune into it – it is not us – its not our own soul voice. It is coming from somebody else that’s in the ether and trying to cause mischief. And for this reason, we need to be aware of where the messages that we hear, or the thoughts that we hear, are coming from.

It is very simple really. The thoughts that come from the soul consciousness, are of God; they are of love; they never want to hurt anybody. They only want to assist, and uplift; to give and share the light of love from the Universe. Anything else … … does not belong. And so we can reject that. And it is very easy to sort out, if you feel happy, and contented and relaxed.

It is important that you spend time to relax … and sit … and meditate. And connect to the soul consciousness who we are now, and making it a habit. Maybe once a day … for a little time … until you feel uplifted and rested. It comes through the the top of your head and into your heart. And it is your heart that holds the feeling. It is the feeling that is most important … in all of your life … in all of your emotions … in all of your thoughts … and in all your actions … if you feel good about it … it is coming directly from the Source of All. It is your home. It is who you really are.

So be blessed and know you are always blessed. And feel happy and filled with joy … even though the road may be difficult at times. You know when you look back … if you are honest with yourself, you really have learned a lot from what was a very difficult time.

So be at peace,

be at peace,

be at peace






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