About 4th Dimensional Consciousness

Hue-man, the one who is filled with many hues of light

The Grand Sextile is an event wherein the consciousness of all life-forms on our planet will be raised further into the fourth dimension. There will be grounding of the 4th dimension energy into the depths of the Earth, an “earthing“, one might say. This grounding of the 4th dimensional energies — the grand sextile — bringing the planets into the form of the Star of David — signifies the raising of vibrations and rise of consciousness in the hue-man, the one who is filled with different hues of light. What is consciousness and how does it rise?

4th Dimension summary

Thoughts, Thought-forms and Conscious Growth:

Human beings have been given a marvellous gift; they are in control of their own consciousness and are free to determine the level of consciousness they will rise to in the human body. They have been given control of their own growth and consciousness. Humans choose the level they will rise to – or sink to. Humans have freedom of choice, and are free to manage their thoughts. Thoughts are critical, for thought creates reality. Our thoughts shape our lives, our experiences and the world we live in. Our thoughts manifest the reality we live in.

As human beings have been given control of their consciousness and their growth, thoughts are important. Thoughts should be controlled, humans can choose to be positive, and give out positive energy, and give out thoughts of love and light to all around them.

The Hierarchy has given an edict. This galaxy will be raised to the 4th Dimension, rendering a rising of consciousness, a giving a higher knowledge and a higher frequency.

The extreme weather events have begun to abate, yet may continue for a little while. More eruptions of dissonance within nations have arisen. It is difficult, the birthing of a new world of the fourth dimension; it is like a birth, hard going at best — but once those pains are released a new child will be born upon this Earth. And when we say ‘child’ we mean the birth of a consciousness that is united amongst all. All the changes (environment, weather, social unrest, the climate) that are taking place are necessary for people to come understand within themselves and to work with each other to uplift the consciousness upon this Earth so that all will smoothly flow.

And if everybody allows their brain to communicate with their soul/spirit consciousness they will readily be able to adjust to the new frequency that is coming upon this Earth. It is considered to be a “raised consciousness”; and that is exactly what it is. It is an extended state of being.

Your Mind, Your Brain, Your Consciousness: the Light of God

Your mind is governed by your physical brain and your physical brain is a little like a computer that has been downloaded in your life here on Earth with information that influences you before you came here – while you have been here – and where you are going after you have been here.

All this information is within your brain, but there is a consciousness that influences you readily – from the God within you.

Everybody on this Earth is enlightened by the Light of God. It is an influence that is with you all the time. If you accept that, you can readily connect to it. If you wish to battle with it, it is not easily heard. It is up to you – it is a choice – it is a choice that you need to make when you are here in a physical body on Earth, known as The Earthling, this is the choice you have.

You have come to lift consciousness:

You are not alone in your journey in a physical body here. You have committed to come to this Earth to change—to change the energy upon this earth—to lift, or uplift the consciousness to return the Earth to a Garden of Eden … or a Garden of Light as it was meant to be when it was first created.

This is a coming ‘Golden Age’ where people will care for one another, look after one another – and particularly, respect one another – and respect the differences in their way of thinking.

Their way of thinking will no longer be to raise a sword or a gun to sort out a problem. Rather they will sit, and discuss issues and arrive at consensus; or they will agree to disagree, but there will still be harmony. War and thoughts of war will not exist. Anger will not exist; instead, peace and harmony will exist.

And this will be because the consciousness of the Earth and everything upon it will have raised to a point where discontent does not exist. The strength of the mind that all will inherit at that time – all will know how foolish it is to not accept each other. People will love one another and respect one another; they will respect each other’s opinions – or difference of thoughts and arrive at consensus. Or even, to agree to disagree.

A raised consciousness helps to resolve points of difference

In actual fact, talking allows everybody to understand and know the thoughts that are within people’s thinking … it helps for understanding … it is good that people speak with one another and share their thoughts … in a gentle, sweet way, so that meetings could take place with understanding from different points of view … and with a raised consciousness … resolves of points of view could take place.

Meetings can go forth and reach consensus. It is time for people to move forth into the thinking of the Golden Age where people respect one another, where they listen to one another, where they care for one another and by that we mean looking after one another. Where there is one in need, others gather to help.

The fruits of a raised consciousness:

All these things are like an energy being released to make way for the New World. We call it the New World because it will become an uplifted consciousness on this Earth and when that happens the consciousness of all peoples upon this earth and the Earth Mother will come from a place that will acknowledge readily the love of God the Creator.

For the Earth will respond better to the new energy than what she has been doing in these latter years. There needs to be more understanding of how to take care of her. This will be automatic in the raised consciousness of the Beings, including the Earthlings. They will know and readily understand how to take care of the Earth. And there will no longer be any problems.

As the Up-standing Ape evolved, consciousness evolved

The evolution of the hue-man was not a quick process, but one that still evolved, for the human went on to lose a lot of the body hair; certainly they inherited the larger skull from the star people. They also inherited from the star people the ability of psychic awareness, and this term “psychic awareness” is used because it is from the psyche – which is from the consciousness that exists within you and it is that part of you. This part of you exists whether you are in a physical body or not.

So “psychic development” can lead into developing abilities that do not relate to the physical body. These seem to come from other abilities that are within you; and certainly they ARE within you and it is possible to develop them. For those abilities are within your Soul Consciousness. So if you work upon your Soul Consciousness that has come into the earth-body you are able to begin to develop, or you have developed already – clairvoyance, or clairaudience or higher sense in all of your senses which are, shall we say, the five senses.

Consciousness is a gift from the God Source

It is good to be mindful that we are all God Beings; we are creatures of creation. Observe that there is a slight similarity between the word creature and creation. They are linked. It has been a blessing given by the Creator of All – to all human beings – that they have a consciousness that comes directly from The Source. The Source of All Creation. And when they connect to that they will understand that they can create whatever they want. Whatever they need and wherever they wish to be.

It is a Gift that has been withheld a little for sometime until mankind has developed the ability to make decisions for the ‘good of all’ and not just for the ‘few.’

The time has come for all on Earth to take responsibility for the decisions they make—and what they create—and so all peoples ought to take this ‘gift’ from the Source and to take it very seriously; for the energy that has been holding them back to some degree is now shifting and moving away to allow the connection of the human consciousness to directly connect to The Source — to the true God Being that they are.

Ideas and thought forms come into consciousness

There are many upon this Earth who do not realise that suggestions come into their consciousness, which are not really their own thoughts, but rather … from another. Also, sometimes these thoughts are sent in a mischievous way by those — so it is important that you feel and consider what is being said in your mind – and decide whether it is right for you to continue and act upon the thought. For sometimes, when thought forms come into consciousness they should be examined and tested against the bedrock within you that knows right from wrong, goodness from evil, strength and love from hurt and disconsolation.

This is important at this time for there are many words going out in thought forms around this Earth. These thoughts are just floating – not coming from anyone in particular – but can easily be picked up in your consciousness and you may think you are thinking your own thought. You should raise questions within yourself it if it does not feel right. There will be something within you when you hear these words – or a word that doesn’t feel right – that makes you stop and think. Thinking is part of your consciousness and so there is a need to overview what you are thinking and consider and then make a choice to put something into action.

Much is happening these days in the weather, in society, in the people themselves – many are changing – many are feeling the change – many are wondering what to do and we would encourage everybody to connect to the little voice within.

You can do this through meditation … you can do this actually all the time, for it is your consciousness – your God consciousness that works through you and it has an energy with it which quite clearly gives a message to you when you feel and know that you are saying or acting in a way that is appropriate from a God-person that you are … or, that perhaps that you are not. That feeling will be one of destruction – destruction to yourself and to those around you. You will not win any popularity from behaving in that way.

There is a massive – a truly massive amount of thoughts that can come into consciousness.

So there is a need to be careful (not that there is anything to be fearful of); but rather the massive, massive energy put into words. It is too much, it is overdone, it is just so much of thoughts circulating and floating around our planet. Just be aware that there are many thought forms out there in our world – our atmosphere – that can soak into your consciousness. Discrimination is needed.

Discernment is needed

If you do examine the thoughts that seem to enter the mind from nowhere, you will become aware of the influences that are around you at all times. These influences sometimes come through your voice — for some people would say “I have just said something, and I don’t know where it has come from!” meaning they did not think it, but they still said it. At another level of consciousness they have thought it.

There are other levels of consciousness working through everybody all the time. It is important that discernment is used at all times, if you listen to what people say carefully; here we are talking about something being said that comes through a voice box. In other worlds, everything is communicated telepathically from mind to mind. And there are some at a different level within the races of the Cosmos who have thoughts to communicate at a telepathic level, but, have a different agenda.

So everyone should be using discernment; for in other worlds there are varying levels of vibration, of frequencies of Light. We would encourage everyone to reach to the highest point of Divine Light that they are capable of wearing. We say this word ‘wearing’ meaning that it can be incorporated in your whole physical and surrounding bodies of Light. When the fruit of discernment is an energy which is not good, not enlightening, not of love, we can clear this.

If you concentrate on that point of Light that comes through the top of your head and down through the spine and connects around the heart is where the God is—in you—it is Love; and it affects all your emotions and anything that needs to be dealt with that is, shall we say, pulling away from God within you. You need to look at that emotion and ask for guidance from within your heart; ask for that guidance to show you what it is you need to look into your reaction to cause an emotion that is not of Love and send it away. Give it back to God and all will be cleared.

Many worlds, Many Races, Many forms of consciousness

There are many races that live in other worlds. Other worlds within the universe. Those that live in other worlds, have lives, they interact with different places, they have a life that moves from one life, one race to another within the Cosmos. Is it is the same as is happening with race of humans that inhabit the Earth. The soul moves from one body to another.

So there are different levels of existence. And these different levels of existence, exists within all of you. You could lump the lives you have lived in an earth body together, and call it Earth Consciousness. You could lump the lives you have lived in the cosmos and call it Cosmic Consciousness. There is also a consciousness that exists within the Angelic Realms which has no abode at all, but it is a ‘state of being’.

The Light Beings that exist come from a frequency of knowing and understanding and live with no limits. They have an ability to change form. You yourselves may have experienced a vision — or a dream in which an energy has presented itself to you — it is done this way so you will be tempted to reach out in your mind to find out more. And indeed there are many, such as yourselves reading this, that have explored that consciousness – that Universal Consciousness which has assisted you on your journey that you live, in an earth body. It is a wonder, is it not? It is full of wonder. It is wonderful.

Body = Soul Blue-print + physical body

Everbody has a Soul Print – or a Blue-Print that you have come with in your personality into your physical body – it has grown since you were a tiny little foetus. It is not the soul that grows for it is already there; it can evolve though, so please do not misunderstand this. That is why you are here to experience, to experience the journey in a physical body. Remember to thank your physical body – because it is a living being, it has a consciousness – one that can get a little carried away at times. But you can help to quieten it.

Quieten it in the way that you do when you meditate, for that allows you to connect to your soul consciousness – but then very quickly this is able to assist the physical body.

Different kinds of Consciousness

You can talk about … a conversation with your spirit, if you like. For, your Higher Self (as some put it) is your spirit. It is a separate consciousness, but it exists.

There is a consciousness in your brain which is a little more like a computer. It downloads all the things that you need to know, that you have trained, and placed into your memory so you can make choices and know where you are and where you are going.

You have promptings from your Higher Self which is your Soul Consciousness. The prompting has come from that point within you quite often (and in fact more than you realise) and all the time it is trying to assist you to stay on the chosen path that you have drawn up as a Blue-print. A Blue-print comes with your soul, and then influences the embryo and the spirit that is within you that becomes a little baby and then a being continues to grow and takes action. For it is the action that helps to put in the life that you live upon this Earth.

Soul Consciousness can have answers

Fear is a thought that sometimes jumps into peoples’ minds. And you can think about that also. Because, fear can often come from a sub-conscious level that is in your brain, and it does hold a link with your soul consciousness that links past life experiences. So these are also worthwhile thinking about. There are practitioners that can help you with this. Or, you can just meditate and ask your angelic self to help you, to enlighten you, to give you insights – and a thought as to the reason that you are experiencing these things.

We can speak about the Soul Consciousness which is within all of you. It has a story – if you are female, you could call it ‘herstory’ – if you are male, you could call it ‘his-story’! It is a repository of your personal history; it has much that could help you to understand about yourself — for you are a multi-dimensional person, or being. You have lived many lives before, both here on Earth and in other worlds in the Cosmos.

It would help you to investigate this – for it would help you also to understand what is prompting you and pushing you at times. And certainly issues that you are confronted with and find difficult to deal with, you would find that helpful to know from another level of consciousness within your Soul, as to the reason these issues are appearing in your life at this time.

The Mother Goddess and Consciousness

In your Earth’s terms, the male and female are separated … in the Angelic worlds they are not. The God Source also presents itself as the female … for this energy has worked down through the ages as the evolvement on this Earth of the human, to assist and uplift the consciousness of the Earth and its people, with the gentle, loving, caring and nurturing energy that is from the Source of the Creator of All.

Some people refer to that aspect as the Goddess. The God and the Goddess are the same. They are united. This is symbolic of what all of you feel, being separated as male and female; there is a need to come to understand and respect one another, respect the differences and to align oneself to become one.


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