A grand sextile – a new cornucopia

Green Cornucopia

From time to time, it behooves Vedic Astrology to pay some attention to the cousins; those who practice and follow western (tropical) astrology. It is sometimes of benefit to check horoscopes cast for confirmation; it is also important, as many minds cast their attention to this form of astrology, and hence, it has a certain validity. We take our point of departure from Leonard French's teachings on self-fulfilling prophecy. As so many westerners only know this form of astrology, attention must be given, if only to explain certain phenomena.

On July 29, classical tropical astrology advises that many planets will form a disposition known as the "Grand Sextile". This event has a subtle spiritual significance far beyond the considerations and interpretations of astrology and astronomy. It indicates – albeit on a subtle level – the rise and rise of energies which will result in a rise in mass consciousness.

To understand this, first examine the (tropical - even houses) astrological chart for July 29:

Grand Sextile

The position and aspects of planets, 29 July

We have the circle with the signs, and the planets posited therein. The blue lines indicate the aspects between the planets. It is these aspects which form the grand sextile. This is formed by trines, aspects between planets, and a number of planets are used in this calculation (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto).

Light comes from the Central Sun of all the Worlds - all the Universes, to the Sun of our own solar system in this galaxy. That light is then reflected by the planets in a process of combining and recombining light as vibration, force, energy and thus, creating inner change around the souls, the hearts and minds of men, women and children. This world is light, this solar system is light, this galaxy is light, this universe is light, all is light in separation (Maya or illusion) from the One Light which the soul is a spark of.

We may name this uncreated, self-effulgent light the Creative Source of All, Self-effulgent, Divine, God, Purusha (the universe is the body of the formless Divine), and with many other names. Divinity, in any other word. All planets are expressions of the One form, the Creative Source of All, and thus, reflect divine energy. Each of the planets are divine forces and it is their task to raise us up to the Divine itself. So you will understand that the Human is in fact the Hue-man, the one filled with various hues of light.

We know that the planets reflect light from the Sun, and that light is reflected into our being - and everyone is influenced by all the different hues of light - and at this time when the planets are in this grand sextile position in our solar system, a certain sacred geometry is caused by these aspects. Lets look at the sacred geometry in another, simpler fashion, which shows only the lines of aspect between the planets:

Grand Sextile

The position and aspects of planets, 29 July

We have the circle with the signs, and the planets posited therein. Each of the astrological systems are depicted. It is these aspects which form the grand sextile, reminiscent of the Star of David. However, there is another paradigm, horizon, view and energy contained within ...

The Grand Sextile forms a six-sided, crystalline form around the Earth with two interlocking triangles inside. This is the geometric form of a Stargate formed around the planet Earth by the other planets in the solar system. This merkabah around the Earth raises the human -- in fact, it raises all life, including the Earth herself -- to the encrystalised or enChristed Fourth Dimensional life. The other aspect is that this is another form of the Merkabah with lines of energy from the planets drawn on it in a surrounding grid. That grid is both protective and cornucopia of new energies.

Earth - Merkabah

Earth surrounded by Merkabah formed by the Grand Sextile

Cosmic Sai Baba told we are moving from the 666 to the 999 of the encrystalised or enChristed Hue-man. Here, we quote (in part) the transmission of Cosmic Sai Baba on this topic:

The idea is to raise in consciousness to 9.9.9 ... which holds the Cosmic energy of God. As Cosmic Sai Baba I hold this energy ... .. . That is why I am suggesting that you call upon my name. But you can call upon God and you will be immediately connected to 9.9.9 ... which means really, in a back to front way of 6 being turned on its head to 9.

The difference between 6 and 9 is 3. The 3 symbolizes the three aspects of God ... God within and God beyond.

There is God that holds the energy at all times ...
There is God that creates energy at all times ... and
There is God that destroys energy at all times

This allows things to grow ... and then to fall back, shall we say to go back into the ground and then reform and grow again. With these two things happening God that holds all, is holding onto the energy so that these patterns continue. These, patterns are in everything, in every consciousness of every living thing. But in humanity it is connected to the 666 ... ... which I would like you to see and know ... it is the Pentagram that symbolises the human on earth and all he needs to do is to grow into the 6th dimension or the 6th point of the star of the Dotetrahedron and it will become the Star of David ... which leads to the 9.9.9. of all of you. You will need to think about this ... and the understanding will come to you.

The Star of David is described as a six pointed star. It is connecting to the Light Beings that inhabited this earth at another time. All of you upon this Earth, inherit this energy ... this ... shall we say D.N.A. from the Light Beings that existed on earth, as I have said, at another time.

They could be described as the Blue Light Beings ... they did come from Venus, but before that they came from another place within the Universe, altogether.

They are here, even now, to help lift the consciousness upon this Earth, to bring Light into this corner of the Galaxy, which has been lost in darkness. But through the work of these Beings, totally dedicated to the work and to the work of God, it is lifting the energy to an ascended state.

The World is changing ... the Galaxy is changing. and your Universe is changing.

Planets will come into alignment to assist this ... and will influence people upon this Earth and that this is happening now ... as we speak. It is up to all to connect to the God within to understand and really help to create the changes that are taking place upon the Earth ... for every living being upon this Earth and for Earth, the Mother herself.

So I hope that you will continue to pray ... to assist this change to take place.

Our thoughts, ceremonies, songs and chants, prayers and affirmations are helpful to the highest degree. The Creative Source of All is asking you, if you can assist then please do.

Remember that prayers and thoughts are the strongest power of energy that you have within you.

It is your thoughts and your prayers that can do the most good for all those around this Earth at this time.


There are differences between Vedic (sidereal) and Western (tropical) astrology - particularly in the area of Ayanamsha, among others. Nonetheless, crores and crores of Bharathiya (anyone who lives and practices the noble ideals of Bharath, the five human values) follow Jyotisha, Vedic Astrology. It has a reference of its own, and is a limb of the Vedas, called vedanga. It is founded on truth, and expresses the foundations of the universe: sathyam vada, dharmam chara (speak truthfully, follow and practice dharma).

As we alluded to in the opening of this message, millions follow tropical astrology, and lend their minds -- and therefore their thoughts and energies -- to its teachings, predictions and forecasts. Therefore, it also has a validity, much energy and a truth of its own. It is never in our regard to cast imprecations upon its works and call it adharma, lacking that quality of righteousness. In these matters, we defer to the inner guide, the soul blue-print that it illuminates and aids its votaries toward the truth of their lives, the goal of life itself.

It is critical to attend the words of the Cosmic Sai Baba (Sai Baba without form - whose form is in fact the Universe, the galaxies, the solar system...) when he tells, Planets will come into alignment to assist this ... and will influence people upon this Earth and that this is happening now. This due the role and function of planets to reflect light -- and energy -- according to their nature and their duty. One important point of distinction Vedic Astrology has from Western (tropical) astrology in that it indicates that the planets are living beings and function in the eternal order of the universe (sometimes called r'ta - synonymous with dharma, right behaviour, right conduct, righteousness) through their duty and their task as per their capacity.

This means the planets have tasks and functions, which they perform according to their specific capacity. Some planets behave like other planets during dasas, particularly bhukti dasa. Other planets take on the character and behave like the planets they are conjunct with -- one may think of Rahu and Ketu in this regard. In any matter, the planets follow dharma, and reflect that light, that energy, according to their nature; they may raise us up, they may pull us down. We may undertake puja, homam, lakshana, in order to relieve doshas, malefic influences and influences caused by transits. Still, it is the duty of the human to follow dharma also. Lord Krishna teaches in Bhagavad Gita, dharmakshetre kurukshetre - the field (place, habitat) of right conduct is the field (place, habitat) of the human form itself. Ditto, the planets, which must also follow this eternal order of the universe. In fact, the planets deliver this righteousness according to their capacity and duty.

The purpose of this grand trine by the planets is to assist in delivering energies to all the life forms on Earth, and to Bhumi Devi, Mother Earth herself, in order that there be a rise in mass consciousness and that humans may take up their true heritage as Embodiments of the Divine.


The Grand Sextile brings a cornucopia of new energies
given to all life on this planet, including Mother Earth


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