Venus and Discrimination in the 4th Dimension

Venus covered with clouds

Venus is (sometimes solely) linked with desire and passion. Venus has larger scope: it is the creative urge within, displayed as creativity, artistic works and productions, elegance and grace in human endeavour. When energy and vibration rise within the human person, it is important to discern to what end this energy and vibration are directed. In the 4th and 5th Dimensions, discrimination is the gift of the Planet Venus.

One of the signatures of the 4th Dimension is time speeding up. This is due the faster, higher vibration of the 4th Dimension. Due the reactivation of the “junk DNA” within the human, access to hitherto forgotten psychic skills and metaphysical abilities return to the human person. This is on account of the Earth returning to the 4th dimension from whence it fell after the destruction brought about by the civilisation called Atlantis. What, then, is the role of Planet Venus in our lives in the 4th Dimension?

In the 4th Dimension, time moves faster, energy vibrates at a higher rate, and the inner vibration of the human is raised to the frequency of the 4th Dimension. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is said to represent music, dance, instruments of music, one’s bonded partner, happiness, sexual indulgence, poetry, sport, amusement, senusousness, charm and charisma. These and many other aspects of life are ruled by Venus. These all involve the rise of energy, the spending of energy in creative pursuits, and the spending of energy in the creative urge in the arts, such as weaving, musical instruments, classical dance, flowers and other ways of beautifying the environment.

When we take up any activity, we take it up for the perceived good for ourselves and others. Activity indicates our capacity for refinement, grace, and appropriate decision making. Venus, said to be ruler of pleasurable activities (there is nothing wrong with pleasurable activities in themselves, so long as they are pursued and taken up in moderation), on the face of things, it looks like people simply doing what they want and indulging themselves. This is not the case where the planet Venus is involved and disposes of these tendencies within the human. Planet Venus guides people to use discrimination about their actions on the basis of what they feel is good for others and good for themselves.

Discrimination is a function of the intellect (buddhi). Intellect is nearest the soul in humans, and derives nearly 90% of its illumination from the soul itself. Discrimination is applying wisdom, intelligence and reason to human activities

Discrimination advises you how to choose your avocations and your associates. It tells you the relative importance of objects and ideals.

The role of the Planet Venus in discrimination is often found in the decision making capacity based on feelings and values. “Feeling” types of values take in data, process it on the basis of whether it is good or bad, the impact on others and whether or not it will generate happiness and enjoyment in others.

Return to the 4th dimension means raised vibrations, recovery of functions based on non-coding DNA (principally psychic abilities and metaphysical knowledge and application), an increase of magnetic energy flowing through the Earth – through all forms of life that subsist on the Earth – including humans.

Man, the up-standing ape, who possesses the light of the Soul (atma) witin, is a combination of materialisation, vibration and radiation. With the help of radiation (Atma) and vibration (life-force), man is able to carry out his life using materialisation (body) as the instrument. The body is the basis for performing action. It symbolises Karma Yoga. Vibration helps man to think. Radiation is responsible for the functioning of vibration and materialisation. This is referred to in the Vedas as Prajnanam Brahma (Brahman is Supreme Consciousness). This is not just awareness, but Constant Integrated Awareness. It exists everywhere all the time totally. It has no distinction of day and night. It transcends the three states of Jagrat (waking), Swapna (dream) and Sushupti (deep sleep). It is one and the same in all the three periods of time (past, present and future).

The Planet Venus relays radiation, materialisation and vibration from the Source of All Creation via our Sun to our own person and our Soul Blueprint. This enables our soul blue-print to manifest the life we have charted and to take up the activities we selected before we took up human life, this time. Planet Venus, traditionally the planet of Love, sensuousness, physical indulgence and pleasures, in its pure vibration, supplies a specific gift in the 4th dimension: undertake all activities with discrimination and detachment, to the benefit of all. Planet Venus guides people to use discrimination about their actions on the basis of what they feel is good for others and good for themselves. This is selfless love. So Venus, the traditional planet of love and indulgence, in the 4th dimension, gives impetus and energies to take up action with discrimination and detachment, with selfless love.

Venus covered by Clouds

Venus covered with clouds


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